While PCs and Macs are the most popular, portable devices such as iPads and tablets are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to advanced additional features that improve workflow, Apple’s latest iPad offers unprecedented computing power. You might even get an Apple Pencil if you use an iPad in front of your computer.

The Apple Pencil is a great device for your iPad that lets you take notes, sketches, and more on your computer. The Apple Pencil has a built-in battery that needs to be recharged regularly, whether it’s the first generation or the new edition. How do you know if your Apple Pencil is charged? Let’s go exploring!

To check the battery status of the Applepencil

By checking the current charge level of your Apple Pencil and battery status, you can evaluate the model first. It’s such a simple method. If your Apple Pencil has a Lightning wand, it’s a first-generation model, and if your Pencil doesn’t have ports, it’s a second-generation model that charges wirelessly. Once your Apple Pencil model is installed, simply follow one of the instructions below.

Check the battery charge of the Apple Genpencil .

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Remove the cap from the Apple pencil and attach it to your iPad using the connector on the zipper.

Now open the iPad and slide the main screen to the right. You’re looking at today.

If you already have a battery widget installed, this widget displays the current charge level and the charge level of your Apple Pencil. If you don’t have this widget, you can easily add it to the Today page by following the instructions below.

Pay attention: If you use the power adapter to charge the Apple pen, there is currently no way to check the charging status. To check the current charge status of the pencil in your battery widget, fully charge the pencil and connect it to your iPad.

Check the battery charge of the Apple Gen 2 pencil

Pay attention: Before following these instructions, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your iPad and that the pen is connected to it.

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Unlock the iPad Pro (3rd generation or later) and magnetize the Apple pencil on the device. You should receive a small message on the top that shows the current charge level of your Apple Pencil after you have connected it. It’s also an indication that your iPad is charging your pencil wirelessly.

Now you can access the modern battery widget to monitor the charge level of your Apple Pencil. This widget also displays the charge indicator. If you do not already have the battery widget on your radar, you can use the following instructions to add it to your computer.

Add the battery widget to view

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Unlock your iPad and drag it straight to the home screen to view it today. Now press the bottom of the computer to delete.

To see all available widgets on your iPad, press + in the upper right corner.

Scroll to Battery and press the button.

Now slide to the right to find the battery gadget size that suits you. Once it’s found, click on Add Widget at the bottom of the page.

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How much does an apple pencil cost

You can get the Apple Pencil on Amazon for a good price.

You can now add a drum widget to the Today view. To exit edit mode, simply use the house movements/buttons.

And that’s it! Now you can easily check the charge status of your Apple Pencil. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the comment field below.

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