Nowadays, privacy is very important. Our device knows more about us than we know about ourselves. We want to make sure that only authorized people can access our files, both on a local network and when sharing the device.

But in Windows 10, there is a common error that can occur when we try to change or modify our file or folder permissions. The error is called Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Windows 10 allows us to share our files or folders on the local network. When we, as administrators, try to change or modify the permissions of these files or folders for users, this error occurs.

The two main reasons for the failure of listing items in the Windows 10 container are as follows. This may be due to a conflict over file or folder permissions, or some folder settings that are not properly arranged. This problem may seem serious at first, but it is easily solved. We offer you some simple solutions that are so easy to understand that you can solve this problem without any help. Now we come to the solutions part

How to troubleshoot Failed to list objects in a container?

Method 1: Changing the owner of a file or directory causes error.

This method is very powerful, and most users report that it fixed the error Failed To Enumerate Objects In The Container. Follow these steps

  • Right-click on the folder that caused the error and select Properties.

  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Advanced button

  • Click on the Edit link next to the file owner

  • Type the name of the account in the Enter the name of the item to be selected box, and then click Check Names.

  • When your name is underlined, press OK to continue. If you want something different, click the Advanced button and look for your username in the list.
  • Two new options are displayed. Enable the Replace Owner option on child containers and objects and replace all permission records of the child object with permission records inherited from this object, as shown in the figure below.

  • Click Apply and return to the Advanced Security window
  • Click on the Add button, which you will see below the window.

  • Click on the Select main person link.

  • In the Enter the name of the object you want to select box, type All, and then click Check Names.

  • Click OK and close the windows. You should now be able to attempt to set permission for the file or folder in question.

Method 2: Disable user account management

If the basic policy doesn’t work, you can try preventing control of the user account and then re-run it without restrictive client action.

  • Press Win+S simultaneously to open the search bar. Go to the Edit user account settings section and click on the appropriate term.

  • You should see a cursor in the left half of the new window. Click and drag the slider down to the Never notify text.

  • Click OK and restart the computer. Try changing the permissions of the error file or error folder, or re-create the master policy.

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Method 3: Using the command line.

Many Windows 10 users have discovered that running certain commands can help you recover your Failed Object List in a container frame. Access denied. Wrong. That’s what you have to do.

  • Press the Win+R keys simultaneously to open the Run utility.
  • Type cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter at the same time. This opens the command post with the approval of the administration.

  • Each time you have triggered, you must allow the command line to make changes on your computer. This means you may need an administrator account.
  • Execute the following commands by pressing the Enter key in the middle of each command.


remove /F X:FULL_PATH_HERE /r /d y

icacls X:FULL_PATH_HERE /grant administrators:F

icacls X:FULL_PATH_HERE /grant administrators:F /t

  • Try replacing FULL_PATH_HERE with the path to the problematic file or directory.
  • Close the command line and try to change the permission for the document or envelope in question.

Does the error message Failed to list objects in a container always appear when you change folder permissions? Restart the computer in safe mode and try method 1 again to see if you can complete the cycle. If Safe Mode does not work, boot the PC by performing the same operation in Safe Mode on the network. To get into safe mode,

  • At this point, turn off the computer and press the power button to turn it back on. When you see Windows 10 launch, press and hold the power button until your PC shuts down again. Repeat this cycle until you are in winRE.
  • In the winRE interface, select the Select option page. There you will find Troubleshooting → Advanced settings → Startup settings → Restart.
  • Your computer will reboot itself. The later the charge, the more alternatives there are. Select 5 from the Safe Mode list.


We hope that with our solutions you have solved the problem Failed to list objects in the container. Access denied. Error on your computer. If the faux pas happens again, come back to our tutorial later and try our technique! If nothing works, you can try again. Create another folder, add documents, and then set the folder permissions for different clients.

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What does it mean if objects in a container are not listed?

Access denied. The error usually occurs when you try to change the permissions of a file or folder. In most cases, this file or folder comes from an external source (such as another computer) or is shared by several local users.

How can I solve access refusal in Windows 10?

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