Laptop Computer Samsung 9 Handle

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Species assessment


Specifications and performance evaluation



  • Light chassis
  • Fingerprint reader
  • IR camera
  • A meticulous trackpad
  • S Pine Tree


  • archaic and boring design
  • Uncomfortable position of the handle support S
  • Violent gas.
  • Reduced battery life
  • Cheap plastic senses

Read the Samsung 9 laptop pen review and discover the best prices If you want to use the full power of your laptop for your work, get one of the most reliable laptops by choosing this notebook.

This device is surprisingly smooth and slim in design. This 2-in-1 laptop offers features that allow you to perform all your computing tasks for a long time.

You can use the system as a laptop or just run it to convert it to tablet mode. This will help you make your presentation as comfortable and reliable as possible while watching applications and entertainment on the touch screen.

Although it is not a fanless computer, it runs quietly and keeps the system cool enough. The fan can become noisy and turn from time to time, but it is not loud enough to be visible even in a quiet office.

The system can be rotated 360 degrees, giving you more opportunities to increase your productivity.

The unique S-pen that comes with the system is also very reliable and works well with the pen. Allows you to easily enter, touch, write or draw text on the screen.

The last processor on 8. A new generation of video cards, a sufficiently long battery life, a sufficiently powerful graphics card, an operating system and Gigabit Wi-Fi – all this makes the system one of the most reliable when it comes to performing simple computer tasks or playing light games continuously.

This super lightweight computer is very portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go, allowing you to express yourself in a unique way. Discover the best brands of laptops.

With the advanced Smart Select GIF tool, you can do more with this conversion. You can create your own GIFs on this device in the simplest and most reliable way.

The system also offers you more than one way to enter orders. In addition to the S-pen, you can also use the keyboard and notepad to click.

The clear display and S-button on this device are excellent, but the poor keyboard and low battery life make the device unable to compete with other laptops.

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Samsung Notebook Computer 9 Handle Control

Buy for it: Bright display, good pen, Smart Select main control function.

Attention: Uncomfortable keyboard, sometimes noisy fans, limited connections.


Despite its unpretentious and boring appearance, the Samsung 9 Pen 15 Notebook Pen is a reliable and fast computer. The mainframe processor on 8. Generation, a sufficiently powerful SSD and other hardware elements make it a reliable laptop.

Design and construction

While the Ocean Blue system may not have the most attractive design to capture, it has enough features specifically designed to increase the level of performance.

Take, for example, the unique and changing S Pen. With this tool you can unlock your creative potential through a highly accurate design. The best thing about this S-pen is that it does not need to be recharged.

You can write, make sketches with different textures, convert notes to text with handwriting recognition, take screenshots, and convert sketches to diagrams.

With the ability to detect 4096 levels of pressure, it is the most active pen that works with exceptional accuracy.

The Full HD LED touchscreen is powerful enough to display images with a brightness of 500 nit outdoors and 350 nit indoors, and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The 360° design and light weight of this stylish device fits easily and comfortably in your backpack. The ocean is blue, and the striking yellow S-pen brings it out when you work on it and use it as a tablet.

The system is made of scratch-resistant magnesium metal and weighs 7.83 ounces. However, the appearance of the system makes it look like cheap plastic.

In addition, the keyboard has some unusual peculiarities, which is a kind of mistake. However, the S-Pen’s multifunctionality, elegance, design and colour palette ensure a good contrast.


All material components of the system, which are selected and used for its construction, enable a faster and better quality of work.

The 8th generation Intel Core i7 8565U processor The second generation runs at speeds from 1.8 GHz to 4.60 GHz Turbo speed and enables faster core processing. The 8 MB L3 cache and the power of the processor even allow 64-bit calculations.

The included Intel HD 620 graphics card helps you turn your ideas into reality and deliver the best images, videos and more via UMA or Uniform Memory Access Shared Video Memory architecture and distribution technology.

The Windows 10 operating system makes sure you have all the features you need to make the system work the way you want it to. This ensures greater productivity and versatility and sufficient maneuverability for more productive work.

The operating system is fast enough to easily and efficiently switch from Windows to applications.

It also allows you to start the system quickly and even run programs easily and efficiently. The Windows 10 operating system will also provide fast enough search and streaming capabilities to enhance the user experience.

The performance of this device is also great thanks to the new technologies it incorporates and the large number of connections that make it more compatible with other useful accessories.

Some of these technologies include different biometric protection devices and, of course, an excellent S-pen.

