One of the biggest headaches for Android users is when the touch screen stops working sometimes on mobile phone, tablet, and other Android device . In this situation, the user may not be able to access the mobile device correctly. For such situation, the user may need to recover the touch screen issue on the device. In this situation, following methods may help to fix the “ghost touch” on mobile phone.

You might have noticed that the screen on your phone sometimes “gets stuck” on the last button you pressed and doesn’t respond. If you are using a Samsung device, this problem could be caused by the Ghost Touch feature in your phone.

Have you ever had a problem with your Android phone’s touch screen? Do you feel like you’re touching nothing at all? It’s common for phones to have random ghost touches on the screen after they have been dropped or woken up from sleep, and it can be a real problem. This post will show you how to fix it!

Have you ever noticed your Android phone getting angry? Or have you ever seen your phone tap and touch itself? Nowadays, touch screen smartphones are ubiquitous and the quality of the materials used has improved. However, many users report unwanted contacts, which are probably ghost contacts on the phone. This is straight from the user’s site, but let me tell you, it’s not the original spirit. This means that your phone itself makes contact from time to time, not you. In this article, I am going to tell you about Ghost Touch and some of the best solutions to solve the Ghost Touch problem on Android. Quick navigation :

What does Ghost Touch mean on my Android phone?

Ghost touch usually means that your phone’s screen randomly touches itself or captures data that you didn’t actually do. It depends on the device, but since many users have reported this, it is common. Popular devices that suffer from Ghost Touch include the Motorola Moto G4 Plus, OnePlus, Huawei phones and even some iPhone models like the iPhone 12 series. It’s scary sometimes because you don’t know what’s going on and it feels like a real ghost has access to your device. So don’t worry, read this blog and find out the possible solutions to fix Ghost Touch on Android phones.

Causes of Ghost Touch issue on Android

If you know the reasons, you can’t blame it on one reason. There are a few things that need to be seen and considered:

  • The protective screen is dirty or not cleaned.
  • Using the phone with wet or unclean hands
  • Keep your phone in your pocket and sit down somewhere
  • Sometimes the charger does not work properly

How to solve ghost touch on Android devices?

After you have found the causes of the ghost touch problem on your phone, it is obvious that you are also looking for ways to fix it. Let’s go through them in order.

Method 1: Forced Reset of the Smartphone

If you are experiencing an issue with ghost touch on your phone or on another phone, it is advisable to reset your phone once. This will remove all the problems and errors from the phone and the phone will work without any problems. As for the problem, rebooting the device can be problematic, but it is still a highly recommended solution. If this doesn’t work, go to the next method.

Method 2: Use a high-quality battery charger

Many users have noticed the phantom touch bug when loading their devices. In this case, replace the charger and use another charger that is fully compatible. It is best to use the original charger for your phone. However, if the charger indicates an error, it is highly recommended to buy a new charger from an official store.

Method 3: Disconnecting charging cable

The Ghost Touch problem often occurs when the device is plugged into a wall outlet. This usually happens when the charger is of poor quality. Some other functions do not work properly and an error is displayed somewhere. So if any of you have experienced the problem of phantom touch while charging your device, it is advisable to disable this feature. You can try charging the phone with a different cable or check if the charger is defective. In this case, also replace the charger and check if the problem persists.

Method 4: Cleaning the screen

Another simple tip suggested to solve the phantom touch problem on Android phones is to clean the screen. While this may seem foolish to many people, it helps in many cases. The cleaning process is simple: Take a soft, damp cloth and wipe the screen with it. Dry the cloth and wipe the screen again. It’s easy to do, and it’s also one of the best ways to prevent dust or dirt from settling on the screen and turning the phone into a ghost key.

Method 5: Control charger

The charger you use can sometimes malfunction and stop charging, turning off your phone. A damaged charger can also damage your phone. Therefore, replace the defective charging cable immediately. It is advisable to also check the USB port, as in many cases the problem is there too.

