Although Instagram was the initiator of the idea, Instagram limited the choice for making short video stories. Endless users go to different applications when they need to do something special. TikTok is an application developed solely for this purpose.

This allows you to record and edit short notes with your phone and add your number one tunes to complete the experience. The application has about one billion users, 70 million of whom use it daily. It is the ideal integrated application for creating distinctive Instagram stories.

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Now, if you use TikTok to create Instagram Stories, you know how it works. You can be sure that you can link these two applications together and make the whole cycle of video creation and sharing easier than ever in your most recent memory.

When you connect Instagram to TikTok, you can start the application and legally offer your video in your Insta account without having to save or send the material yourself. This means you can make exceptional registrations within minutes and offer them to your Instagram account legally with a click of a button. Your online companions will be jealous of your little notes and won’t be able to stop thinking about how you wrote them.

If you find the idea attractive, continue to carefully study how to connect these two applications to your device.

Adding your Instagram account to TikTok

Before you start, you need to download TikTok to your smartphone if you don’t already have it. Create a dataset and you can add Instagram to TikTok.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to proceed:

  • Open TapTock and tap the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • Click on Edit profile
  • Select Add an Instagram
  • Log in to your instagram with the window that appears.
  • Choose Allow.

Your Instagram account is now linked to your TikTok. Now you can legally share your recordings on Instagram without sharing them between applications, and store and transfer each video independently.

Disconnection of the TikTokinstallation

If you ever need to remove TikTok from your Instagram profile, simply rewrite the first two steps, but instead of clicking the Activate Instagram button, click the Disconnect button. TikTok will then remove your Instagram certificates as if they were never connected and under no circumstances.

How can I upload a video from TikTok to Instagram?

The biggest problem people face when transferring videos from TikTok to Instagram is the correlation of points of view. TikTok data sets are vertical and have an angular angle of 9:16, while Instagram has the most extreme aspect ratio of 4:5. This means that you must crop and edit each video before it is placed in Instagram.

Here is what to do:

  • First change the video to TikTok and save it to your device.
  • Then open the Kapwing Resize Video tool in your program. This is an online tool, so there is no download or installation.
  • Upload your video and select Instagram as the scene to distribute. The tool adjusts the size of your video to the size of the proposed location.
  • Click the Export button to change the format. The cycle takes a few moments and takes place in the cloud so that your device does not break or get stuck.
  • When everything is ready, upload your MP4 video and distribute it to Instagram.

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