Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review

Samsung 7 TwistLaptop Computer

US 1+

Species assessment


Specifications and performance evaluation



  • A rather small form factor
  • Fast and reliable operation
  • Sense of premium
  • Attractive HDR compatible touch screen
  • Delicate far-field microphone


  • Speaker setup
  • Strange location of the fingerprint reader
  • Many explosion programs for Samsung and Windows.
  • The pen is not included
  • No SD card reader

Take a look at the overview of Samsung 7 Spin laptops and see the best prices. This laptop is very reliable, from the performance to the management of the heating, given the small form factor and the price.

With this lightweight car you can see more with a smaller frame around the screen. It also promises much faster, more reliable and powerful performance and multitasking in a range of applications.

The system is very responsive and usually starts up within seconds.

The hinges are stable and reliable, so that the lid of the laptop can easily be opened. It also allows you to easily switch from laptop mode to tablet mode. This will provide users with a more versatile experience.

The notebook’s 13.3-inch 2-in-1 screen features a Full HD touch screen for easy interaction with Windows 10.

This system is designed and built for Windows ink.

This allows you to use the system in any mode to take notes directly on the screen, create the desired content with ink-enabled applications, take screenshots and highlight images in the simplest, most efficient, fastest and most consistent way.

Each function of this available system contributes to the reliability factor. Discover the best brands of laptops.

Whether it’s a Bluetooth connection or a built-in webcam, stereo speakers or connectors, every element of this EPEAT system or the GOLDEN-certified, ENERGY STAR-certified electronic environmental assessment tool is unique and useful.

You can safely use this system in business meetings, conference calls or in the classroom. Simply connect the system to an active pen, which must be purchased separately, and draw dots or sketches using the system like any other pen.

You also don’t have to worry about the heat development in the system. The system’s functions keep it cool during use, making it more reliable and usable for a long time.

According to tests, the bottom of the laptop, which is the hottest part of the computer, reaches 91 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 minutes when playing HD videos in full screen on YouTube.

It’s well below the comfort level of 95 degrees. On the other hand, the touchpad reaches 79 degrees and the central part of the keyboard, which is ideally equipped with a processor and battery, 89 degrees.

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Alarm for Samsung 7 Spin NP730QAAAA – 13.3 FHD Touch – 8Gen i5-8250U – 8GB – 256GB SSD – 799.99

Samsung 7 Laptop Turntable

Buy for it: Pretty long battery life, excellent keyboard, pretty good storage.

Attention: Naughty VGA webcam, no support for high-end games, the keyboard is folded by a glass touchpad.


The Samsung 7 Notebook is inspiring to use in some places while hidden in other environments. This system, given the radical changes that have been made, has all the features and elements that make it possible to use it for a long time, although its design, performance and price – nothing in the world.

Design and construction

The reliable design of the system gives an excellent sense of durability, while the plastic is used sparingly in the construction.

If you find the system enclosure boring, the bright, Full HD touchscreen compensates.

Samsung’s exclusive DCS or flat line switching technology equals IPS technology to provide a clearer, sharper image with wider viewing angles.

The screen shows images in 300 candela or red, which makes them even more beautiful.

The HDR mode is also included in the design of the Samsung display. By sharing your room with the F10 button, this feature makes your room brighter in color and darker in black to make it more spectacular.

The touch screen function is sufficiently sensitive and reacts easily, quickly and faultlessly to each keystroke and click. It will also support the Active Pen, but you will have to bring it yourself.

However, the fact that the system does not come with its own stylus is a small mistake on the part of the manufacturer.

You will especially like the design of the keyboard, a feature of this laptop tent. All buttons are spaced considerably, have a suitable depth stroke of 1.5 mm and are uniformly illuminated at the rear.

To give you better print quality and ease of use, the hoods are curved to give a very penetrating feedback. You need little or no training to use this exceptional keyboard.

Thanks to the backlit chiclet keyboard, you can easily print virtually anywhere and in any light.

The touchpad and its intuitive design will help you make it more flexible and get what you want much faster.

Although the touchpad has a unique design and is pleasant to use, this Microsoft precision touchpad is located under a glass cover.

This causes the keyboard to sag slightly when you click on it to click. However, this is not expected with a laptop of this calibre.

