Installing Windows is generally not very complicated these days. However, some malfunctions and errors may complicate the installation process.

This article discusses error code 0300001 that can occur during Windows installation. The error has to do with the installation location of Windows. We’re going to talk about the causes and how to fix it.

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If you try to install a 64-bit version of Windows on a partition other than the one on which Windows is already installed (C:/), you will get this error message. This error often occurs in situations where you are trying to install a new copy of Windows on another drive (such as an SSD) while Windows is already running on the current drive.

Here are four methods you can try to correct this error.

Disconnect all SATA drives

If you have multiple SATA drives connected to your computer, try removing all of them except the one you want to use to install Windows.

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This includes hard drives, SSDs, SATA DVDs, and even any removable USB device, including a keyboard or mouse, connected to the computer. Only one drive can be connected at the beginning of the installation.

This will resolve any disk space or memory conflicts that may cause error 0300001. Once the installation is complete, you can reconnect all the disks.

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Change loading sequence

Each device’s BIOS maintains a boot sequence list that tells the system which drive to boot from. If you use your primary boot disk as the primary boot device, this error may occur when you try to install Windows on other disks.

The solution is actually quite simple. All you need to do is change the boot order so that your blank drive comes before the main drive. Note that Windows will still boot from the primary disk at this point, as the new disk has no operating system installed yet.

At this point, you can try running Windows Installer again and you should be able to fix error 0300001.

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Remove all USB drives

Sometimes USB storage devices connected to your computer may conflict with the Windows installation process and display error 0300001. To solve this problem, remove all internal and external SATA drives, as we did in the last step.

Format the new drive and remove all partitions on it. Now remove the Windows installation USB flash drive from the system and click on the Update tab.

Insert the USB stick back into the device and click the Update tab again. Finally, press the Next button and the installation will continue as usual.

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Using the Windows DVD

This is the last chance to fix Windows error 0300001. We need to get a Windows installation DVD and boot our computer from that. On the partition selection screen, click Load driver.

Insert the memory controller driver CD or DVD. A message may appear that Windows cannot be installed on the disk, but you can ignore this warning.

Reinsert the Windows installation DVD, click Refresh, and then click Advanced Disk Settings. Here you create a new partition for your new Windows installation.

Once you have created the partition, you can proceed to install Windows.

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