How to install and use Apple Notes on Windows 10 – Apple Notes is a useful note-taking app on Apple devices. This app is linked to your Apple ID account, so you can use it on any connected Apple device, whether it’s a Macbook, iMac, iPhone, or iPad.

Installing and using Apple Notes on Windows 10

The notes you create in Apple Notes are stored in Apple’s iCloud, so they sync across all your devices. This allows you to quickly take important notes on any device you’re holding and continue them on other connected devices.

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What about users who use Apple devices, but also Windows, for example. B. Dual Boot macOS and Windows 10. Can I install the Apple Notes application on Windows 10?

There is still no Apple Notes application for the Windows 10 desktop, so access is only possible through a browser. However, there is a trick we can use to access Apple Notes as if it were an application.

How to install and use Apple Notes on Windows 10 2021

1. Open Google Chrome

First of all, as usual, we need a browser to use the Apple Notes application on Windows 10. It is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser.

2. Create a new profile in Google Chrome

The next step is to create a new profile in Google Chrome. The goal is to separate the cache and cookies from the Apple Notes record of the browser you normally use.

In Google Chrome, click Profile > Add.

Call the new Apple Notes Chrome profile or any other profile. Clear the Make a desktop shortcut for this user check box > then click Add.

3. Open the Apple Notes application

Make sure you are on the new browser profile that was created earlier.

Then log into the Apple Notes application by clicking on the following link:

4. Signing in with an Apple ID card

You will be asked to sign in with your Apple account.

Log in as usual. If you have two-step verification enabled, you will need to open your Apple device to get the code.

An important step: You must activate the Keep informed option.

The Stay Connected option must be checked. The goal is to open the Apple Notes application directly in Windows 10 without having to log in again.

5. Select Trust this browser

The question will then appear Trust this browser. Select the Trust option. The goal is to not use the verification code the next time you log in.

6. To create a shortcut to the Apple Notes application on Windows 10

After you enter Apple Notes in your browser, the next step is to create a shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop.

The trick is to click the menu button in the top right corner > select More Tools > click Create Shortcut.

7. Enter a short name of your choice.

A pop-up window appears where you can name the shortcut to the Apple Notes application as you wish. Activate the Open as window > click on the New option.

8. Use the Apple Notes application via the shortcut you created.

Return to the Windows 10 desktop. You will find the shortcut to the Apple Notes application based on the name you gave it earlier.

This shortcut lets you open Apple Notes whenever you want to use it.

Clicking on this link will take you directly to Apple Notes without the need to log in, as long as you don’t clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

The Apple Notes app on Windows 10 looks like this:

Windows 10 Dual Boot and MacOSSolution

Those who use Windows 10 and dual-boot MacOS on the same Apple computer (Macbook or iMac) and have no other Apple devices will definitely have trouble connecting.

When you connect to Apple Notes in Windows 10, you are prompted to enter an authentication code that is sent to your Apple device, the computer you are currently using.

The problem is that we can’t run MacOS and Windows at the same time.

So what’s the solution?

It’s so simple. Just sign out of your Apple ID account on your Macbook or iMac before following the tips in this guide.

To do this, go to System Preferences > Apple ID > Browse > Exit.

Then restart Windows 10 and apply the tip to create a shortcut to the Apple Notes app in this tutorial. When you register, a verification code is sent to your mobile phone number.

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When you’re done, just plug in your Macbook or iMac. Don’t forget to bookmark and always go to .com every day, because there you’ll find the latest information on technology, such as tips and tricks for blogs, digital marketing windows and ETC (root social media games). Good luck!

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