Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world, and it’s used in virtually all of the computers and devices you use every day. This makes Windows vulnerable to hackers who want to get inside your computer. To make your Windows more secure, you can use security software, set up different passwords, and ensure only authorized users can access certain parts of your computer.

The data breach at Equifax is shocking enough, but the fact that the company is now asking for credit card information to resolve the hack is just shocking. Hackers have access to more information about you than you realize, and companies are increasingly looking for ways to exploit that data. Here are six ways you can make your workplace more secure.

Windows 10 is one of the most secure operating systems available on the market, and using it as an IT administrator can make your workplace more efficient and secure. The goal of this guide is to help you secure your Windows environment by showing you six easy steps you can take.. Read more about how to secure windows 10 from hackers and let us know what you think.

Windows is by far the most widely used operating system in the world, with an estimated one billion computers using it. Companies use windows all over the world. It’s no secret that the developers are actively working to improve the security of the system. However, cybercriminals can still find and exploit vulnerabilities and security holes if the computer is poorly protected.

Unfortunately, companies often fail to secure their Windows PCs, which often leads to data breaches and other unwanted security problems. In 2020, you need to pay special attention to cyber security, whether you are a business owner or an employee.

We’ve listed six tips to help you improve the security of your Windows computer at work. Be sure to read them, as we have found them to be very useful for cyber security.

Staff training

The first step is to ensure that everyone in your office has the same understanding of the risks associated with online security threats. Teach your employees to think and act responsibly when using office computers and recognize potential fraud and phishing attempts. We recommend holding cyber security meetings at least once a month to evaluate how your team is handling security issues and to discuss emerging threats and possible solutions.

Upgrade operating system

Regular Windows updates are a simple but often overlooked security measure. When hackers find a new vulnerability in the operating system, Microsoft engineers fix the problem by releasing a new update. So if you ignore regular system updates, your computer is more vulnerable to potential security risks. We recommend that you set up automatic Windows updates so that you don’t have to.

Using Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is a firewall that comes pre-installed in the Windows operating system and significantly enhances the security of the system. It protects your computer from unwanted or unauthorized changes and blocks potential threats.

You can enable this feature from the Windows Control Panel. Moreover, there are many alternatives to Windows Defender; you can buy and install third-party firewall software, as they all serve the same purpose.

Using the User Account Control feature

User Account Control, or UAC, is a feature that allows Windows to warn you when a program is trying to make a change to your computer. UAC is ideal for work environments because it allows you to control the permissions of other users on all devices in the office.

For example, employees using a computer with UAC enabled will not be able to install new applications without administrator permission. This prevents employees from installing software that may pose a security risk.

Use of VPN services

Using a VPN service is probably the easiest and most effective way to protect your devices when browsing the internet or visiting private websites. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel through which your data travels, keeping all the information you send and receive private and secure.

We recommend that you install RusVPN for Windows and activate it every time you turn on your computer, so no one can access you and intercept the important files you are working on. Virtual private networks not only increase your security, but also give you access to Internet resources that are restricted in your country or region.

Do not use Microsoft accounts

Microsoft accounts are very convenient when it comes to syncing data across all your devices with a few clicks. However, a Microsoft account not only saves you time, but it can also pose a serious threat to the security of your Windows operating system.

These accounts can store a large amount of sensitive data, but are easy to hack. We therefore recommend that you stop using your Microsoft accounts to avoid the risk of data loss. If you are not yet ready to completely abandon it, at least avoid connecting it to an office work computer, as this could compromise the entire company’s data.


You don’t have to be a computer wizard to back up your Windows computer. Just follow our six tips to dramatically reduce the risk of a data breach in your office. Ensure employees receive information on potential security risks, solutions and security measures to protect the company from unwanted security breaches.Microsoft, in an attempt to keep its Windows OS more secure, has introduced a number of security measures in the past year. One of these can be called the Windows Defender Exploit Guard, which keeps a number of security holes closed in Windows 10.. Read more about 10 ways to protect your computer and let us know what you think.

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