In Windows 10, all applications and programs that require an incoming or outgoing network connection are blocked by the default Windows Defender firewall. When you run a new program for the first time, you will usually get a notification from Windows Firewall asking to run the program.

If you have already configured all the applications you want and you no longer want the Windows Firewall to allow new applications to access the Internet (send or receive data), you can disable all firewall notifications using one of the following 3 methods.

To disable firewall notifications in Windows 10 using Windowssecurity

The following instructions assume that you are using the default Windows Defender firewall in Windows 10. Notifications placed by third-party firewall software are not disabled. Follow these steps to disable Windows Defender Firewall notifications if you no longer want to allow new applications to access the Internet.

Step one: Go to the Windows 10 search bar, find and open the Windows Security application.

Open Windows Security Disable Windows 10 Firewall notifications

Step two: In the Windows Security window, click Firewall and Network Security.

Windows 10 disables firewall notification network security

Step three: In the next window, click Firewall Notification Settings.

Windows 10 Firewall notification settings

Step four: Under Notification Settings, click Manage Notifications.

Manage Windows Defender Firewall notifications

Step Five: Here you can set which notifications you no longer want to receive from Windows Security and which you want to keep. Under Notify me when Windows Defender Firewall blocks a new application, you can selectively disable firewall notifications from a domain, private network, or public network, or disable all notifications completely by clicking the Shift key to turn them off.

To turn off firewall notifications in Windows 10

Disabling these options only prevents Windows Security from being notified when it blocks the application or detects a problem. This does not disable the firewall. Windows Defender continues to protect your PC from incoming threats.

Disable Windows 10 firewall notifications via GPO

To disable Windows 10 firewall notifications via a Group Policy Object (GPO), follow these steps.

Step one: Open the Group Policy Editor by typing gpedit in the Windows 10 search bar or Cortana.

Step two: In the Group Policy Editor window, go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security > Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security – Local Group Policy Object. In the right pane, click Windows Defender Firewall Properties.

Disable firewall notifications Windows 10 GPO Group Policy

Step three: Select a firewall profile (repeat steps 3 and 4 if you want to disable all notifications for all firewall profiles) and then click Configure.

Disable Windows 10 Firewall notifications through the public-private pro domain

Step four: In the firewall settings and next to Show notifications, select No to not receive any notifications from this firewall profile.

Disable the Windows 10 Firewall notification command line

Disable firewall notifications in Windows 10 from the command line

Use the following command line in the administrator command prompt or in Windows PowerShell to quickly disable all Windows Defender Firewall notifications for all Windows 10 profiles.

netsh firewall set notifications mode = disable profile = all

If you are using third-party firewall software, you will need to look within the firewall application itself to disable firewall notifications. Firewall notification settings in Windows Defender do not affect third-party firewall programs.

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