Does the black screen problem ruin your Windows 10 experience? This article explains why this happens and how you can solve the problem.

Problems with the black screen may occur at any time on Windows 10 PCs. But the nature of the problem may be different. This can manifest itself differently in different situations. But you don’t have to be super smart to solve the black and white screen problem. It’s easy to fix.

It may appear at startup, when updating Windows, when installing/updating the GPU driver, and so on. You can easily overcome all these situations.

Why is my Windows screen black or blank?

The cause of this problem depends on the situation. If this problem z. For example, if startup occurs immediately after the startup screen or the lock screen, this means that one of the startup screens may be damaged. However, here are the most common causes of blank screen problems in Windows 10.

  • Problems during commissioning
  • Corrected system files
  • Problem with the graphics driver
  • Helpdesk in case of problems
  • An erroneous or incompatible Windows update
  • Problem with the equipment
  • Communication problems

In most cases, one of them will be the one causing a deadly black screen on your computer. But don’t worry. Anyone can easily identify and solve this problem.

How to correct a black screen error in Windows 10

If you follow these specific methods, you can solve the problem of the blank screen. Here they are…

1. Reboot Windows Explorer [when you see the mouse pointer]

There are some black screen errors where you can see a working mouse pointer moving. This means your computer is working. But something’s keeping him from seeing everything. If you can restart Windows Explorer in such a situation, the problem with the black screen will be solved immediately. Here are the instructions to follow.

  • You must first open the Windows Task Manager. To do so, press CTRL + ALT + Del and then click Task Manager.
  • In the Task Manager you can now see that all active programs are running. From there you can find the Windows Explorer.
  • Then click the right mouse button and click Restart.

This will solve the problem with the black screen. However, if you do not see Windows Explorer, you will need to start it manually. You can press the Win+E key on your keyboard. If she doesn’t do anything, you have to do it with Task Manager. Please follow the instructions below.

  • First click on File in the Task Manager.
  • Then click on Run New Task.
  • Now go to Explorer and click on Sign up.

This way you can easily solve the problem of the blank screen in most cases. If this doesn’t work, follow this procedure.

2. Optimisation of commissioning

You may experience the problem of a black screen immediately after startup or the startup screen. This may be due to a problematic initial situation. It can also be caused by a problem with Windows Explorer. In this case, the first method solves the problem. But if not, you have to find the problematic starting points. To do this, you can disable all startup objects and restart the computer. If the problem no longer occurs, you can activate a boot program and restart the computer. Repeat this operation until the problem with the black screen reappears. This way you can determine the cause of the problem. You can disable this item or remove/update this application. The corresponding instructions for disconnecting the commissioning devices are listed below:

  • First open the Windows Task Manager.
  • Now click on the Run tab.
  • So turn it on or off whatever you want.

Hopefully this will fix the black screen of death right after starting Windows.

3. Updating/changeing/reinstalling the driver for the graphics card

Sometimes an incompatible video card driver can cause this problem. Maybe you’re at work and the screen suddenly turns black. It happens a lot. This is a symptom of a problem with the graphics driver or a problem with a third party service. However, if you update the driver, chances are that the black screen problem will be solved. Learn how to do it, read: How to update the drivers

If you encounter a problem after updating the GPU driver, you can go back to the previous version. You may also consider reinstalling the graphics driver. Driver Booster, Driver Easy and other driver update tools can do all these things automatically. You may also need to update all drivers. Doing this manually can be very time consuming. So it’s a good idea to use one of these tools. I hope this will help solve the problem of the black screen in Windows 10.

4. Clean Starter Loader

If there is a problem with one of the background services, you won’t know until you restart. It will be easier to solve the problem once the cause of the problem has been identified. Clean Boot disables all third party services. You can then activate the services one by one to reproduce the black screen error, as with method 2. If you find a service that is causing problems, you can disable it, update or uninstall the appropriate software. Read for proper instructions : Perform a restart

5. Using the PC Tuner

Doing so many things by hand is very long, difficult and also problematic. So you can rely on a good PC tuning program. Most of them can optimize the performance of Windows and correct various errors, such as. B. Problems with the registry, excessive problems with startup objects, etc. It can help solve the problem with the black screen in Windows 10. If you don’t know which PC tuner to use, take a look at the best PC tuning programs.

6. Safe Mode

Sometimes this problem prevents you from accessing Windows 10 at all. In this case, you must either start up on the network in secure mode or only start up in secure mode. You can then try some problem-solving methods. This can help eliminate the black screen error.

7. Execution of SFC command

If any part of your system is damaged, this may be a good way to repair it. If you don’t know your way around, keep reading: To execute the SFC command

This will solve the black screen problem if the cause of the problem is damage to the system components.

8. Restoring windows

If the problem occurs regularly, you may also notice a significant performance problem. Sometimes you don’t have access to Windows 10, even in secure mode. This means that some important elements of the system may cause problems. In this case, you can perform a repair installation of Windows 10. This should solve the problem of the black screen.

9. BIOS Update

This method is good. Many older laptops and desktops often have to deal with the problem of the black screen. This may be due to the fact that the firmware version of the BIOS is very old. In this case you can take steps to update the BIOS. This may solve your problem.

10. Check the connection of the display cable.

There may be problems with the connection or connection of the display. The connection can be interrupted. So you often have problems with your screen and it turns black. In this case, check the connection between the display cable and the connector.

11. Check hardware problem

Some older graphics cards that are no longer compatible with modern software and Windows may cause this problem. In this case, you will not be able to solve the problem until you have upgraded the GPU. Otherwise, another internal or external hardware problem may be the cause. So I suggest you take a look at it. Also make sure that the monitor does not cause any problems.

These are the best ways to solve the black screen problem in Windows 10. Each of these methods should work for you. If you use a different method, you can share it in the comments field.

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