The PCIe hard disk interface operates at 5400 rpm and provides ample storage space for files and folders.

RAM and memory

Thanks to the 16 GB LPDDR3 RAM, the system will read and write at a relatively high speed.

This is sufficient to keep the performance of the system at a high level for a certain meter and position.

On the other hand, the 512 GB PCle SSD provides ample space and easy access to the files stored on the drive.

Connectors and connection

The system comes with two USB-C 2 Thunderbolt 3 connectors on the left side of the unit. On the right side there is only one standard USB C connection.

It also has an HDMI connection. Sockets, a microphone and SD memory cards are also available.

You get a fairly powerful Wi-Fi connection using the IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n and ac wireless protocol.

Do you like Bluetooth? On this system you also get a Bluetooth 4.1 connection.

Battery life

The Li-ion battery lasts long enough, and the included power supply ensures that there is no lack of power and performance. You can turn it on quickly to get back to work.

Ideally, the average battery life is 15 hours, which is quite high. However, depending on the use, settings and type of work performed in this system, the battery life may be slightly shorter.

Additional functions

Designed and built to be used by people on the move, this system has many additional features. Some are designed to ensure safety, while others are designed to increase productivity and convenience.

The system is equipped with a 720p IR camera and a fingerprint reader. This brings extra security to the system because it can scan biometric data.

The Windows Hello function, which enables a faster and more secure connection, is added here. The system is also equipped with a TPM safety vessel or trusted platform module to make its use safer.

The quick charge function also ensures that you or your system is never discharged. If the battery is empty, it can be recharged in about 90 minutes.

This notebook’s AKG audio system is tuned to boost performance and give you sound that’s powerful enough.

There are two stereo speakers of 5 watts each. Whether you’re listening to a movie, video or music, everything will be cinema quality.

The system contains many bubbles and software from Samsung, a device that is guaranteed for one year.

Thanks to the device’s long-range microphones, you can use the Cortana much better. The microphones are powerful enough to pick up your commands and perform tasks accurately, even when you’re away from the device.


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Screen: 15 inches
  • Display : Full HD LED touch screen (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Storage : 512 GB
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Memory type : PCle SSD
  • RAM type : LDR3
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8565U of the 8. Generation
  • Graphs : Intel UHD 620 Graphics
  • Processor speed : 1.8 GHz
  • Transformer brand : Intel
  • Product dimensions : 13.7 x 9.02 x 0.67 inches
  • The operating system: Windows 10 Homepage

What do users think of a 9-pin laptop?

It is an amazing device, some users think, but only for those who know what they need and what the system can do.

Its interior and technical equipment make it one of the best notebooks in the world. However, they stated that the only drawback in the technical aspects of the system is the resolution of the display, which is only Full-HD.

The S-pen Wacom of this convertible is really different from the others. Other laptops are also equipped with a handle, but this handle doesn’t hang often and ensures uninterrupted operation.

The best thing they say is that this pen does not need to be recharged or recharged, which makes it more comfortable to use.

The fact that it is not necessary to use a pen or paper when using this notebook is what some users appreciate most. Refer to the 9-pin manual in the notebook.

You can easily reach it and even work professionally. They thought the system had given them more for their money.

It is one of the most complete notebook computers, with a variety of software, applications and features such as fast charging, air commands and more to ensure flawless operation and better performance.

However, the keyboard of the system is not on the same level as other laptops of this type. The users found it very annoying that the buttons were still pressed and glued.

A notable improvement of this system compared to other systems are the ports offered by other users. In their opinion, however, it would be more ergonomic and flexible if the design made it possible to load the machine via one of the left and right connections.

Only a few users reported shortcomings in the system. The screen is less bright and smaller in size. They said he was slower, too.

According to her, it is an ideal device for students and other professionals who have to take a lot of notes, but not for everyone.

Other expert advice

The clarity and support of the S-pen are the two most important aspects of this device that PCWorld has found. Other features and software in this convertible are also good enough to make it one of the most versatile systems. It is much lighter than other devices that support a brighter 500 pixel outdoor display.

Samsung has integrated important functions into this high-end laptop that looks like a LaptopMag. It’s a small beast of burden that’s lighter than the others. The performance and quality of the construction is quite good, but the inclusion of the ports could be more important. They also felt that Samsung should have been more careful in the design, which is absolutely boring.

However, Digital Trends is of the opinion that this is not the best laptop for s-pen fans. There are many more in one that will work much better than this device. They have a better quality of assembly and more beautiful designs, although the weight is slightly higher.

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