Long term search term:

They are looking for a tool to find the long tail. Here I will give a detailed tutorial on this topic with examples of long tail keywords.

Have you exhausted yourself claiming the same keywords as your competitors?

I have more than two words to help you solve this problem:

Long-winded language.

What is a long keyword?

Long tail keywords are terms with a low search volume. Contrary to what many people think, it has nothing to do with the length or brevity of the keywords, their ability to change or their uniqueness.

Examples of long tail keywords:

I’ll give you a quick example of a long keyword queue so you can see it quickly.

  • If you write about laptops (example of a short keyword), monthly search 1k
  • There are other keywords like laptops under 20,000 with a monthly search volume of 600 and other keywords like laptops under 20,000 with 8 GB RAM with a monthly search volume of 400 (example of long tail keywords).

If you notice that the search volume for the last search terms is very low compared to the first search term. But the purpose of all keywords is the same.
If you have the last two keywords in your article, it will be more helpful to easily get a ranking in SERPs.
A longer keyword will bring the most targeted traffic to your site. This way, you can get more sales and conversions. Indeed, long tail keywords are more specific to a user’s search query.

Here I will share some free and paid tools for finding long tail keywords.

Message: Some of the resources offered here are free, others are not. I will explain the features of free tool and paid tool, depending on your needs you can choose the long tail keyword research tool.

1) Semrush
SEMRush is the most popular approach to identify a large number of long tail keywords in a few minutes of work. What sets this instrument apart is its ability to see :

  • Volume of keywords
  • Difficulty with the keyword
  • Keyword CPC
  • Result of the match

This kind of information will help you focus on keywords that you can easily rank for.

There are different approaches to distinguish long term clocks with SEMRush, and we want to find out.

How to identify long tail keywords:

This is one of the reasons why SEMRush is a must-have among SEOs, as it allows you to discover every page of a website or domain to leverage each of your keywords. With SEMRush’s filtering options, you can quickly eliminate all short-range keywords and focus on long-range keywords.

To use this function,

Make sure you have created an account with SEMRush (use the SEMrush coupon to get free access for 14 days).

After logging in, enter your competitor’s website address in the Domain Overview section.

Click on Top Organic Keywords on the results page to see the full reports.

At this point, on the next page, use filters to eliminate all short tail keywords.

Under the first filters, select Contains a number of words greater than 2 or 3. It should look like this:

As should be obvious, you want to do a significant long tail keyword count in a matter of seconds.

In fact, you can recreate the cycle through all of your competing domains, and you’ll really want to find a great list of long tail SEO keywords for your project.

How to find long distance keywords with start keywords:

This is another well-known strategy for SEO professionals to generate long tail keywords. This technique is less complicated and works surprisingly well for creating a large number of long tail keywords.

Here are the ways in which this technique can be used:

Bring up the SEMrush
toolbar Click on the magic keyword tool > under keyword search
Enter the starting keyword.

On the results page, click Advanced Filters and set the number of words from 3 to 15.

Click on apply filter and in no time Keyword Magic will produce many long tail keywords with volume.

Here are some additional parameters to customize the idea of the keyword generator. One of my favorite things is using the question filter.

Unlike normal keyword research, SEMrush removes the mystery and helps you find the tail of any keyword from any website. If you are looking for a perfect tool to search for long-tail keywords, then SEMrush is the tool for you.

You don’t have to trust me to use SEMrush for free for the next 14 days.

2. LongTail Pro :

LongTail pro is another paid tool that offers many interesting points and useful keywords for longtails. It was a desktop system, but now it’s all in the cloud. This is a staple for niche advertisers and quite a tool if you are looking for paid alternatives.

In just 10 days, you can place a free pre-order here.

This is the best free and paid tool for finding long tail keywords. I’ve tried it and I can offer it without hesitation.

When summarizing keywords, your goal should be to write top-notch content that focuses on those keywords.

3. Response to the public:
This will be one of my number one free long tail keyword research tools. It is part of the UberSuggest offering, but offers an exceptional recommendation.

With this tool you can search for a keyword and it will show you the regular searches on that keyword in the internet search engine. As a free alternative, this is the best long tail keyword research tool.

KWFinder :
It is one of the most important keyword research tools for marketers. Although KWfinder offers the most brilliant and functional features, it definitely stands out from other tools.

KWfinder provides extremely important keyword information, including difficulty level, to help you find easy to rank long tail keywords. In fact, after SEMrush, this is the second tool I use and suggest.

If you know of other free tools or programs for finding useful long tail keywords, let me know in the comments section.

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Where can I find long tail keywords?

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Are long-tail keywords still effective?

4. Long tail keywords have better conversion rates. According to a recent study by WordStream, the top 10% of landing pages have a conversion rate of 11.45%. The average conversion rate for long-tail keywords is 36%!

How do you add long tail keywords?

The blog is a step-by-step guide….

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