Important Steps to Improve Your Internet Services?

Have you been working from home for some time and facing the issue of slow internet speed? Or are you one of those people who enjoys watching movies and playing video games but has been facing problems of lagging and buffering? Well, you are not the only one. However, luckily, you can improve your internet connection by following just a few steps. However, to achieve fast internet speed, you should have a stable internet connection in the first place.

This can be accomplished by subscribing to prominent internet service providers like Xfinity, which allow you to experience the fastest internet connections with Xfinity Package Deals in the country. With the help of such stable and reliable internet connections, you can surf, stream, download, and do so much more without the lags and outages.

Below are listed some steps that you can take to get faster internet speed:

Restart Your Router

This step might seem simple, but trust the process; it works wonders. It may be hard to believe but restarting your router helps in enhancing the speed of the internet. Follow the steps underneath to restart the router:

  • Switch the router off.
  • The power cord should be removed from the outlet.
  • Wait for at least 20- 30 seconds.
  • Connect the power cord.
  • Switch it back on and wait for it to reconnect.

You will need to restart your modem as well if it is not linked with your router. This procedure will lead to the removal of stored memory as well side activities that are no longer required.

Clear Your Browser History and Cache

Deleting your browser history and cache data may help you in enhancing the quality of the internet as well. The place where all your bits of information or data about your sites visits are stored is called the cache. It should be cleared or deleted frequently to have a smooth internet experience.

Have Enough Data Storage

Check your previous internet bill to know whether you have data capacity. Our internet service provider might limit the quantity of data we use in a month. If we check our data cap, it likely slows down our internet. Data restriction has been quite frequent because Covid-19 caused more individuals to work remotely. To deal with the surge in demand, many internet service providers have been compelled to throttle users. Hence, it is high time for you to rethink your plan and change it.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Computer data is not the only thing that is affected by viruses and malware. Such viruses can also affect internet speeds. Hence, anti-virus software should be employed to protect the internet speed. An anti-virus scan has been proven a very safe way to find out about any hidden virus.

Use An Ad-Blocker

Let us be honest here; pop ads can be very annoying, especially when you are in the middle of watching a very intense scene. They appear in the form of graphics or huge images with the motive of catching your attention. They affect your internet speed as well. This problem can be resolved by using an ad blocker. It prevents the ad from showing up. Hence, it does not affect the internet speed as well.

Find Any Unwanted Visitors

This may sound a little bizarre, but you have to check if there is anyone using your Wi-Fi in secret. The more devices are connected to a router, the slower the internet works. To prevent any uninvited guests, you need strong security and password.

Find The Router/ISP Settings That Suit You The Best

A very less amount of people know the fact that you can change the Wi-Fi settings according to your preferences. A router’s default setting is not always the one that works perfectly. You need to customize the settings according to you.

Change Your Plan or Service Provider

Your internet service provider may not be the best option for you if none of the steps described above work for you. In that case, either try changing the internet plan and if that does not make a huge change, then change the Internet service provider.

Disconnect The Wi-Fi From any Inactive Devices

If there are gadgets in your house that are just lying around with Wi-Fi connected, then you need to disconnect them. Some routers even have a certain feature that shows the connected devices. If your Wi-Fi router does not have such a feature, then change your Wi-Fi password, and it will automatically disconnect with all the devices, and the active devices can connect again.


Understandably, the slow speed of the internet can be nerve-wracking. However, no problems come without a solution. The above-discussed steps can help in the enhancement of your internet speed for you.

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