Welcome to Logitechuser.com. Our site is dedicated to providing you with a variety of Logitech software, specifically the Logitech StreamCam software you are currently looking for. Below are the files for downloading Logitech Capture software. You can download depending on the operating system installed on your PC or laptop, either Windows or Mac. In addition, we also discuss several other currently popular Logitech StreamCam and webcam products that are still the choice of users around the world. For example, we want to discuss and review one of the best Logitech StreamCam products, the Logitech StreamCam Full HD Camera with USB C especially for streaming, one of the best Logitech StreamCam Full HD Camera products among others that remains the mainstay for celebrities, content creators, gamers, business people, employees and more. We discuss and explore the various benefits, quality and specifications of these products. For important information on how to use this Logitech StreamCam HD camera effectively, visit the Setup Guide page on the official website. There you will find a series of tutorials on how to use StreamCam, how to connect Logitech StreamCam to both PC and Mac via USB 3.0 and 2.0 cables, how to use StreamCam properly, how to select a scene, how to set up the camera, how to adjust the image, how to adjust the resolution, how to add effects to text and effects to scenes. On this page you will also find a complete video tutorial on how to use the Logitech StreamCam Full HD camera. Don’t forget to visit the official website https://www.logitech.com for more information about Logitech StreamCam or webcams.

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Logitech StreamCam Full HD camera with USB C for streaming, testing and technical data

It’s time to make a difference with more creative content that will appeal to your followers. Use the Logitech StreamCam Ful HD camera. It delivers sharp, natural image quality, has two microphones pointed at your face, and offers universal editing capabilities with USB-C connectivity. You’re probably aware of this, and this SteramCam is perfect for you if you’re considering a streaming platform.

Logitech Streamcam Software Logitech Streamcam Full HD camera

It’s a powerful combination because StreamCam is more efficient and even more powerful when combined with Logitech Capture. Logitech Capture has unlocked a Logitech StreamCam feature that allows you to view exposure, crop photos and stabilize video streams.

With True to Life streaming at 60 frames per second, you can stream and record videos in a vivid and natural way with smooth movements and sharp details in Full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second. Moreover, you can make various professional edits to make your video more varied and impressive.

The Logitech streamCam camera features intelligent autofocus and exposure, so you can easily track activated faces. The AI allows for highly accurate focus and sensitivity, so the different movements you make can be perfect, even for you, the professional dancer. And the automatic backlight is set to make the recorded video and stream look even more secure.

You can get vertical Full HD video by putting the StreamCam in portrait mode. You can enjoy the best 9:16 Full HD quality, make a few changes to the scene or text, adjust the brightness or add memes to make the video more attractive when you watch it, and then upload it directly to popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other streaming applications.

You can choose different mounts to achieve the perfect angle for broadcasting and recording video, as the broadcast camera has flexible mounting options. The monitor mounted on the streaming camera is already tiltable and can also be moved in any direction, making it more convenient and faster to use a tripod. Electronic image stabilization is a built-in camera that reduces the vibrations that result from occasional or unintentional movements when taking your best photos. Perhaps it is because of your excellence that you already have the tools to help you launch your career as an artist with Logitech StreamCam.

In terms of streaming video, you will be amazed, and the sound produced is also top quality, with more defined and accurate sound, especially when combined with the dual microphone.

Logitech StreamCam already supports OBS, XSplit and StreamLab. All of these platforms are optimized for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), making it easier for you to deliver your shows on the various platforms that have become your favorites. There are many other things we haven’t mentioned about the benefits of this StreamCam, and you can access the specifications in the box we’ve listed below. And for the Logitech StreamCam software, you can check out the full manual below.

