ONIKUMA is one of the largest manufacturers of playground equipment. We will present a model that is one of the best game helmets out there. The helmet is affordable, but offers excellent quality and features that can be found in much more expensive helmets on the market.

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UNICUMA play helmets for and against

The advantages of

  • Works on different types of equipment
  • Foam rubber auricle with bionic protein filling for maximum comfort
  • It offers excellent sound quality
  • This helmet belongs to the affordable price range.
  • The helmet is light and very comfortable
  • You can take it with you thanks to its good portability.


  • These headphones can sometimes produce friction sounds…
  • The belt wheel is incorrectly positioned.

UNICUMA – Overview of thegame headset

Overview of the best gaming headset available ONIKUMA gaming headset

ONIKUMA is a powerful example of craftsmanship that can be found at an affordable price. It offers excellent sound quality that can be used even for professional games. In this helmet you will find a large stretching capacity and a helmet that does not wear out the neck muscles. You can also hear the powerful and booming sound of an explosion, gunshots and much more.

Sound quality as a competitive advantage

What makes the sound quality so good is the amazing effect of the ambient sound. It also features a virtual speaker, which is an excellent telescopic microphone using 4D offset technology. ONIKUMA gives you an advantage over your opponents by providing you with sounds that you can hear when other players can’t – such as shots, footsteps or even a remote charge.

By following this sound, you can easily take up enemy positions and much more. ONICUMA for your teammate makes you two an unstoppable tandem. It will immerse you in a world of games with its best performance.

However, ONIKUMA has a 50 mm driver and a 16 ohm implant. It also offers a wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In short, it has everything you need as a professional gambler or as someone who wants to take the game a little more seriously.

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As already mentioned, ONIKUMA offers a lot of comfort during the game. Has a foam earpiece with a bionic protein cushion. This ensures maximum comfort and you won’t feel the neck pain that most helmets cause. Nevertheless, you will feel comfortable, even after a long time of behaving. The comfort you get with this price is more than noticeable.

However, the design of this helmet keeps it on the head without any sign of fatigue. So if you spend hours playing video games near your computer, you won’t want to miss it.

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However, OKINUMA has an improved, so-called cancellation microphone, which is antistatic in design. In other words: These gaming headphones eliminate background noises that are not your own voice, thanks to the modern anti-static design.
Your words are clearly heard by your teammates during the battle, and there is no background noise. This ensures a much better communication between you and your teammates, and as you know, communication is half the battle.

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One of the most amazing features of OKINUMA is now its ultra-high compatibility. It can run on PSP, PS Vita, PS4, Android device, iOS device, Mac OS PC, Windows PC, Nintendo 3DS LL/3DS, Nintendo New 3DS LL/3DS or Nintendo Switch. Anyway, for the Xbox you need a support accessory.

In short, with this headset you can play different games. With his help, you will practice your air, increase your spatial awareness, follow, hear and recognize abandoned end goals, and much more. In other words: This ONIKUMA helmet is your best team, even in 1-on-1 races.

Large sound

For better sound performance there is a 50 mm driver with magnetic movement and constant bending. As soon as you put this helmet on your head, you dive into a world of games. You’ll feel like you’re really in this magical world.

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Other great features of this headset

Super Thin Mebrain – This technology allows the speaker to be positioned precisely and quickly in any direction of the immersive game scene.

The audio system is knitted – This means that the audio system is of high quality. It has a robust PVC wire that is 5 times stronger. In other words, the cable is very durable and should serve you for a long time.

ONIKUMA affordable gaming headphones overview ONIKUMA affordable gaming headphones

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IC Exhilarated Driver – this driver simulates the engine, which means you won’t miss out on the exceptional, fine-tuned performance and craftsmanship.

Considering the above and the price of this product, you get a first class product with an excellent price-quality ratio. Made of the best materials and high quality plastic, this is the most affordable gaming headset you should serve for a long time.

Simply put: If you consider all the features, sound quality, performance and durability, you are unlikely to find a product with similar features on the market at this price.

In either case, the only drop in these headphones may be the extension of the annoying sound that occurs when you touch the audio jack or twist the headphone jack. In addition, it can be difficult to turn the volume wheel up or down – until you get used to it.

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From everything we have talked about this model, we can conclude that this helmet is certainly one of the best affordable game helmets. However, he pays a high price for this. An ONIKUMA helmet is what every professional player should have.

However, if you want to start playing and practicing with a good pass, you absolutely have to start. If you don’t like this headset, you can choose from our list of the 11 best gaming helmets for 2020.

Overall, we hope that this revision has made your decision a little easier.