Many students experience difficult situations at school every day, with thoughts like: Who will write my essay today? Fortunately, there is a solution to the current technology trend in education, your experts say. Research shows that today’s children no longer access the Internet through the traditional method of data transfer via mobile computers.

According to a survey of more than 400,000 respondents at more than 9,000 schools in 2,700 districts, the number of homework videos has increased. Those surveyed include 4,500 district administrators, 3,900 parents, 32,100 teachers and 325,446 students. The following are some of the findings related to technology trends:

Using different tools for different tasks

Evans acknowledged that with the expansion of such a variety of tools, it is not surprising that students plan the best answers to their different needs.

Instead of using a few levels for different tasks, students can gradually learn the benefits of the available devices.

Mobile phones for school work

The results of the study showed that students use mobile phones to adjust their learning and master the skills of daily tasks.

Just over half of students use mobile phones for all types of research, 43% for cognitive games and 40% for collaborating with friends. 33% of candidates use their cell phones to update and track their school life, 24% to take pictures of homework, and 18% to do research in class.

Surprisingly, 12% of the students surveyed said they use their mobile phones to send messages to their teachers during class. I wonder, she added, how many instructors respond to these labels.

Use of video for homework and classwork

Video is a trend that has been on the rise lately. Evans, who focused on students in his introduction, found that 46% of teachers use video in the classroom.

33% of students create their own online videos to help them with their school work. Evans sees this as an influence of the Khan Academy. In addition, 23% of first-year students receive video recordings from their teachers.

Web connection

It’s an intriguing setup that shows how students, for the most part, deal with the connection at home. The survey found that 64% of students cite 4G or 3G devices as their main method of connecting to the internet, while 23% say they connect via a Wii or an internet-connected TV.

When asked why traditional broadband is not their primary method of connecting to the network, students respond that there are few conflicts with different people in the household using these non-traditional devices.

Individual access to portable devices

According to the 2013 results, students mainly use individual mobile phones. If there were insecurities in our brains that we put the PC in a handbag, backpack or pocket, she said, we’re there.

Specifically, 89% of underachievers in high school approach internet-related PDAs, while 50% of underachievers in third grade approach similar PDAs with five similar gadgets. The percentage of high school students is 50% for tablets and 60% for jobs. Despite its proximity to home, the survey found that about 33% of students like the gadget at their school.

frequently asked questions

What is the current trend in teaching and learning technology?

Immersive virtual reality. Personalized digital courses for each student. Online games that teach important information and show students that learning is fun.

What new technologies are used in education?


How does the current technological trend contribute to the quality of education?

Technology allows students to help each other and work together to better understand the material. In this sense, they can sometimes act as (supervised) teachers, and it is well known that learning by teaching is very effective in mastering a subject and solving problems.

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