The evolution of the technological aspects of
has had an astonishing impact on our daily lives. Well, Internet
is something that is very accessible for almost everyone. Given the large number of online options available under
, people start with
to ask if this affects their privacy in any way. Your online security can be a big risk to
if you are not careful with
because there are best practices that companies and websites use to collect
of your information.

Connecting to a public
network can make you vulnerable to cyber attacks such as hacking and phishing.

At the moment the biggest problem with
online is how to keep the search history of
secret and out of prying eyes. As mentioned above, the
Internet is gradually becoming the largest tool for the personal and professional life of
, and our personal information can be disclosed without our knowledge.

What does it mean to keep the
search history secret?

There are many different
sites that use different online data collection methods than their
users. By simply entering
and accepting their cookies, you acknowledge that
is monitoring your activity. On the surface it seems completely harmless and naive
. For example, accepting cookies on a website you visit means that
stores your username and password to log in, or tracks your search and downloads the
history to save these settings for future use. However,
, although we may find these small steps useful, they can seriously intrude on your privacy online

For example, many
sites collect
cookies and store information about users. If this information leaks or falls into the hands of a
attacker, you may become a victim of
cybercrime. Maintaining the confidentiality of your search history means protecting your personal information and not allowing third parties to view the content you post or additional information.

Why keep your
search history secret at work?

Because the Internet
plays an important role in our daily lives, it also affects our
workplaces. More and more companies are turning to the Internet as their main source of information flows
. In addition, the internet enables companies to communicate with
different customers and employees, regardless of their geographical location.

Using the public Internet while running
can seriously compromise your company’s confidential information.

Sometimes we tend to use our free time at work to fulfill our private obligations on time, because we can’t find the time to finish them on time. Well, that
may not seem so important, but not everyone likes to let their employees use the working time of
to take care of their personal affairs. It is therefore important that you know how to keep your research history secret while you are working. Another problem you may encounter when using the internet from the
office is that hackers can hack into your company’s internet and leak
information. For example, anyone who constantly uses e-mail while connected to the public internet like
can suffer possible attacks from hackers. The VPN is a great tool for securing your Gmail
accounts and protecting your office data.

Is the private browser
sufficient to protect your privacy?

people turn to their personal
browser or in incognito mode to find things they don’t want to leave on the
track. However, this may not be the best solution when it comes to respecting your privacy.
private browsers hide all login, search and download actions, but they do not offer the user full
Especially the ISP (Internet Service Provider) can always indicate which
sites have been visited based on the IP address of the equipment. This means that when you visit a particular site,
does not store cookies or your
references, but still leaves a digital footprint on your IP address.
Therefore, your boss or the company as a whole may ask the Internet Service Provider for a list of
Internet activities to find out if any of the employees are using
time at work for personal business.

The incognito mode of your
browser helps you hide your activities on the surface, but leaves a
fingerprint visible to the Internet Service Provider.

That leaves only one question: How can you keep the history of the
research secret while working? The answer lies in software that facilitates the security of Internet

Advantages of using VPN

Before we give the right advice in
about what a VPN does to help you protect your privacy, we need to have
to understand what a VPN is.

VPN stands for
Virtual Private Network. The main goal is to protect the
online user against any form of leakage or disclosure of information and to provide adequate
protection to its users. In short: The VPN helps the user:

  1. Staying anonymous online – With a high encryption protocol and the ability of
    to change your real IP address, this software allows
    users to surf the Internet safely without fear of being stalked or becoming a
    -cyber victim.
  2. This gives the user access to limited content of

    As VPN allows customers to change their IP address,
    can access any location, regardless of the geographical location
    . It also gives you access to websites that are blocked or censored by
  3. Provides adequate protection – The VPN uses powerful encryption protocols that allow the
    user to freely send information from one device to another without fear that someone in
    will intercept this traffic or steal the information.

This means that once you choose a VPN, all your personal data will remain anonymous, both online and in real life. This software has proved useful in the
operating environment, because it makes it easier for users to send information without being intercepted by
, and because it provides a higher level of protection for all private information and data held by
. This has extended the VPN to private use,
, making it easier for users around the world to protect their personal information in
when they are online.

The VPN can help you keep the
search history a secret.

When you connect
to a public network, it means that you share the connection with other
users. It is an easy way for any cyber criminal to steal the personal information of users
. However, if you decide to use VPN, you can use z. B. Make your iPhone even safer. One of the best benefits of VPN
for users is that it can be used on multiple devices. When using the
, not only do you keep the search history of the
confidential while you work, but you also have the possibility to use your own
device for searching. Because the VPN hides the real IP address of the user,
does not report your internet activity, so you can safely surf wherever you are in