OS support
  1. Logitech Capture software for Windows
  2. Logitech Capture software for Mac
Connection type
Indicators (LED)
Type (lens/sensor and focus)
  • Premium Full HD Glass Lensf/2
  • Focal length 3.7 mm
  • Field of view⇒ 78° (diagonal)
  • Autofocus (10 cm to infinity)
  • Autofocus on faces with Logitech Capture.
  • Diagonal field of view ⇒ 75° front (16:9)
  • Horizontal field of view ⇒ 67.5° front (16:9)
  • Vertical angle of view ⇒ 41.2° in front (16:9).
Framerate (Max)
Cable length
Optical and sensor resolution
Focal length
Microphone type and frequency response
  • Dual microphone with noise reduction filter
  • Omnidirectional
  • 50 to 17 kHz
USB Protocol
USB speed
  • SuperSpeed (SS)
  • USB 3.1 Generation 1 for Spec has data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps.
Microphone with noise cancellation, recording and editing
Depth of field
Pixel size
Zoom (digital and optical)
Product dimensions (StreamCam)
Physical parameters of the tripod mount and screw diameter
  • Width → 48 mm
  • Depth → 25.1 mm
  • Height → 38.8 mm
  • Screw → 1/4-20 UNC, OD8.8X4.8L
Physical attachment of universal clamps
  • Width → 48 mm
  • Depth → 62.7 mm
  • Height → 55.5 mm
  • Adjustable display angle→ 120 degrees (+/- 60 degrees)
Physical camera
  • Width → 58 mm
  • Depth → 66 mm
  • Height → 48 mm
  • Weight → 150 g
Physical camera with a mountain
  • Width → 58 mm
  • Depth → 83 mm
  • Height → 65 mm
  • Weight → 225 g
Brand model Logitech Streamcam Full HD camera

Download instructions and acquisition software

As download instructions on our website, specifically for Logitech StreamCam software, click to open (+) and click to close (-), if you want to return the Logitech Capture software is available, you can download the software depending on the operating system you are using on Windows and Mac. You can now scroll down to find the software updates we have included. We also give you access to the official FAQ page if you have any problems using this StreamCam or installing the Logitech Capture software on Windows and Mac.

View Logitech StreamCam software for the Windows operating system

Logitech Capture
  • Software version ⇒ 2.04.13
  • Last update: ⇒ 2020/11/17
  • OS ⇒ Windows 10
  • File size ⇒ 117 MB
Logitech Capture
  • Software version ⇒ 2.02.155
  • Last Updated ⇒ 2020/06/15
  • OS ⇒ Windows 10
  • File size ⇒ 114 MB
Logitech Capture
  • Software version ⇒ 2.00.226
  • Last update: ⇒ 2020/02/11
  • OS ⇒ Windows 10
  • File size ⇒ 87 MB (64 Bit)

View Logitech StreamCam software for Mac OS

Logitech Capture
  • Software version ⇒ 2.04.8
  • Last update: ⇒ 2020/11/17
  • OS ⇒ macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14.
  • File size ⇒ 143 MB
Logitech Capture
  • Software version ⇒ 2.02.253
  • Last update: ⇒ 2020/08/12
  • OS ⇒ macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14.
  • Size ⇒ 139 MB
Logitech Capture
  • Software version ⇒ 2.0.200
  • Last update: ⇒ 2020/02/11
  • OS ⇒ macOS 10.15.x, macOS 10.14.x.
  • File size ⇒ 87 MB

Logitech StreamCam Getting Started Guide

Installation Manual

Suppose you are having trouble getting the most out of your Logitech Streamcam Full HD with Logitech Capture or installing Logitech Capture. You can check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the official website. All the information you need is already on this page, from how to use Logitech StreamCam correctly, how to install Logitech Capture software on Windows and Mac, how to connect Logitech StreamCam to USB A via USB C, how to adjust images with Logitech Capture, how to adjust the camera’s focus or autofocus, set the Full HD 1080p resolution to 60 frames per second, adjust brightness, select auto-cropping, add effects to scenes and text (text overlays), how to record video, and streaming applications that can be used on the StreamCam, including how to put the StreamCam in portrait mode, or watch the full video tutorial on this page. There is much more important information about the Logitech StreamCam Full HD camera user manual that you should know. Visit this page. And thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find our tips useful. To download Logitech software and try other popular Logitech products, visit https://www.logitechuser.com – easy to access and easy to download.

Frequently asked questions

How do I download software for my Logitech cameras?

To install the software: go to https://www.logitech.com/en-roeu/product/capture in your web browser. Click on the DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS (64 BIT) link and click on the Save button to start the download.

How do I install the Logitech webcam software?

Connect the webcam to an available USB port. The computer will detect the webcam and begin installing the drivers: Note: This process can take up to 10 minutes. The webcam is ready to use when all drivers are installed and displayed – Click when ready.

Is the Logitech StreamCam worth it?

Logitech StreamCam is a flexible and functional set of webcams. … The price of $170 is quite high compared to many other Logitech webcams, but the extra options, features and accessories are worth it.

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