The tablets are perfect for watching videos and playing games. With their large screens, they are also a good alternative to laptops. In order to use a tablet as a computer, you have to take care of something. That’s what we talked about in the following.


Laptops are equipped with a large amount of memory. Despite the fact that the pills also have a considerable quantity, they can not compete with the first. Using a tablet as a PC means that you may need to save a number of files. If it is equipped with a MicroSD slot, you can expand the memory almost twice. However, the other flagship tabs have no function.

The goal is to buy a camera with a USB port. This allows you to attach disks and save files. However, this is not the case with most pills.

Therefore, you should use storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You can access it on almost all models. If you bought an iPad, you can access iCloud. It is efficient, but not as organized as its competitors.

Ease of use

We all know that pills are bigger than phones, but how big can they be? There are large, with screens up to 17 inches. Take a look at the Samsung View 2. To use the devices as an alternative to a laptop, you must have a large screen, otherwise you will go cross-eyed while working.

For ease of use, you need to connect a keyboard. Fortunately, most large tablets are equipped with this option – and have USB ports. Alternatively, you can place keyboard cabinets on top of it. That would be the trick, but the keys may not be as tactile as their peripheral counterparts.

The most visible units with keyboards will be Microsoft SurfacePlus. These are stand-alone pills that are very popular with students.

Surfing the internet

If you use your phone as a laptop, you will probably surf the Internet a lot. Bookmarks and pages can be saved on your computer. This allows you to get them by downloading the same browser on your tab. Of course, you need to synchronize your Google Account.

Google Chrome is optimized to work well on Android. You might want to take a look at it.

Safari is available on the iPad, although it is not as optimized as Google Chrome. However, your files will be safe. Apple makes sure your data is always safe. Unfortunately, you cannot open the flash video. To do this, you must use a third party browser.

Microsoft Office

If you use Microsoft Office, your phone looks like a computer. Windows devices come with installed programs. If you use iOS or Android, you need to download it.

Speaking of window pills, they have some old programs. These are applications that facilitate business activities and have been supported for many years.

Peripheral equipment

We have discussed the above mentioned peripherals, but we know that using the phone as a PC would be impractical if it didn’t have a USB port. You can’t make presentations for work or school because you can’t connect the camera to a TV or save the slide to your hard drive. As we said, you can’t connect the keyboards either.

If it does not have a USB port, you need to use Bluetooth for file exchange, which is less convenient.

Control system

If you want a computer-like interface, you need to purchase the Chrome Book or Microsoft tab. The latter would be best because it runs on Windows 10. The great thing about Microsoft is that the company has supported Windows for generations. Because the programs are regularly updated, we know they are safe.

Android offers more applications in the game store – you’ll find plenty of apps for work and school. But, like I said, they don’t have old programs.

Final reflection

Using tabs as a computer is a good idea. They are more affordable than computers and have powerful processors with which they can perform most operations. To get the best possible experience, you should be careful with the device you are holding. It must have a MicroSD slot that allows you to expand the memory and store as many files as you want.

The tab must also have a USB port. This allows you to connect devices such as keyboards. If you use the device with a keyboard, it feels like you are working on a laptop. Through the port you can also mount hard disks, which is useful if you are a student.

The large screen will be comfortable and you will be able to do your job without squinting. The operating system is also important. Windows 10 works on most computers, and fortunately tablets allow it. Otherwise Chromebook is a good alternative.

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