The position of the fingerprint reader and the locking button is on the side of the system, which is also an oddity in construction and assembly.

When using the notebook in notebook mode on a flat table, it may take some time to get used to the fingerprint sensor.

In addition, the system contains a lot of floating software from Samsung and Windows. This makes it difficult to remove unnecessary applications and backgrounds, which will take several hours to update the system afterwards.

The system is built to perfection and weighs only 3.31 pounds. However, there are a few things you don’t like about this system.

For example, it does not contain a CD/DVD drive. The position of the speakers underneath the notebook is also quite odd, which can be useful when viewing the screen in tablet mode, but not when used as a laptop.


Despite the system’s shortcomings, its performance is quite high, making it good enough for daily use.

An easy-to-use keyboard, a fantastic, even revolutionary display and long battery life allow you to work all day on a single battery charge for maximum comfort.

Although it may not be the fastest 2-in-1 laptop on the circuit, an attractive and interesting combination of quad-core solid-state processor, RAM, graphics card and operating system promises solid performance for any project.

Whether affordable or small, the system will still feature a full 360-degree touch screen that can be rotated from laptop to tablet mode.

The 8250U Intel Core i5 processor of the 8. The second generation 8250U has a 6 MB cache and operates on a base frequency of 1.6 GHz.

However, this base clock frequency can be increased to 3.4 GHz using Turbo Boost technology to give the system more power and handle any computer task, large or small.

The reason for this is that all four cores of this energy-saving processor are based on Kaby-Lake’s Hyper Threading refresh support.

The integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics system is technically identical to the old Kaby Lake HD 620 graphics system, but with the EU GT2 and 24 specifications, it is powerful enough to support light, low-intensity gaming.

Clocks with a frequency of 300 to 1100 MHz are manufactured in FinFET technology with steps of 14 nm+. However, a graphics card is certainly not worth playing games in 1080p with a frame rate of about 30 frames per second.

These cards are good enough to make only randomly chosen players happy.

System performance is further enhanced by the powerful and efficient Windows 10 operating system.

Combined with a 256GB semiconductor drive, it’s all very simple, because the system responds quickly and helps you do more.

RAM and memory

The 8GB memory based on LPDDR3 technology complements the latest generation of 8 processors. With sufficiently high read and write speeds, this makes your system more productive and consistent.

The 256GB SSD is not only suitable for fast file storage and transfer, but is also very reliable when booting your system.

It has all the features and the ability to run at high speed when multiple programs are running on the system.

Connectors and connection

Overall, you will have many ports enabled on both sides of the system. This includes a USB 2.0 type A port on the right side of the system.

On the left side there is a USB 3.0 Type A port, a USB 3.1 Type C port and an HDMI port. You will also receive a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a combo microphone jack.

However, the system does not have Thunderbolt 3 ports or a card reader slot, which should ideally be included given the size and price of the device.

The system offers the possibility to connect to two technologies, such as Bluetooth 4.1 and wireless network technology. The Wi-Fi connection supports Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5 standards.

Battery life

The 43 watt lithium-ion battery comes with 3 cells. According to the manufacturer, this 3950 mAh battery has an average lifespan of 9.5 hours.

Based on this statement, it can be said that the system has a battery life long enough to last all day.

Your performance seems endless when you use this system, including hinged surfing, streaming and hours of internet browsing, fully charged and uncharged.

However, tests showed that it took approximately 468 minutes or 7.8 hours to run 4K video at half the volume and display clarity of approximately 250 nit in one cycle. It’s much less than a requirement.

Another battery life test, the Laptopmag Battery Test, showed that the battery lasted only 6 hours and 36 minutes when used only for Internet browsing after a full charge, constantly using the Wi-Fi connection function and saving up to 150 gits or map power when the display is bright.

Additional functions

The system has everything from internal microphones and speakers to inputs, so you can work all day long.

Speaking of security: The system has several security features that guarantee its safety and reliability. The system allows users to access their fingerprints at the touch of a button.

This feature runs on Windows Hello, making working on this laptop more comfortable and secure. Just press the button on the side and you’re ready to go.

There is also a Privacy folder that you can use to store your files in this folder. You can do the same with the same one-touch access to your fingerprints.

