Cryptocurrency is a buzzword of
in monetary circles around the world.
What is cryptography? Where did it come from?

Rumor has it that crypto trading began when a group of computer geeks reinvented the process of exchanging goods and services for monetary compensation. Thus bitcoin, known in
trading circles as BTC or XBT, was born in 2008. This marked the beginning of the era of
, the online digital currency known as cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency essentially acts
as a comprehensive online ledger that reliably manages and records transactions
. It tracks digital money used in economic transactions in units. In simple terms: It keeps track of what is spent and what
has earned (virtually) in a big old file in cyberspace. For more information on
cryptocurrencies, click here:


It is important to note that
cryptocurrency trading is considered an unsafe business when it comes to
investments. While cryptocurrency trading is legal in the United States, it is completely illegal in countries like China.

Crypto tokens are purchased on a
basis, with the assumption that the value of the investment may increase (or not). This is particularly true of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). Startups are selling shares of the new cryptocurrency to raise capital for other companies. Experts warn that investors should not take more than they can comfortably afford to lose – certainly less than 10% of the available investment portfolio. The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable compared to traditional stocks and bonds and is subject to rapid, volatile and often negative changes.


Blockchain technology is used to secure transactions in cryptocurrencies
Blockchain is a decentralized data encryption system that stores
customer transaction data while protecting against hacking, theft, or manipulation of
data in any way. Blockchain technology allows for infinite
tracking of transactions and is supposed to eliminate human error.

More safety tips

Potential buyers of the
cryptocurrency are advised to check carefully the company they want to invest in. Who’s the owner?
Have other serious investors bought into this crypto-currency? Find out whether the transaction makes the buyer the owner of the shares and whether it is a developed business or a request to raise capital.

Note that
crypto transactions are not insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation – in terms of exchange or theft
. Transactions are conducted entirely at your own risk and discretion.

Always carry out your transactions over a private and secure
internet connection. Online trading is usually done on secure platforms
. Why change now?


Open an account

Open an account before you start experimenting with cryptocurrencies. You must provide your
personal information and proof of identity. Blockchain technology provides data security

Where to buy and how to spend

Cryptocurrencies are available on
exchanges, stock exchanges or through a peer-to-peer exchange. Watch this video from
to learn more about cryptocurrencies and how to invest wisely.

Exchanges like Coinbase link
transactions to bank accounts and offer purchase price adjustments.
Nevertheless, a surplus of public marketplaces offers a wide range of
conditions in terms of withdrawal fees, transaction costs and minimum purchase prices.
Look around to find a scholarship that meets your needs.

Old school brokers have less of a presence in
crypto trading, but platforms like Robinhood offer a more
-traditional trading experience.

Other exchange options include
bitcoin ATMs and peer-to-peer exchanges. Confident professional traders choose
bitcoin futures, while Grayscale Funds acts as an asset manager on a more public,
over-the-counter platform.



Bitcoin is the world’s leading
crypto currency and currently represents the majority of the total value of
cryptos. All crypto tokens are redeemable and linked to

Other online sellers include
Coinbase, Ethereum and Trade Station.


tokens are consumed on a specific platform. However, as the technology has developed, the commercial applications have become more numerous and diverse. An example of the versatility of the
crypto-currency is the PKT virtual currency.

PKT, runs on the Ethereum platform and uses the
scheme to mine new coins. It’s a standalone gaming platform that lets you trade in-game
items for cryptocurrencies – which you can then convert into regular cash.


Managing cryptocurrencies can be a
challenge. Owners of cryptocurrencies may prefer day trading (buying and selling when
, the value rises), or opt for the long term. The
crypto exchange inherently means that someone has to pay more for the coin than the original
buyer. It could be a waiting game. What are some ways to protect the
crypto while you wait?

Cold wallet

Cold storage of the wallet is done via
, a standalone, encrypted, portable device controlled by the wallet owner. Subsystem
does not have a network presence and is less vulnerable to hacking or theft
. Trezor and Ledger Nano offer cold storage services for portfolios depending on how much investors want to hold

Warm wallet

A hot wallet is an online way to securely store
bitcoin through a trusted exchange provider. It can be accessed through a browser or a
application and is connected to the Internet. A
e-wallet pays out winnings immediately, but some say this is not the most secure
option because accounts can be hacked and looted. Coinbase, Electricity,
Blockchain, and Mycelium offer digital wallet services.

As cryptocurrency
technology develops, including tax laws and access to custodians and regulators
, they may become the currency of the future.

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