Hello, friends. How are you guys doing? I wish you good luck. If you are a drawing enthusiast and you are looking for a transparent background in color, then your problem is now solved. Since you are in the right place, here is an explanation on how to create a transparent background with color. So read this article in its entirety below.

An image with a transparent background has a great effect on every person, simply because there is no background to distract you. And secondly, you can create a new image by adding a perfectly transparent image.

Simple steps to create a coloured transparent background

How to create a coloured transparent background

The most important thing is that you can use any color or pattern as a background, because it is transparent by default. So now you want to make a transparent image of yourself. And this is only possible with Paint and Paint 3d in window 10.

What is 3d colour?

How to create a coloured transparent background

You could say it’s an updated version of Paint, but Microsoft added Paint 3D to the classic Paint application when they updated Creators. And, you know, it also allows for manual input. It has a variety of artistic tools that help users create objects, modify images and logos. The Paint 3D application has tools to convert any 2D object into a 3D object. You can create all PNG images, logos, transparent images with Paint 3D. Read below how you can do this by following simple steps.

How to make a coloured transparent background

The easiest way to create color transparency is to use a transparent selection tool in combination with a free selection option. You use this special combination of tools to locate an area of the original image that is stored while the rest of the image becomes a transparent background. For example, if you want to cut an element from an image into another image or a new background, this method is ideal for drawing users.

Take a look at this: To display the screen in [Full Manual] standby mode.

To successfully transfer part of the image from a file after the previous steps, use Ctrl + C together to copy the part of the image you want to copy to a new file, and then press Ctrl + V together to paste that part of the image.

How to make a transparent background in 3dcolor

How to create a coloured transparent background

If you want to use Paint 3D, several editing tools and layer functions are available. Although Paint of course does not allow users to create and manage 3D layers, there are methods to create fully transparent image areas.

First you need to select an object to remove the existing background. Then, after saving an image with transparency, you must add transparency. Now follow the steps:

After opening the 3D paint application, open your favorite image and click the Canvas button. Select the Transparent Canvas option in the side panel to convert all deleted areas of the image to transparent.

Use the selection tool to isolate a specific area of the image that you want to convert to transparency. When the area is selected, press Ctrl + X to remove that specific area from the transparency.

The transparent part of the image can be completed by saving a quasi-transparent file and opening it with another image in Paint. You can then edit the image with the transparency needed to achieve the desired effect. In the end you can create very complex image layers in this way, which is not possible without transparency.

Creating a transparent white background image

If one of your photos is on a white background and you want to make it transparent, continue reading. To do so, select the On Screen Canvas option and activate the transparent cloth switch.

  • When you have completed this step, you will see that your image becomes transparent and the white background disappears.
  • Now you need to know how to save her. Storing an image is a very important step.

If the background is not disturbing, it’s time to save our final image. Proceed as follows:

  • First click on the menu icon and select Save from the menu.
  • The next thing to do is to make sure the Save As Type window displays the PNG file format. If it displays a different format, change it to PNG. And, you have to check the transparency.
  • It is very important to save the file in PNG format. You should not save the image as a JPG or JPEG because it is different from PNG and you lose transparency.
  • Click on the Save button in the last step. A pop-up window will appear and you will need to choose a filename and location. It’s done, now the image with the transparent background is done.


If the image has a solid color, Paint can filter the background color of that image and you can paste it into another image. But with Paint, you can’t save images with a transparent background, and when you save a transparent image, that transparent area in the saved image turns white.

We hope you have no problem making a background image transparent or removing it. Share this article with your friends and comment on your experiences on this site.

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