Custom laces are a great choice for raising safety standards in any professional environment. Badges are needed to create a rational and safe atmosphere, but without the help of accessories they are not fully functional.

How to select special routes: Insider’s Guide

How to select custom routes

Optimizing your investment in your business becomes simple and straightforward as soon as you decide to secure your laces for your business. Discover all the benefits you can expect and some tips on how to choose the individual laces best suited to your needs and those of your employees…..

Why choose customs routes?

Conventional laces have a number of advantages, including

  • Safety: One of the main advantages of custom laces is undoubtedly their ability to raise safety standards in your business. This unique adaptation increases the accessibility and comfort that a normal cord can offer. This personalisation makes identity attacks all the more unlikely and creates an atmosphere of unity throughout the building, block or company.
  • Convenience: Employees can wear the cord comfortably around their necks all day long. They can be removed or surprisingly easily adjusted, so that scanning, listening or presenting is hassle-free, even in noisy lobbies or chaotic environments.
  • Shelf life: The cords extend the life of the ID cards. The neck position helps prevent spillage, damage and loss of cards over time. The individual element of your accessories can even encourage your employees to wear their badges more often, you never know!
  • Visual organisation: The easy identification of your team members and your company is a big advantage of all types of laces, but especially of custom-made laces.
  • Team cohesion: A close-knit team culture does not come about by chance! Tailor-made laces help your employees visually remind them that they are part of a larger organization. It is a unit that strengthens the team mentality, contributes to strengthening the feelings of colleagues and increases productivity.
  • Professionalism: Nowadays it can be increasingly difficult to achieve a higher level of professionalism, especially since most companies choose to wear everyday clothing or clothing regulations as opposed to traditional work or social clothing. Elegant laces to order give your team that professional advantage.
  • Public marketing: Your employees carry with them a high-quality visual representation of your business and your work, providing incredibly valuable total marketing coverage for your business. Your brand image is strengthened when your employees travel, drink coffee together, have lunch or make new contacts at trade fairs.

How to choose the right supplier

Now that you are undoubtedly convinced of all the benefits that tailor-made belts offer at a professional level, it is time to find the right supplier to make your vision come true! Find an accredited supplier of identification solutions and custom laces near you. Staying relatively close to home means that it is not too painful or difficult to get in and out, which is too often the case with well-known brands.

Options for contract moulding

You can customize the laces of your company, that’s the beauty of this concept! Think about your company colour, logo or brand – whatever you think is right! You can always sketch different designs to understand which style, pattern or print is best for you and your business.

Are you willing to change the standards of safety, visual integrity and professionalism in your workplace? Start the design process today!

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