YouTube Home recommends videos based on your viewing history and any uninteresting ratings you’ve given it. If a video is tagged as uninteresting, YouTube is less likely to recommend similar videos or videos from the tagged channel on your YouTube home page.

Accidentally clicked the Not Interested option on YouTube for a video you’re really interested in? Here’s what you can do.

Cancel YouTube not interested

When you click the Not Interested in a YouTube video button, the video column turns into a square with two buttons: Cancel it and give us the reason. You can always cancel if you haven’t updated your YouTube Home Page after clicking the uninteresting option in the video.

If you have already closed or updated YouTube at home, you can try to find the video (if you remember the title) and watch it so that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm knows that you actually watched the video.

If you can’t remember the name of the video, your only option is to delete the uninteresting history from your Google account. To our knowledge, there is currently no way to cancel an uninterested feedback for a single video if you missed a previous cancellation request.

Delete YouTube history Not interested in revision

To clear the entire history of uninteresting posts you’ve clicked on (not recommended if you’ve already filtered out many videos you’re not interested in), follow these steps.

This orientation is dated 2021. If in the future outdated information appears on YouTube or in your Google Account due to changes, please let us know in the Comments section and we will update this page immediately.

  1. Go to the homepage of or Click your account’s profile picture, and then click Manage Google Account.Manage Google Account to remove uninterested YouTube
  2. Click the Data and Customize button on the left.

  1. Under Activity Control, choose the Activity Control button.

  1. Under Web and Applied Activities, choose Activity Management.

  1. Click More Google Actions on the left sidebar.More Google YouTube Activities History
  2. Under Other Activities, in the YouTube Not Interested Feedback section, click Remove.

  1. When YouTube asks you to confirm, click Delete again.

This will remove any uninterested reviews you have already submitted. YouTube will then recommend videos that you previously marked as not interesting.

Once the feedback is removed, any uninteresting feedback you give in the future will pile up again. YouTube should then begin filtering out videos you are not interested in, as you use the Not Interested button.

Uninterested opinions and recommendations from YouTube Home are mandatory for the account. This means that as long as you sign in to YouTube using the same Google account, YouTube recommendations will be based on the same ratings and history across all your devices, whether you’re using a computer, Android device, or iPhone.

Description to share : Did you accidentally select Not Interested on YouTube for a video that really interests you? Learn how to solve the problem or suppress feedback.

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