If your phone is outdated and the battery quickly discharges, or if you leave too late and suddenly find that your phone is not sufficiently charged?

Don’t worry, there are many methods and techniques that can help you charge your phone faster. Moreover, these methods work well for all types of phones, regardless of the operating system and processor.

The latest mobile devices have many features and applications that run in the background and consume a lot of power, causing the battery to run out quickly. So the first thing you need to do is check which applications and functions consume the most energy and then turn them off.

There is also an opinion about the size of the battery, and people think that a large battery will last longer and work longer. This may be true for the previous versions, but now the battery is compact and contains more charge than the previous versions. What’s more, thanks to the fast charging technology, they can be recharged within minutes, so that they are ready for use within a few hours.

If fast charging is not available, or even with the fast charge option, charging takes longer than normal if the charge level is less than 10%.

You should first check if your phone supports fast charging or not, because if your phone does not support fast charging, it is not a good idea to use powerful chargers or cables, as this can lead to heating problems and even blow up the phone’s battery.

It is therefore important to ensure that you do not use high voltage wall chargers in phones that do not support fast charging.

We will now discuss the different techniques you can try to charge almost any type of phone faster.

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Wall charger Best

Wall loader - The best

Yes, wall chargers are the best charging options compared to all other options. If your phone’s battery is low and you try to charge it quickly by connecting the USB cable to a laptop or another power source other than the wall charger, it will take longer than normal to charge the phone. The reason for this is that charging the phone with a USB cable takes twice as long as with the wall charger. So the next time the battery runs out, always try to charge your phone faster from the wall socket.

It may not look elegant, but you can be sure that your phone is powered almost instantly. It is also recommended that you only use the charger supplied with your phone, as other wall chargers may not be able to charge your phone properly or may even affect the quality of the charge.

Use fast charge power supply

The use of a fast food bank

If you forgot to bring a wall charger, the second best way to charge your phone faster is to use a brand-name power supply that allows for fast charging. These batteries work as life-savers, especially if you are somewhere and cannot connect a charger. There are many high-capacity, fast-chargeable energy banks that you can purchase. It is also recommended to use only portable chargers or power supplies from brand manufacturers, as this reduces the risk of overcharging the phone battery.

Use the correct USBcable

Use the correct USB cable

If your phone supports USB 3.0 or USB-C, always try using this type C cable over other cables, as it can be charged quickly. Whether you’re using a wall charger or a portable charger, using the right cable will ensure you get the right amount of charge as a USB C cable can easily carry a 1.5 amp charge.

Never use an unmarked charging cable to charge your phone, as this will adversely affect battery life. Therefore, always use a high-quality charging cable for your phone when using a wall charger, mobile phone charger or wireless charger.

Turn off the phone

Turn off the phone

The quickest way to charge your phone is to turn it off and then charge it again, because this way all applications are closed. If you charge your phone with applications running in the background, charging takes normal time. When the phone is switched off, the temperature of the battery also reaches the optimal level, which means that the battery can be charged faster.

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Do not useWireless charging

Do not use wireless charging

Cordless charging takes longer to charge your phone’s battery, and if you don’t have a charging source for your phone, try replacing your phone and charging wirelessly. You can also try wireless quick charge options that are just as effective as a regular wall charger.

It may also take up to 50% longer to charge your cordless phone than plugging it into a power outlet.

Close all applications

Close all applications

This method is recommended if you have little time to charge your phone using one of the above methods. The first priority is to turn off the phone when the battery charge percentage is less than 10%. However, if you don’t want to switch phones, this is the last place to turn off applications such as GPS, Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth and other applications running in the background, as they still consume battery power.

However, you should also leave your phone on for a few minutes as it will not light up on the screen and will increase the charge even further. If you do this, you will notice that after a few minutes your phone is sufficiently charged to use it for several hours.

Using flight mode

Using the Airplane Mode

In Airplane mode, you can also quickly charge your phone by ending all connection options, including receiving and making calls. It closes all types of data exchange requests, but does not close applications running in the background. But this method is also useful if you want to increase the performance of your battery immediately.

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Charging the telephone battery up toNormal temperature

Charging the phone battery at normal temperature

Temperature plays an important role when charging the phone battery. In extreme weather conditions, it takes longer to charge your phone’s batteries. Therefore, the temperature should be normal and never try to charge your phone in high temperatures, as this is not good, as it may cause the battery to explode. If the temperature is too low, it also takes longer than normal to charge the phone battery. If possible, try not to charge the phones too high or too low.