The biggest problem with online gaming can be that the connection is occasionally lost. It’s great when it works, but when it doesn’t, it’s a complete nightmare that ends up ruining the whole experience.

Many of these disconnections have to do with the type of network address translation or NAT you have. This essentially involves translating the IP addresses of all the devices in your home into a public IP address for your router.

In this article, we will explain how to change the NAT type on your PS4 by using the DMZ host or port forwarding and hopefully get rid of all the dropped connections.

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What are the types of NAT?

Before we start changing our type of NAT, we need to know what it is. There are three main types of NAT.

  • Type 1 (open) : In this case, you are directly connected to the Internet, which means that the chances of being disconnected are minimal. You also get better speeds and minimal latency when connecting to all users, regardless of their NAT type. However, this type of message usually indicates that your connection is less secure.
  • Type 2 (moderate) : Your PS4 connects to the internet through the router here, which means you can benefit from some latency and slower speeds, but your connection is secure and you can still connect to most users.
  • Type 3 (strict) : This type of NAT puts safety above all else and ends up giving you the most headaches. You can only connect to players who have an open NAT type, and you will experience frequent disconnects.

If you are set to type 3 by default, we strongly recommend that you change the NAT to type 2. Type 1 is a bit of a safety issue, so you have to change types too.

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This means that you cannot completely change your PS4’s NAT as you would with the router settings. But before we start with our router, we need a few things from our console, namely the IP address and the current NAT type.

The IP address of the console can also be found in the router, but it is more convenient to do this through the console. You will also receive a benchmark to test your new settings.

Step one: Open the settings in the Utilities menu.

Step two: Scroll down to the network.

Step three: Click on the Show connection status button.

Your console will now run a test and report what happens. Note the IP address, default address and NAT type.

Note that different routers store their settings differently. These settings may or may not apply to your router, but they give you a basic idea of where to find the specified settings on your particular router.

Step four: Then connect to your router with the default IP address.

Step Five: We first need to activate UPnP or Universal Plug and Play.  On our router, this setting was in the Applications tab. This protocol allows devices on the network to recognize or see each other.

Step six: To change the type of NAT on the PS4, we have two options.

  • Use the DMZ host: This places your PS4 IP in a DMZ (demilitarized zone) that provides inbound and outbound connectivity. It’s easy to do, but it carries a potential security risk.
  • Use port forwarding : This method requires you to open several ports on your router, which can be a bit cumbersome, but is relatively secure and works well.

We will examine both methods.

Change NAT on PS4 with DMZ Host

This method is relatively simple. Just enter the PS4’s IP address into the DMZ Host IP address field under DMZ Settings on your router and you’re good to go.

On our router, the setting can be found in the Applications tab. Depending on the make and model of your router, you may need to check this.

Change NAT on PS4 with port forwarding

With this method, we have to open several ports on the router, which makes it easier to connect the PS4. Here’s how.

Step one: Find the port forwarding setting on your router. In our case, it was on the Applications tab.

Step two: Add the following UDP/TCP ports in the table after the PS4 IP address.

Connection TCP UDP

Step three: Save your settings and run another test to see if your NAT type has changed and you now have a better connection.

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