The loss of data can be very unpleasant and can affect anyone at any time. Hard disk failure is one of the most common causes of data loss. In this blog we examine the scenarios that lead to data loss, learn the mechanisms to prevent this and explore the best solutions for recovering valuable data from a dead or failed hard drive.

How can I recover data from a dead or failed hard drive?

Total data loss Scenarios

1) Hard disk error: Hard drives don’t last forever. It is recommended that you update your PC or Mac every five years. The hard disk failure rate becomes quite high after 5 years.

2) Virus attacks: Viruses don’t just steal your data. In fact, many viruses are designed to erase your data. In addition, viruses are also harmful to the health of your hard drive.

3) Human error: Human error is a common phenomenon. Sometimes we forget to save a file or accidentally delete data. All these human mistakes can lead to data loss and cause you a lot of problems.

4) Disasters: Natural or man-made disasters can cause physical damage to the hard drive. This can lead to permanent loss of data.

Protection against data loss

Your first line of defense against data loss is data backup. So if your computer crashes and you think your hard drive is missing, you don’t have to worry too much, because regular backups can protect your sensitive and valuable information from disaster. There are many backup software and tools on the market that do this work for you. Perhaps the easiest way to back up your data is to store it regularly on an external hard drive. You can also do this manually. However, the manual process can be tedious because it leads to duplication of work. For this reason it is recommended to use special backup software.

The backup program simply downloads the new information and adds it to the old data that has already been backed up. This process is automatic and saves a lot of physical effort. The backup is performed on an external hard drive or in the cloud.

There has been a great demand for cloud backup software in recent years. Thanks to security improvements, cloud backup software such as Dropbox reliably downloads your valuable information. So you can view or download them at any time and on any device.

It is also highly recommended that you keep multiple copies of your confidential information.

The best backup software available on the market is a clone of Stellar Drive, Backblaze, Dropbox, etc.

Common causes of hard disk failure

There are many reasons why a hard drive can break. These can be mechanical faults, software faults, electrical problems, etc. The most common causes of hard drive errors are listed below.

  1. Bad sectors are bad or permanently damaged sectors on the drive.
  2. Performance problems with file processing
  3. Software errors
  4. Virus problems, including errors in anti-virus software.

Hard disk drive error Symptoms

Now that we understand the causes of the data loss, let’s look at the main symptoms of hard drive failure.

The symptoms described below depend on the model, the steering system and the age of the driver. However, all hard drives eventually wear out, so that you can take action in time if the first symptoms occur.

  1. Overheating of the hard disk
  2. It takes a long time to access the files on the hard disk.
  3. You start to see problems with loading or anchoring
  4. Errors and malfunctions on the screen occur regularly
  5. The hard drive starts making loud noises.

What to do if the hard disk fails

If symptoms of a hard disk error are detected, take appropriate measures as described below:

  1. If you have not backed up your sensitive data, start transferring it to another storage device. However, be careful when transferring large files that may overload the device.
  2. Turn off the hard drive as soon as possible. This allows the data recovery software (discussed later in this blog) to retrieve the information quickly.
  3. Do not attempt to load the disc after turning off the power.
  4. If physical damage to the hard drive is detected, do not use data recovery software.

Restoring files after hard disk failure

It is possible to restore files after a hard disk crash. Data recovery is a specialized area that deals with this scenario. It searches for lost data on the damaged hard drive and then restores it.

Data recovery has two branches: services and software. Let’s examine them one by one.

  1. Data recovery services

The service section addresses serious problems related to hard drive damage. Your computer was z. B. has been spilled with water and you cannot start the device even after many attempts. Cases like these need to be handled by laboratories where scientists diagnose your device and then retrieve your valuable data.

  1. Data recovery software

Data recovery software, on the other hand, restores the data if the damaged disk is still available. These are specialized tools that scan your system for missing data and then allow you to save it. You can then move these files to a healthy hard drive to save them.

Many professional Windows data recovery programs have additional features such as health scans, previews and more. They also specialise in backing up different types of data, such as audio, video, text, e-mail, etc. These products are manufactured by data maintenance companies and are available in free and paid options. These options are variable in size and are also offered in a free version.


The loss of sensitive and valuable data due to hard disk failure can be catastrophic. The good news is that there is both prevention and treatment for this scenario. The above blog covers both aspects of the topic and gives you a detailed picture of data recovery services and software – a reliable and secure way to recover lost data.

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