The product also comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

When it comes to incorporating software into the system, Samsung has included the two most important ones that will help you use the system much better.

A reliable system function that will help you with this is the voice memo. Not only can every call be recorded, but a bookmark can also be placed. That way you know exactly where to go during the test.

The recorder of the webcam and the microphone in the far field ensure a better voice recording. This will help you in your business meetings and in your classrooms.

On the other hand, Studio Plus makes it easier to create videos that show media products.

The unit is equipped with a VGA webcam. However, the range and performance of this 480p resolution camera is dark and depends largely on the lighting and brightness of the room.

In soft light, images without details can be hideous, blurred and mottled. But in the sunlight, it works pretty well.


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Screen: 13.3 inches
  • Display : Touch screen with Full HD LED backlight (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Storage : 256 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Kind of camp: Solid State Drive
  • RAM type : DDR-SDRAM
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U of the 8. Generation
  • Graphs : Intel UHD 620 Graphics
  • Processor speed : 1.6 GHz with flashing frequency up to 3.4 GHz
  • Transformer brand : Intel
  • Product dimensions : 12.4 x 8.5 x 0.7 inches
  • The operating system: Windows 10 Homepage

What do Spinning Laptop 7 users think?

It is an excellent notebook for work, especially for business meetings, school or cinema, few users have wanted to use it. That cell phone saved them from taking notes on paper.

You can use this much better computer to write a lot of work directly on the screen, in tablet mode, despite its small size and ergonomic design.

According to others, the backlit keyboard is very suitable for typing. A small aperture and a sharper, brighter screen give the impression of measuring just 13.3 inches.

The sound quality and microphones are also of good quality, making it easy for them to perform their tasks.

The fact that Samsung set the maximum volume of the earphone to only 37%, bothered several users, as they had to manually increase it above this level each time the screen went off after connecting the earphone.

There’s really no way to disable this annoying, repetitive event. See Operation Guide for turning the notebooks 7.

Although the performance of the system is slightly lower than that of other computers, few users indicated that the system was more complete and convenient.

It is an ideal system for PowerPoint presentations, in schools, at home to easily surf and play on the Internet and for the basic needs of the computer company.

Only a few users had mixed feelings. They said it was a good computer because the touch screen and SSD are known for their responsiveness and speed in every task.

The price is also reasonable, but the fact that the system is very hot and does not come with a pen is not appreciated by them.

Users looking for good features in the device said this laptop met their needs.

Although it’s not a slot machine, it has allowed them to play some basic and old XP games in addition to their basic computer work.

They even said that they played a few games on the system where even the new Windows 10 desktop did not boot properly.

Other expert advice

TechRadar considers this system to be stylish and fashionable. It is built with high quality parts and materials of medium quality. This is a laptop that is perfect for market hunters who want a laptop with sufficient performance for their daily IT work.

According to Digital Trends, although the system does not have many factors, it competes successfully with other notebooks because it has sufficient performance, first-class functionality and robust design. Although it is a bit heavy and big, it is a good device for the price.

PC Mag, on the other hand, thought the system was worth buying if you’re not looking for an exceptional design and a very large memory capacity. For basic computing needs, this system will offer you much more than you expected. It works everywhere and can calculate almost all basic notebook 7 spin pen,samsung notebook 7 spin usb-c charging,samsung notebook 7 spin ram upgrade,samsung notebook 7 spin amazon,samsung notebook 7 spin battery replacement,samsung notebook 7 spin screen replacement,samsung notebook 7 review 2019,samsung np740u5l-y02us specs,notebook 7 vs notebook 9,samsung notebook 7 spin vs hp envy x360,samsung notebook 7 spin ryzen,np750qua-k01us ram upgrade,samsung notebook 9 spin,samsung notebook 7 uk,samsung notebook 7 spin keyboard,samsung notebook 7 release date,samsung np750qua k01us review,samsung notebook 7 2019 review,samsung 13.3'' notebook,samsung notebook 7 spin specs,samsung notebook 7 15.6 review,samsung notebook 7 spin gaming,samsung notebook 7 spin ryzen review,samsung notebook 7 spin 15.6 specs,samsung notebook 7 spin charger

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