By reading this article, you understand the importance of VPN. Most people use them to unblock blocked or censored websites and to maintain online safety and privacy. We can’t imagine using the Internet without them.

If you are using a Windows VPN to hide your online identity or to access blocked content, the last thing you need is a buffer. Modern VPNs have advanced features that minimize speed drop. Despite their bandwidth, VPNs can reach low speeds.

Why is your connection slow?

The Internet is a vast, dynamic network that transmits data packets between many devices. If the devices that send these packages fail, some routes are no longer available and traffic is temporarily routed via another route.

This diversion leads to traffic jams on the alternative route. The speed problems caused by this procedure are often temporary and will resolve themselves as the routes are increased, optimised or repaired.

The VPN depends on your internet connection, because it cannot be faster than the connection speed. VPN users often experience a slight decrease in speed because the software encrypts each data package. This is a small reduction of about 10-20% compared to your connection without VPN.

This speed test helps you determine if your VPN is slowing down.

If your VPN causes a delay, here are six tips that can help.

1. Switching VPN server location

The location of your VPN server affects your Internet connection. How does it work?

You will have a slow speed if the VPN server is far from your current location. These three factors can cause a delay when using a remote connection:

  • No more networking: Your data goes through different networks before it reaches your server.
  • Lose the bag: Data packets are sensitive to loss when transported over long distances.
  • International Bandwidth Restrictions : Some countries limit the bandwidth transmitted over their data cables, which means that extra data increases latency and reduces your speed.

Use a server located in a different geographical area to mislead your position and make it look like you are in that country.

This scenario applies, for example, if you are traveling to an area where Netflix is not available and you need to use a VPN server in the United States. In this case, connect to the VPN in your region that provides access to Netflix.

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Look out! Look out! About 30 countries have banned NPTs. These countries control what people do online on their territory. These are China, North Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran. Make sure the state laws do not prohibit VPNs to avoid legal problems.

2. Changing protocol parameters

Changing the settings for each VPN protocol can increase your speed. Some connections limit VPN traffic to limit abuse. These networks can also be unstable due to customer-specific parameters. You may need to change the default VPN settings to improve performance.

You can change the UDP preference to TCP. These protocols make it possible to send bits of data over the Internet. Most VPNs use UDP as the default protocol, which is a faster option. Switching to TCP can sometimes result in a faster connection, especially if the backbone network is weak.

You can also change the VPN port to 443, a port that uses encrypted web traffic. Networks seldom strangle or block them, as this limits normal network usage.

3. Use wired connection

Wireless connections are convenient, but can jeopardize your speed. For example, the use of common channels on multiple devices can slow down communication channels. Interference from objects in the path of your device and router can also disrupt your connection.

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Eliminating wireless connections for wired internet can lead to higher speeds as cables are less likely to slow down due to their clear and uninterrupted path to the internet.

4. Switchgear

Some devices are unable to provide high throughput due to VPN tunnel encryption overload. For example, old Android gadgets, previous generation iOS devices, routers and NAS don’t work. If you are using these devices, you may need a device with a more powerful processor.

5. Control of system resources

Slow VPN connections can occur when programs are bandwidth-dependent. Antivirus software and firewalls can slow down VPN traffic by scanning or filtering outgoing packets.

Close any programs you do not use to determine if they are disrupting your connections. Some VPNs can deal with malware if you disable your local security software. Restore the typical functionality of the local security program at the end of VPN use.

6. Router and device Reboot

Your router/modem may slow down due to problems such as memory leaks. A reboot can increase the speed of the internet and VPN.

The device may also slow down due to problems such as lack of available resources or memory. A restart can increase the connection speed.

These six tips will help you resolve connection issues and allow you to view geographically restricted content via a VPN or access it anonymously.

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