The 21st century has become a big boon for the business world, helping to promote it and make trading even easier than before. Customers can access companies from all over the world, having only the power of the internet. This, in turn, is the core idea behind how e-commerce has managed to become such a huge thing in the modern world, but with the good has even started to come the bad.

A study published last year by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) revealed that the Internet is upending the world of business, and not in a good way. The number of information and communication technology (ICT) units consumed per capita will continue to increase globally, but the business value from that consumption will decrease.

Perhaps it is the influx of social media and its distractions that have caused the world to become less productive. Perhaps it is the proliferation of mobile devices that have forced people to sit in front of a screen rather than interacting with other people. Or perhaps it is the presence of a smartphone in almost every pocket that is making people more distracted. Whatever the cause, it seems that business these days is being run by a bunch of distracted, if not downright lazy employees.

Modern technology has dramatically changed the world in general and the business world in particular.  It practically turned the business world upside down. More and more people are using and feeling comfortable with technology, and that goes beyond playing at an online casino. This modern technology obviously has many advantages for businesses.   Productivity has increased and profits have risen.   Advances in technology have led to many incredible inventions and innovations that have made business much better. However, there is another side to the story. Technology has negative effects on business and these cannot be ignored. Fortunately, companies have ways to avoid these negative elements of modern technology.

Some of the most serious negative impacts of technology on business are:

Less communication and personal interaction

word-image-10115 In most companies today, employees work with modern technology. They use different communication programs like Skype, WhatsApp. And the ushers, and this is how they communicate with each other during their workday.   It is a new form of communication inside and outside the office.   As a result, we are seeing less and less face-to-face communication between people and employees at all levels. Instead of getting up and walking to a colleague’s office to ask a question, they simply use some form of software to do so.  In many ways, this does not bode well. Regular communication between people working together is significantly reduced, and we know that collaboration and face-to-face interaction between employers and their employees, and between all people working together, increases productivity and ultimately profitability.

Increase in theft and hacking of commercial data

word-image-10116 The success of the company is largely based on the data obtained. Most companies have put time, energy and money into developing strategies and plans and have done a lot of research to ensure their success. If this information/data is hacked or stolen by competitors, it can lead to huge losses and even bankruptcy.  Nowadays, a lot of data falls into the hands of hackers.  Many hackers steal information and sell it to a company’s competitors, which can have serious consequences. When the majority of a company’s activities are conducted using computer technology, as is the case today, it is very difficult for a company to manage security and have complete control over its data. Piracy is a major activity nowadays.

Dependence on modern technology

Total dependence on modern technology is not a positive state either. Workers are used to working exclusively in a technological environment. The dependence on technology today is also the negative impact of technology on business. Overuse of modern technology makes workers and employees dependent on the use of modern technology in their work.   They have become so dependent on these technologies that they cannot perform even the smallest task without their help, making them essentially useless. Overuse of modern technology stifles creativity and innovation in the workplace.   The success of a business depends largely on the creative potential of its employees, which can be stifled by excessive use of modern technology.

These technologies are expensive

In general, most of the newest and most advanced devices and gadgets on the market are not cheap. Many small businesses cannot afford to purchase ever-changing technology. With new innovations being introduced into existing devices every day, it has become essential for businesses to update the technology they use in order to stay competitive, increase productivity and, of course, increase the profitability of their business. The high cost of these new advanced technologies can be a real obstacle for many of these small businesses to stay on top.

Technology can be distracting and time consuming

While we can see that business has certainly benefited from the introduction of modern technology, it also has some less beneficial side effects.   Employees and staff at all levels use this technology for personal use and on company time. For example, many employees spend their time watching videos on YouTube or another platform. This seems to be a fairly common situation.    This means a significant loss of productivity for these companies. Employees who use technology for personal needs during work hours lose a lot of productive time. Modern technology is probably the biggest distraction for employees in the workplace.   They may visit all sorts of non-work related websites and platforms, which distracts them from the work they are supposed to be doing. Instead of working, they play video games or engage in other forms of entertainment.   This is a big problem for businesses because employees are less focused on their work.

Training of personnel in this new technology

Employees need to be familiar with modern technology, hence the need for training. This has proven to be quite difficult as not everyone is able to learn and understand modern technology.  For some people, this is very difficult.  Yes, technology can increase productivity, but it’s up to people to use that technology in the right way. Young people may adapt more easily to new technologies, but everyone will need to be trained.

Using technology to deceive

word-image-10117 Fraud has proven to be a real problem with modern technology.  Unfortunately, many employees are willing to go wrong by stealing information about their company and giving it to competitors in exchange for money. Employee access to company data and sensitive information through technology has led to employees committing numerous frauds that can have serious consequences for companies. Using technology and generous gifts, competitors can reach out to their rivals’ employees and persuade them to cheat on their own company.   Loyalty to the employer and the company seems less important.

Maintenance issues

Maintenance can also have a rather negative impact on business.  The technology has been developed and designed by professionals. So if there is a problem in the system, a professional should fix it. Moth’s staff is not up to the task. They are not professionals and most of them do not understand the system at all. Waiting for a specialist takes time and slows down the work, not to mention the fact that companies have to pay these specialists to solve the problem.The role of modern technology in business is huge. It helps business owners to run their businesses at the right time and also keeps them up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. But, at the same time, it has some negative impact on the businesses as well. For example, the online shopping is considered as one of the best ways of shopping and buying products. In addition to that, the online marketing is also playing a key role in business. Although the online marketing plays a key role in helping the business owners reach out to their customers and sell their products, however, it can make a negative impact on the business as well.. Read more about negative impact of technological variables in business and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of modern technology on business?

Modern technology is an integral part of the running of a successful business. When used effectively it can be an extremely useful tool to help save time and increase productivity. Unfortunately, the use of technology can also have a negative impact on business. Here are some of the ways that the increased use of technology has changed the way businesses operate: 1.        Increased Competition The amount of competition that a business faces has increased dramatically. The advent of the Internet has meant that even small businesses can reach a global audience, which has led to an increase in the number of businesses. This has meant that there are more companies vying for a share of the same market. 2.        A Need for Flexibility Traditional businesses were often static The way business is done is constantly evolving. We all know this. Technology is changing the way the world works, the way we work, and the way we live. It is one of the biggest drivers of change in the world today. The question is, how do these changes impact business? One of the biggest impacts is the way we view work. In the past, people worked to live. These days, people live to work. We have created a society where most people are working longer and harder for less and less reward. In some parts of the world, this has created a culture of distrust between business partners, with no one trusting the other person to do what they say.

What is the negative impact of new technology?

We have all heard the positive side of technology and how it has improved our lives. We have access to information at the touch of a finger. We can connect with anyone across the globe in a matter of seconds. We can do our work from home, reducing the need to commute. Technology has truly revolutionized how we do business and has made our lives easier. However, technology isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. Modern technology is both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, it has connected the world like never before. It has made the world a smaller place. On the negative side, it has made the world a smaller place. Where people used to meet, get to know each other, and form relationships, people now connect via social media, text each other, and sext.

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