Du Recorder is one of the best screen recording applications for Android and iOS platforms. But they are not releasing this application for the PC version. Although some people want to use it on their computers. For these countries we offer a system that they can use on their laptops. To do this, you need to use an Android emulator on your computer. So here we discuss how to use it on your computer with an Android emulator.

What is Du-Recorder?

The DU recorder is an application that allows an Android smartphone user to record the screen of the mobile phone. It also allows you to edit the video you recorded with this application. This application is completely free and available in the application and playback memory. You can save the screen indefinitely. It is also an application with advertising support.

It allows the screenshot user to edit the video, blur the images, merge the video and crop the photo without leaving the application, and use multiple video editing programs.

If you want to adjust the resolution and quality of the video, or set the number of frames per second (FPS), you can do this with the configuration option. You can also hide the screen while recording, record sound using the touch screen and draw on the screen, which is useful for educational videos. Set a countdown timer, add a watermark, a place and the desired language.

DownloadRegistrar Du for Windows (10/8/7) and Mac

If you want to download Du Recorder for your computer, just use an Android emulator on your computer. Because it is only available for Android and iOS. You cannot use this application on your computer without the emulator.

EXE download link

How to install the Du-Recorder on the computer

You need to download the emulator to your computer first, therefore we recommend you to download the BlueStacks emulator. Download BlueStacks now by clicking on the link. Once the download and installation is complete, you will find this emulator in zip format. So you have to unpack it first, then install it. Once the installation is complete, start the emulator.

Subscribe to Gmail now via the mail application. With a Gmail account you can easily download the application from the Google Play Store. Now go to the memory, enter DU Recorder in the search bar and press the search button. Click on the application and install it. Now just wait until the installation is complete, then open the application and enjoy it.

Recording of internal audio with a DUrecorder

Normally this application does not support internal audio recording. But we have an internal audio recording system that follows a certain method. Although this system only works for the root user. So, if you are a root user, you can easily record audio with this method. Now install the following applications.

You must first install the internal audio plug-in, terminal emulator, recme application. Once the installation is complete, restart the device. Open terminal emulator and type



Now select 2. and enter a name for the sound plug-in. For example com.mobzapp.internalaudioplugin and select private app. Now restart the device and enjoy.

Technically, no application can record internal sound without the root device. Still, the DU recorder records the sound of the microphone perfectly. This is an ad supported application, so you don’t have to pay anything for the unlimited use of this application. If you don’t feel comfortable with the BlueStacks emulator application, you can use the NOX emulator application. It’s usually like BlueStacks and it’s free.

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