Prior to the full CGI animation, the film industry used traditional animation methods, in which each image was drawn by hand.

If you wanted to create a video with 3D models, a moving animation was the only option available.

Despite the ubiquitous development of the technology and many other unique and interactive ways to view stunning videos, the stop-motion technique has not completely lost its popularity.

On the contrary, it is increasingly recognized as an art form because the creators of content push the limits of the possibilities associated with stopping the movement.

Follow these tips to create the stop animation

It’s not surprising that motion animation takes a long time to pause, as it takes effort and dedication to record even normal video under ideal conditions.

If you decide to use stop-motion animation, you have to be patient, persevere and pay exorbitant attention to the subtleties of the scene.

It is time to think about how we can stop the animation step by step and go through all the necessary procedures.

You must first know all the necessary elements, namely

Rotary models

The props and models needed to make your video can be varied and you can fully rely on your thoughts for the animation and the ideas you have for the brainstorm.

Many creative people who are new to stop-motion animation often find great utility and versatility in Lego, but it can be very expensive to buy a great game from scratch.

Choose the right scene

The frame of your stop-motion animation can be almost anything you want.

If you are looking for content that is relevant to the food industry, the focus may be on a simple countertop with a few details such as blenders or cutlery.

You can choose to create a signature or show a different props to draw the background of the scene. The green screen can also provide decent results if you want to experiment by adding a digital background.

Decent HDCamera

Stopping animation movements requires the same precision in the picture as in the editing phase. So you have to have the best camera you can take. Using your phone or tablet is also an option.

When you use your phone to record a video, adjust the ISO settings, white balance, and proper exposure so that the image does not appear still or too bright.

In addition, you must have a sufficiently large SD card or storage space to be able to store all pictures during recording. Storing all your files on a storage device can be very useful to merge them during editing.

A Rig

When recording a stop-motion clip, stability is one of the most important factors to take into account. If the tripod does not stay still while shooting, you get very chaotic images in the last image.

Installation of fluorescent lighting

Uniform lighting is essential for a perfect image. In some cases a simple desk lamp may suffice, but be careful not to let natural light fall on your photo, as this will change the way you take the pictures.

Software processing

Editing is the most important step in creating a stop-motion animation. Each click is nothing more than a raw input in a processing program, which brings them together into a meaningful result.

Over the years, software developers have become skeptical about the requirements for stop-motion animators, so there are many options for editing and managing files.

During the treatment you should have a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Often people do not take into account that when developing how to stop the motion animation, it is mandatory to have a storyboard.

You cannot solve the problem randomly, and any attempt to do so may result in still images.

Every hour you plan the storyboard can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently without having to change the scene and props over and over again.

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Shooting and training

As soon as the above equipment is ready, it’s time to start shooting. Install the lighting and the camera and replace your models and landscapes

  1. Customize your equipment – Stopping animations is a very time consuming process, which means you will be doing it for a long time. So you should have enough time and batteries, so you don’t have to dismantle the middle plan.
  2. Give it a try – Make sure the exposure and camera settings match your lenses before printing hundreds of pictures.
  3. Start the recording – Click on the image, move the model to the lowercase and repeat the recording. Your shadow should not be captured at all during the recording, nor should it block the exposure of the scene.
  4. Full – when you’re about to finish the recording, you’ll have all the space you need. When you’re done, export all raw files to your main editing set.
  5. Processing your project – This step is very important and depends mainly on two factors: your creativity and the stop-motion animation software you use.

When editing, make sure that all individual images are the same length. You can also add sound or language to make the movie more dynamic in terms of sound.

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Adding audio and animation is always considered a good idea to stimulate your creativity and add a touch of originality to your content.

Last words

If you decide to enter the recording area for a stop-motion animation, start small, be patient and keep improvising until you create more and better stop-motion animations.

If you follow the above points, you should have a good understanding of all the equipment you need to achieve successful results.

Choose the final editing software carefully, because it can make all the difference, because stop-motion animations mainly animate the editing phase.


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