Usually you are separated from your child as a parent. Children are vulnerable to everything, and they can end up in places you would never have thought of. Do you want to know where they’re going? It’s easy when you have something on your phone.

Technology helps us with many things, and one of them is caring for your child. All you need is an application that determines your location and other actions. To achieve this, you need to find a solution that is in your best interest.

Since you have a lot to do and should not waste time on an energetic search, we will give you a direct answer. It’s an application that you use once you’re on the phone and forget everything else.

Part 1: Minspy Mobile Phone Tracking Application

There are many solutions to keep an eye on the big picture. The problem is that you may need more realistic results, especially when it comes to your child. Here you need advised solutions like the Minspy solution.

Many have already seen what he’s capable of. As a proven application, it will not necessarily disappoint you. And what does he keep when it comes to finding your child? It is one of the few applications that can do it in real time without being noticed.

Minspy uses the connected GPS or Wi-Fi to determine where your phone is. This means that there are many ways to determine where the phone is located. It can also show all the places of the past. The data is provided with GPS coordinates and timestamps.

Fascinating is that you can set limits on where your child should be. This is a work from a geodetection film in Minspie. It allows you to set boundaries in areas where the child should or should not walk. You also provide an e-mail address for quotations.

When a child crosses the border, you will receive an e-mail message. You can also use the application to keep track of the location of your SIM card and learn more about it. More detailed information on how it works can be found on Minspie’s website.

You can use these features and more on Android and iOS devices. If your child has both, you’ll be fine.

How Minspy works on Android and iOS

Minspy has more than just mobile phone tracking capabilities. At the beginning you have to create an account on the main page. If your child later uses Android, you will need to install the application once on your phone.

There is no need to install iOS. You can use your iPhone-iCloud credentials in your account after you’ve logged in. Once the installation is complete, i.e. when you log in to your account to see the progress.

Location information, geowindows and other functions will be available. The advantage of using Minspy is that you can access your child’s tracking results anywhere. The dashboard with updates is always compatible with all browsers.

This means that you only need an internet connection to find out where the child is and where he or she has been. As long as you check the data, your child will never know Minspie is on the phone. He uses stealth mode to hide from the phone.

There is also no need to use tricks to root out or break into jail. Once installed, the phone’s advanced technology will help you do your job quietly. When it comes to data security, you don’t have to worry so much.

Minspy uses a sync formula when you access your account. This means that the solution never backs up data if you are not logged in. This ensures that you are the only one who can view the data.

Part 2: How to track the location of mobile phones with Minspy


  1. Androids must have an operating system version 4.0 or higher. Get a phone to install Minspy
  2. For iOS Minspy, it works with iOS 7.0 or later. Retrieve the iCloud ID from your iPhone.
  3. internet connection
  4. Postal address

Steps to start the chase

Step one: Register on the main page. Then select the operating system platform of your child’s phone, pay one of the plans, and wait for confirmation by email.'s-Cell-Phone-Location.png

Step two: If you see it, use the instructions you are given to start the installation.

Step three: In Android, you can use the sent link to install Minspy once on the target phone. Activate the stealth mode and complete the installation. Log in to your remote account.’s-Cell-Phone-Location.png

Step four: For iOS, log into your account and enter your child’s iCloud for iPhone credentials. Continue to select the phone used by the child and wait for synchronisation.

Step five: When you later log into your account, the dashboard with everything you need is available.

To find your location, use the Location function in the menu to display the map.

For restrictions and warnings there is the option Geofencing.

Part 3: Why does the location of a child’s mobile phone depend on Minspie?

These are the benefits you will understand when you are at Minspion:

  • It takes less than five minutes to prepare and display the results of the location.
  • Minspy is hidden thanks to the Stealth Mode function. Your child will never know.
  • Location information and other data are transferred to your account in real time.
  • No battery consumption because the application synchronizes the information with your account.
  • In Android Minspie needs less than 2 MB. In iOS, it uses iCloud.
  • There is no malware once you start using the application.
  • You can remotely remove them using the online control panel.
  • There are more opportunities to benefit. Minspie has over 30 specifications to tell you what’s inside your baby’s mobile phone.
  • If you need anything, the support is always there for you.


Once you have Minspie, you’ll never wonder where your baby is again. If they don’t need to know, the solution guarantees that, while remaining hidden until the end. All you need is your account to check for updates and take action.

Create an account on the main page. See the demo page to see how it works.