Are you fighting to get the right sound in your headphones? Do you also feel that one earpiece is louder than the other? Something can be done about it, and it won’t even take long. The easiest way is to adjust the audio balance of your Android phones.

But before you do, you might want to check your headphones for damage. You can also check this by replacing the speakers. You should check this by inserting the left speaker into your right ear and vice-versa, to make sure the problem is coming from the earphones and not from your ears. Now that we have confirmed that the problem is with your headphones, let’s adjust the voice quality in the left and right earphones.

A headset that is stronger than the other Android

Follow these steps on your Android 4.4 KitKat devices and newer operating systems to balance the sound from the headphones’ speakers.

Step one: Open the settings on your Android phone.

Step two: Scroll through the settings and press the Accessibility button.

Step three: On the availability screen, scroll through the sound and text settings on the screen.

Step four: Check the position of the cursor in the audio scale.

Step five: Place the cursor in the middle of the left and right areas.

This balances the sound from your headphones so you can hear the decent volume from both speakers.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or higher, you should try an application called Adapt Sound that gives you even more control over the audio output of your headphones. Adapt Sound is not supported by all music applications, but it works with Samsung’s built-in music application or even Google Play Music.

You can adjust the sound settings of your Samsung device in two easy steps. You first need to put on your headphones and adjust the sound in the sound settings. A series of tones and beeps are emitted at different frequencies. The second step is answering the question if you have heard those sounds. The application then adjusts the tones and frequencies of certain audio systems you have difficulty with, giving you perfect sound quality for your ears. With this extra feature in your pocket, you’re sure to enjoy music more as it gives you a personalized music experience.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I set the left and right tones?

You can adjust the left and right speaker tones to balance the voice quality in your headphones with Android settings. You must set the slider so that neither speaker sounds loud and both headphones sound the same.

2. Why is one side of my helmet stronger than the other?

One side of the headphones is usually louder than the other because the sound is unbalanced between the left and right speakers. This may also be due to external or internal damage to the earphones. It is recommended to check for external damage before installing Audio Balance on your Android device.

3. How can I apply more sound to my left ear?

You can reset the audio balance of your device so that more sound reaches one ear than the other. Follow the same steps as above, but make sure the cursor is away from where you want more noise. To hear better in the left ear, move the cursor in the audio and text area of the screen closer to the left and further away from the right.

4. How do I make sure the sound comes from one earpiece?

For the hearing impaired and people who can only hear through an earpiece, this function can be a tool. Just turn on the mono sound in your device. You can enable this in the Sound Balance section under Listen in the Availability screen. After turning on the device, you can slide the All slider to the left or right to get all the sound from one speaker.


Here are some of the simplest solutions and steps you can take to customize the sound of your phone for better hearing. Follow the steps above to get rid of your question, one earphone is louder than the other on Android. Please note that the headings and sections of your phone settings may differ from the settings shown here. You can still follow these steps because they provide a common method for balancing the sound on your Android phone.