YouTube has changed the Internet in the 21st century. It was stormed in the 19th century. Billions of users around the world watch YouTube every day. It is very difficult for users to deal with questions like Deleted YouTube Videosbecause each video has a different meaning.

YouTube is an important entertainment platform, and YouTube videos are watched by billions of people. In most cases, videos are deleted for unknown reasons and it is very difficult for users to deal with this situation. Nevertheless, in this guide we provide important methods for viewing deleted YouTube videos in the first place.

Part 1: The right steps to watch YouTube videos

In recent years YouTube has developed in an amazing way, people have made a lot of money thanks to this platform. This video sharing platform has become a profession for millions of people around the world. It is important that you know how to watch YouTube videos correctly;

YouTube’s user interface is certainly not that rigid. On YouTube you had to find the desired video and click on play. When you press the button, the video starts playing. These features allow you to enhance your YouTube experience;

  • Play/pause YouTube videos
  • Adjust screen
  • Volume control
  • Full screen video

You can also edit your YouTube account after watching a video of your choice. You can even subscribe to your favorite channels and watch your friends’ videos. You can also watch the videos if you like. These are the functions of the four tabs of the YouTube directory;

It allows the user to update his or her subscription with videos, favorite channels and more.

Each channel has its own aura for users, there are billions of videos available on the different channels.

All videos available on YouTube are divided into four different categories and include trend videos, featured videos, videos viewed and more.

Clicking on the Community tab will give you access to many forums, blogs and contests.

Part 2: 3 Methods of searching for and viewing deleted YouTube videos

We’ve already learned how to watch YouTube videos properly and how to use all these features. Now it’s time to review the methods for finding and viewing deleted YouTube videos.

Most people think that retrieving videos from YouTube is impossible, but that’s not true. There are many methods to view deleted YouTube videos. Here are methods for accessing videos that have been removed from YouTube ;

Method 1: Searching for YouTube videos deleted from backup

We always start with the simplest method, finding YouTube videos that have been deleted from a backup is certainly not that difficult. If you’ve saved your YouTube videos, don’t worry.

People who have made a backup can easily access deleted videos. Most people overlook the fact that any incident can lead to the deletion of YouTube videos and that it is very important to support them.

Not going backwards is one of the biggest mistakes of the 21st century. For centuries. When you save your data, you can access it anytime, anywhere. Backing up your videos will save you a lot of time.

After the loss of a valuable video, a backup is highly desirable. If you have videos stored on YouTube, there are special ways to find and view them. The methods depend on the operating system used and the previous backup solution.

You can only restore YouTube videos easily if you have saved them. Different operating systems can give you different methods to find your videos, choose accordingly. If you have recently uploaded a video from YouTube, it is likely that the video is not part of the backup you made. In this case, use other methods to find and view deleted YouTube videos.

Method 2: Use a link to find and view deleted YouTube videos

If you haven’t backed up your videos, the online archiving engine Wayback Machine can help. The digital archives on the World Wide Web are certainly admirable. You can request information about all the data you have downloaded from the Internet.

Through this website you have access to an unlimited number of videos, software and more. So you must have a link to the deleted YouTube video. You should use these steps to find and view deleted YouTube videos with the link;

Step one: First, log into your YouTube account and watch the videos you have uploaded so far.

Step two: Find the information on the video and open it. You must now open the URL of the video remotely.

Step three: You can also copy the URL and go to the WayBack Machine website and paste the URL into the search box.

Use this link to find and view deleted YouTube videos.

Step four: Now click on the browser options and you can easily search for videos that match the information you have previously seen in your account.

Step five: As soon as you have found your video, upload it and you can re-upload it if you wish.

Method 3: Recovering deleted YouTube videos with therecovery function

If the above solutions do not suit you, Recovery is at your service. This data recovery software can help you very effectively. Recovery is one of the most striking data recovery software in your situation.

The recovery has an admirable success and can recover data of all types of video formats. It can handle AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, 3GP, FLV and more. It can retrieve data from virtually any type of storage device. Regardless of how the data was lost, Recoverit can provide data recovery. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. Here are the steps for using Recoveit to watch YouTube videos that were deleted after downloading the program;

Step 1: Select the location where the video was lost

First you need to select the location from which you want to upload the deleted YouTube files. You can also select the External hard drive option when saving files on it.

Select the location where the video was lost

Step 2: Scanning

Now click on the Start option and the software will start scanning.


Step 3: Previewing and saving deleted videos

When the scan is complete, you will see a list of recovered videos. Click on the Preview button and watch the recovered video and save it in the desired location.

Part 3: How to secure a YouTube video

Now that you’ve learned how to recover videos, check out the tips for protecting YouTube videos from deletion;

  • Privacy issues: Do not intrude on a person’s privacy without their consent.
  • Do not use offensive content: Incorrect language and unpleasant images can get you into trouble.
  • Original content : Do not copy other people’s content or it will be removed.
  • Copyright issue : Do not use music, videos or other material from third parties, otherwise there are copyright consequences.


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