Quick help to find the separator in one word

The following table contains an icon or character for “Split By” that you can copy and paste into a Word document (or project). It also contains the alt code and keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows.

Name Divide into
Symbol ÷
Alt Code 0247
Brief description (Windows) Alt + 0247
Abbreviation (Mac) Variant + ‘/’.

Press the Alt key to use the character combination (÷) on the keyboard. While holding down the Alt key, press the character Alt code (0247) on the numeric keypad.

The above information is all you need to obtain a separator in a Word document.

However, if you are not satisfied with this quick help, below you will find detailed instructions on how to insert the “Share by” character or any other character in Word.

Some characters are simply available as secondary keys on the keyboard. By pressing several keys at once, you can easily insert these characters into your work.

However, other characters are not so easy to enter with a key combination. One of these characters is the character Part by or the part sign (÷).

Printing becomes tedious for the typist when she regularly has to insert some of these characters into her work.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Especially now that you’re reading this guide.

Inserting the “Share by” icon in a Word document

In this tutorial, I have shown you all the simple ways you can insert the “divide by” (÷) symbol into a word.

The following sections describe the different ways to insert a division symbol in Word.

Use of the Alt Code Separator (abbreviation)

Each character in Word has a unique code that you can use to insert the character into your document. This code is also known as the “alt code”.

The modifier for the “divided by” character is 0247.

Here are the steps to enter a partial character on the keyboard (using the Alt code) :

  • Press the Num Lock key to activate the number lock. Use the Fn + Num Lock keys to activate number lock on laptops without a numeric keypad.
  • Hold down the [Alt] key and type [0247] on the numeric keypad (right). The modifier for the Divide character is 0247.
  • Then release the [Alt] key. The separator (÷) should appear in your document.

Separated by the word symbol for poppy

For Mac users, the easiest way to insert the “Share by” character in MS Word is to use the shortcut key described below :

Variant +/-

Copy and paste the Split to the symbol.

Inserting characters into a document can be as simple as copy and paste.

You can copy and paste it again if you have already pasted it into a document. You can also copy it from another place, such as a web page.

Below is a “Split By” panel if you want to copy and paste it into your work :


Using the character insertion dialog box

This approach is not as simple as previous methods. But it is simple enough.

And once you paste a character into a document, you can copy and paste it whenever you need it.

The following section describes the steps for inserting a “Share by” symbol in Word using the Insert Symbol dialog box.

  • In the “Insert” tab, click the “Symbol” button and select “Other Symbols”. ….

After these few clicks, the “Symbol” dialog box appears. It is now time to find the symbol you want to insert.

To easily find the Split Up icon in the dialog box, look in the lower right area of the Icon dialog box and select Unicode (hex) from the From: drop-down list. Then look again in the upper right corner of the dialog box and select Subset: Latin-1 Supplement from the drop-down list.

The Divide by character you want to insert is part of the Latin-1 Addendum character set.

  • Select an icon and then press Insert.

You can also just double-click the icon to paste it into your document.

  • After inserting, close the Symbol dialog box.

In this way, you can use the Insert Symbol dialog box to insert a “share by” symbol in Word.

Use of automatic word correction for typing a character distribution

Another way to get a Divide By sign is Word’s AutoCorrect feature.

It is a tool that corrects such spelling errors.

This function allows you to assign a hotkey to the “Share by” icon (e.g. DIVS).

So when you type DIVS text, Word thinks you want to write the ÷ and automatically converts it to parts by.

This approach is interesting because you can assign a code to a character and Word will happily insert that character every time you type it.

Below are the steps you can follow to enter the Divide By character in Word using AutoCorrect.

  • On the “Insert” tab, click the “Symbol” link and then the “Other Symbols” link.

The “Symbols” dialog box appears.

  • Find the “Share by” icon and press to select it.
  • Click the AutoCorrect… button. To display the AutoCorrection dialog box. to display the AutoCorrection dialog box.

In the Autocorrect dialog box, enter the following:

  • Click Add, and then click OK.

Word automatically inserts a character separation in your document when you type DIVS.

However, below are some things to watch out for when using the AutoCorrect method to insert a separator.

  • The AutoCorrect function is case sensitive. In other words, if you type div (lowercase), Word will not convert it to a div character unless you type DIVS (uppercase).
  • If there is text before or after the autocorrect, Word considers it part of the text and therefore does not convert it to “parts by”. For example, XDIVS is not converted and X DIVS is converted to X ÷.

There are several ways to insert or type a separator or symbol in Word, with or without the help of the keyboard.

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