Microsoft announced the release of the new Microsoft Edge browser, which is now called Microsoft Edge 93 Stable. You can download the latest version from the Microsoft Edge 93 Stable page

Microsoft Edge is a browser designed by Microsoft for Windows 10 and it’s the default browser on Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is a Chromium based browser and it means that it is based on Chromium which is open source browser. Microsoft Edge has some cool features like reading mode. It has extensions like Adblock Plus and WebGL to enhance the browsing experience. It also has features like reading list and reading view to access those pages.

It is a great day for Windows users, as Microsoft has finally announced the rollout of the long awaited Edge 93. This new browser is available for Windows 10 users, and is a significant update from the previous version, Edge 62.. Read more about microsoft edge 92 and let us know what you think.

With version 93, Microsoft has released an upgrade to the Edge browser’s stable branch. It’s a significant upgrade that includes new tab groups, the option to hide the title bar when vertical tabs are enabled, IE mode enhancements, and more. Users of early versions from the Beta, Dev, and Canary channels are already acquainted with the majority of the changes.

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The following changes and new features are listed in the change log.

What’s new in version 93 of Microsoft Edge?

  • Microsoft Edge’s Initial Preferences. Microsoft Edge currently only supports a few Initial Preferences (formerly Master Preferences). Before their users use the browser for the first time, IT administrators may specify these settings as default.
  • Microsoft Edge’s IE mode will enable “no-merge” behavior. When a new browser window is opened from an IE mode application, it will be in a distinct session for the end user, similar to IE11’s no-merge behavior. Sites that need to prohibit session sharing must be configured as “no-merge” in your site list. Behind the scenes, each Microsoft Edge window is locked into a separate “no-merge” IE session from all other Microsoft Edge windows the first time an IE mode tab is visited within that window, if it is one of the designated “no-merge” sites, at least until the last IE mode tab is closed in that window. This is in line with prior behavior, in which users may start Internet Explorer with no-merge and Microsoft Edge without no-merge through different methods. Here’s some more information: Troubleshooting and FAQ for Internet Explorer mode | Microsoft Docs
  • To prevent implicit sign-in, a new policy has been implemented. System administrators may deactivate implicit sign-in on Microsoft Edge browsers using the ImplicitSignInEnabled policy.
  • Policies that allow you to skip the ClickOnce and DirectInvoke prompts. Microsoft changed the rules to allow certain file types from defined domains to skip ClickOnce’s prompts and DirectInvoke’s app. You’ll need to perform the following to do this:

    Note that AutoOpenAllowedForURLs is an AutoOpenFileTypes supporter policy. If AutoOpenAllowedForURLs is not set and AutoOpenFileTypes is set, then all URLs will open the file types specified.

  • Groups of tabs. Microsoft has added Tab Groups to the stable version of the browser, allowing you to organize tabs by subject or domain in the manner that works best for you. In Microsoft Edge, see How to Enable Tab Grouping.
  • When using Vertical Tabs, hide the title bar. You can conceal the title bar with vertical tabs in Edge 93 by going to the edge:/settings/appearance URI and selecting the option in the Customize Toolbar section to hide the title bar with vertical tabs. For additional information, see this post.
  • From the hover toolbar, choose Video Picture in Picture (PiP). When you hover your mouse over a compatible video, a toolbar appears, allowing you to watch it in a PiP window. Please note that this feature is only accessible on macOS for Microsoft Edge users.
  • 3DES is no longer used in TLS. The TLS RSA WITH 3DES EDE CBC SHA cipher suite will no longer be supported. This shift is taking place in the Chromium project, which is the foundation for Microsoft Edge. Go to the Chrome Platform Status entry for additional information. Additionally, the TripleDESEnabled policy will be introduced in Microsoft Edge version 93 to enable situations that need compatibility with old servers. In Microsoft Edge version 95, this compatibility policy will become outdated and will no longer function. Before then, make sure all impacted servers are up to date.

Microsoft Edge is available for download.

On the following page, you can download the latest stable version of the browser:

Microsoft Edge Stable is available for download.

Here are the official release notes.

Instead, go to the next page if you want to try out cutting-edge features and experimental choices.

Microsoft Edge Insider Preview is available for download.


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Yesterday February 20th, Microsoft shipped a new version of Microsoft Edge, the modern browser for Windows 10, to Windows Insiders who have been testing it for the past several months. The new version is now available for everyone to download from the Windows Store.. Read more about microsoft edge 90 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest stable version of Edge?

The latest stable version of Edge is 1.0.

Is Microsoft Edge a failure?

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that was released by Microsoft in 2011. It has been criticized for its poor performance and lack of features.

What is Microsoft Edge being replaced with?

Microsoft Edge is being replaced with the new browser, Microsoft Edge.

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