ServiceNow Teams App is a new app that enables organizations to connect their service desk and help desk with Microsoft Teams. This integration will allow organizations to improve collaboration between IT and the business by enabling more efficient communication, as well as provide an integrated customer experience across all channels.

The servicenow virtual agent integration with microsoft teams is a feature that allows serviceNow to integrate with Microsoft Teams.


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  • Microsoft and ServiceNow want to combine workflow processes as part of their strategic goal.
  • For its employee center, ServiceNow has released a Teams app.
  • Employees may improve the client experience by using the teams interface.


Microsoft and ServiceNow have joined together to integrate HR, facilities, IT, and procurement workflows. Employees will be able to utilize a unified portal created by integrating Teams into ServiceNow as a pool of information.

The ServiceNow App’s Components

  • Meeting integration – all meeting-related communication tasks are shared directly with Teams for quick collaboration.
  • Chatbots – a virtual agent that can handle HR, IT, and other departments.
  • Employees may take action on alerts without having to leave the meeting thanks to actionable notifications.


The ServiceNow employee center was designed to improve the way workers work and interact with data. The simpler jobs become and the more time is available to complete other responsibilities, the quicker they can discover information and act on it in a timely way. Employees will be more productive if they can quickly complete boring jobs and prevent burnout.

Apps for collaboration

This is just one of Microsoft’s numerous collaboration applications, and there are many more on the way. In May 2021, the business first revealed its intention to utilize collaborative applications. The business makes use of collaborative applications and adds communication features to them.

According on prior comments, businesses’ customer service experiences have improved after the integration was deployed. Furthermore, any changes to Microsoft Teams help ServiceNow as well. Microsoft Teams just introduced a word cloud poll tool in order to increase participation. The cooperation is advantageous to both parties. 

Other businesses who want to connect their platforms may do so as well, since the success rate is clear and will guarantee a company’s continuous development. Because conventional work cultures aren’t making a return, companies must offer collaborative tools to boost efficiency.

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Microsoft Teams is a new chat and voice platform for business. The microsoft teams communications spoke can be used to integrate with the ServiceNow Teams App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ServiceNow integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams does not currently integrate with ServiceNow.

How do I connect MS Teams to ServiceNow?

To connect MS Teams to ServiceNow, you will need to open the account settings for your team. From there, go into the Connected applications tab and select Microsoft Teams.

What apps integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams integrates with the following apps:

  • servicenow microsoft teams integration demo
  • create servicenow ticket from teams
  • servicenow notify microsoft teams
  • microsoft teams webhook servicenow
  • servicenow teams major incident