If you want to download Tumblr videos on iPhone, Android, Windows PC/Laptop, read the complete guide to download Tumblr videos for free. In this article, I will show you how to record Tumblr videos in your camera roll.

Hello, friends. Today I am sharing an interesting tip that will help you download Tumblr videos online on Windows PC/Laptop, iPhone. I think this article is useful for all tumbler users, because many of them are looking for how to save tumbler videos on their devices. But many people find no real solution to it; in this article, I will give a complete guide on how to upload videos from Tumblr. We know that Tumbler’s developer does not provide a download option for Tumbler videos.

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What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a very popular social media platform. Today, many people can share their videos and photos, gifts and BlogSpot with their friends and family members. Here you can record different kinds of videos, gifs and more, and every user tries to save their sweet memories on the backup disk or memory card of the device, but there is no tumbler download option, but don’t worry, just read the whole article and know the complete procedure to record videos.

Requirement for the Tumblr video club:

  • Good Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection.
  • Active Tumblr account.
  • You don’t need a jailbreak to perform this trick.
  • iPhone/iPad and desktop PC.

How to download Tumblr videos on iPhone without jailbreak :

Tumblr doesn’t offer download options, so we can do it with a third-party app like Tumblr (which is independent of the official Tumblr network).

Tyblr is one of the third-party apps; in the Tyblr app, the user can log in with their account available in the official Apple store, so you can download the free app directly. This allows their users to upload Tumblr videos directly from the rolling camera with superior quality. The Tyblr app lets you record Tumblr videos on your iPhone and iPad, even without a jailbreak.

Characteristics of interest:

  1. Free video downloads on Tumblr.
  2. Share uploaded videos instantly with other websites.
  3. The applications required for this download are officially available from the Goole Play Store/Apple Store. Therefore, we cannot rely on other third-party stores.
  4. Desktop users simply add an extension to download Tumblr videos without having to install a cumbersome application.

Steps to download a Tumblr video on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak

  • First, launch the official Apple Store, search for Tyblr and download it. If you haven’t already, download Tyblr from the link below.


  • Download and install the Tyblr app on your device now. You do not have to pay for this download, as it is a free application.
  • Then register your username and password to access your Tumblr account,
  • Open the Tyblr application and enter your username and password. They are now open in the Tyblr application.
  • Now scroll through the different posts and choose your favorite video or gif.
  • In the lower left corner is the option Save, click it.

Click Save to download tumblr iPhone videos.

  • The selected file is then downloaded directly to the iDevice.

download video from tumblr

I think after reading the above steps, you have a clear idea about how to record Tumblr videos on iPhone 6, 2017 without jailbreak.

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How to download Tumblr videos on iPhone (Jailbreak) :

For jailbreak users, there’s a new tweak for downloading Tumblr videos called Dwnldr. It was mainly aimed at users of jailbroken iPhone/iPad devices to allow them to record videos in the camera roll.

  • First, open the Cydia store on your iPad/iPad to perform the jailbreak.
  • Then look at the bottom line and click on Sources and find BigBoss Repo in the list.
  • Look for the Dwnldr application on BigBoss. And install it on your device.
  • This is not a free basic application, so you will have to pay money for it.
  • After you purchase the application, it will be installed on your device.
  • Once the installation process is complete, the official Tumblr application will open. Select your favorite video and press and hold.
  • A small pop-up window will appear, popping up from the bottom bar. Just select the camera roll option and your favorite videos will be saved on your device.

Tap the camera roll to upload Tumblr videos to the unlocked iPhone.

Dwnldr is a Tumblr Video Downloader iPhone Jailbreaker

How to download Tumblr videos on Android

Tumblr Android phone users need to install a third party video storage app; it is called Timbloader, it is the best app for downloading good quality videos. Just follow the step-by-step instructions for a successful installation.

  • First, launch the official Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search and find Timbloader Apk in the store or you can download Timbloader from the link below.


  • Click the Install button, the Access pop-up window reappears Click the Access option.
  • The download process has now begun and the application is installed on your Android device.
  • Next time, run the official Tumblr apk on your device. This is installed on your Android device.
  • Scroll through your friends’ and family’s posts and select your favorite videos from your posts.
  • Then click on the Share option. Here you will see a number of sharing options such as Facebook, Gmail, Email, etc. Search for Timbloader and select it from the list.
  • After clicking on Timbloader, a new window will open, in the bottom line you will see the option Download, click on Download.
  • That’s it, now the selected video will be downloaded to your device.

To download Tumblr videos to your PC/laptop:

If you are using a desktop computer and you download the tumblr video, then all you need to do is apply the steps below on your desktop computer.

  • First, open the Google homepage on your desktop computer.
  • Enter the Google Search Engine Extension. Get it all.
  • Now open the first option and look in the top right corner where you will find the Add to Chrome option.
  • Click and add an extension to Google Chrome.
  • Then open the official Tumblr website on your desktop and log in to your account.
  • Choose a video or gif from the many posts and click on it.
  • Now click Add Extension and a small window with option icons will open.
  • Press Video Flash and see where you chose the option to add.
  • This is the final step in the download process. Look at the bottom of the small window and select the type of video format and click again on the download option.
  • The extension then begins the process of downloading the selected video.

I can say out loud that you can successfully download Tumblr Video Download on Chrome Extensions.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Question 1) Can I upload a video with Tumblr?

Answer: Yes, that was the main purpose of Tumblr, you can upload videos from stories and all social media platforms to your blog.

Question 2) Why is it not available on the Apple Store?

Answer: Just as the Tumblr app has taken certain actions regarding child pornography, it is not following the rules and regulations of istore. That’s why it was pulled from the Apple Store.

Question 3) Is Tumblr a friendly child?

Answer: Yes, but the user must be over the age of 13 to use the Tumblr app. Otherwise, the application is not accessible because the user’s age is checked to access the application.


Dear all, after reading the whole article, you can have a clear idea about how to record videos from Tumblr app on any device like iPhone, Android, Windows. Tyblr, timbloader apps work great for me. If you encounter any errors, please let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to share this article on social media.

My dear, I have many wishes, for example, I want Timbloader for iPhone, Timbloader for Windows. The Timbloader application is not available for iPhone and Windows. If I found a new way to download Tumblr videos on iPhone, Android, Windows PC/Laptop. I will be updating this article, so try to visit this page regularly.

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frequently asked questions

How do I download videos from Tumblr to my iPhone?

For iOS devices, open the Tumblr app, tap Share, and then tap Copy. Then open the MyMedia application and select a Tumblr video upload site, for example B. TubeOffline. Click on Get Video and download your video to your device.

How to record Tumblr videos with Android?

Step one: If you have an Android device, install the Tumbloader app on your phone or tablet. Step two: Then search for Tumblr using the official Tumblr app as you usually do. When you want to upload a video, click the Share button and select Tumbloader as the sharing option.

How do I upload videos to Tumblr from my computer?

Open your Chrome browser (Firefox or IE are also suitable), navigate to the website and paste the URL in the box. Step three. Choose whether you want to download the Tumblr video in MP4 or MP3 audio format, and then click Download to start the download process.

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