Androids are great, but they also have their peculiarities and flaws. It can be anything on the screen, strangely enough disconnecting the phone from WiFi by accident.

This article teaches you what to do if your Android phone continues to disconnect and reconnect to Wi-Fi.

You can use one of the seven methods below to disconnect and reconnect to Android WiFi.

Try to reconnect

Sometimes you just have to reconnect to solve problems. But first you need to erase the network from the device memory to restart.

How do you solve the problem of Android WiFi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting?

  • Press and hold the WiFi icon in the notification tray of your phone to access the Wi-Fi settings. You can also access your phone settings and go to the WiFi option.
  • Then click on Saved Networks on the next page.
  • Click on the network where the problem occurs.
  • Press the ‘Forget’ button.

The network is then removed from your device. You can now try to reconnect and see if that solves the problem.

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Attempt to remove other networks

Android has a feature that gives priority to the most powerful WiFi network. However, in order to remain connected to the network with maximum force, the connection is often further established/disconnected.

Follow the same steps as in the previous step to delete all networks stored in the vicinity except the one you want to connect to.

Application Control Standard

Sometimes some applications on your phone can disrupt your WiFi connection. It can be a VPN application, an antivirus application or even a WiFi priority application.

If you have such applications on your phone, try temporarily turning them off to see if this solves the problem.

Resetting the network settings

Resetting the network stack can help solve seemingly random network connection problems. Here’s how.

How do you solve the problem of Android WiFi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting?

  • Go to the phone settings and press System.
  • Click on the Advanced drop-down menu.
  • You’ll see something called Reset Options. Tap it to move on.
  • Tap Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, and Bluetooth.
  • Press the Reset Settings button.

Then try reconnecting to your network.

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Check the router settings

Check your router’s settings to make sure the device is not being blocked. Most routers have a client filtering system that works with MAC addresses. Make sure that your device is not blocked or blacklisted and that it can be connected.

All routers have different procedures for locking/unlocking devices. Here you can see how to do this with a Tenda milling machine.

Step one: Go to the router’s configuration page.

How do you solve the problem of Android WiFi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting?

Step two: Click on the Wireless tab.

How do you solve the problem of Android WiFi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting?

Step three: Under Access Control, make sure that the MAC address filter is turned off.

How do you solve the problem of Android WiFi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting?

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Reboot your router

Just like your phone, rebooting your router can correct some random network errors. If your device is in good condition and is not blacklisted on your router, you may just need to reboot it to fix this inconvenience.

Try updating the router’s firmware

This is not necessary, because most routers automatically come with the latest firmware, and unless you are using a very high-end router, there probably won’t be any new updates.

You can check the router manufacturer’s website to see if there are any new firmware updates for your router. If available, download it and flash it on your router. This should solve any network problems.

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