Method 6: Remove the protective cover and lid

Do you have a screenprotector or case for your phone to protect your device from external damage? Everyone uses screen protectors on their device to prevent screen scratches or other problems. But these things can also cause you to suffer from frequent phantom seizures. If dirt or moisture is accidentally trapped between the tread and the touch screen, the touch screen will not function properly. It is therefore advisable to remove the screen and the protective cover and see if the problem persists.

Method 7: Android Phone Factory Reset

If you are constantly experiencing the phantom touch issue on your Android phone, you need to perform a factory reset. Many users have already done this and suggest to solve the ghost touch problem on an Android phone. However, before you start, you should back up your data as you risk losing the data on the phone. After backing up your data, follow the steps below to reset your Android phone:

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Then go to Backup & Reset > Factory reset > Phone reset > Clear all.

That’s it, your phone will completely reboot and become new. And just like that, your phantom touch problem is solved.

Method 8: Return or exchange a phone

If you have purchased a new phone and are experiencing a problem with Ghost Touch, you will need to return the phone. I hope it is still under warranty and you have the right to replace or return the phone. Just take it to the store where you bought it and ask for a replacement. They will check your phone and take further action after looking for arrest warrants. So, do not hesitate to follow this procedure as it is one of the easiest ways to get rid of ghost touch problem on your Android phone.

Method 9: Use of piezoelectric ignition

Another method that has gone viral thanks to users of the suggestion box is the use of a piezoelectric detonator. It has helped many users to solve the ghost touch problem on Android phones effectively. This is a regular household lighter that produces sparks when you press the top. It is proven to be effective in eliminating dead spots and restoring dead pixels. So you can try this simple process. You need to take the lighter apart and move it closer to the screen where the error occurs. You should try it several times, as one attempt may be useless. But do so at your own risk and remember that if it works for you, there is no better way.

Method 10: Take the phone to a repair shop

If nothing works, take the device to a repair shop. They will thoroughly analyze the problem on site and eventually replace the entire screen to get it working again. Well, replacing the touchscreen can be expensive, and replacing the whole device can be even more expensive. However, depending on the problem, the owners of the repair shop will do their best to make your phone work as usual.


Android phones are easy to use, you can do anything with them. But at the same time, there are a lot of bugs or issues that occur with the device. Ghost touching is a common and very disturbing phenomenon. However, there is no need to panic as the situation can be easily managed. This article describes the top 10 methods to repair Ghost touch on your Android phone effectively. Check them and apply solutions to solve the problem. If you have any other suggestions or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section. I hope one of the above solutions will help you solve this problem. You can also contact us through our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Sophia Luis is a professional blogger and SEO expert. He enjoys writing blogs and articles about Android and iOS phones. She is the founder of Android-iOS data recovery and is always looking for solutions to problems with Android and iOS devices.We know that Android is a great operating system, but sometimes you might see some issues like ghost touch on Android phone. Here we will introduce some useful tips that can fix ghost touch on Android phone.. Read more about how to fix ghost touch on iphone and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does replacing a screen fix ghost touch?

I have a Nexus 5X that has a ghost touch issue. Essentially, every time I get a notification, the phone thinks that I’m touching the screen, and so it attempts to wake up the screen. I have tried turning off the screen while in my pocket, and closing apps, and nothing seems to help. A lot of people on the internet claim that you can fix this by replacing the screen, but I have read through many threads about the screen replacement process and it seems that it doesn’t solve the issue for everyone. Android phones are notorious for being easy to break. The screens on many Android phones are notoriously easy to break, especially when compared to the iPhone and its reputation for being an extremely durable device. One of the main reasons for this is the “ghost touch” issue. A ghost touch is when you don’t notice that your finger has hit the screen as you are typing because it just feels like the touch isn’t there.

How do I fix the touchscreen on my Android phone?

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to take care of your Android phone’s touch sensitivity. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8+. Shortly after I got it home, I noticed that the touchscreen was not responsive, despite being on the latest version of Android. If I pressed on the screen, no matter how hard, I would get no response. The touchscreen was responding fine, you could even feel the pressure when I tried to press. I used a hard drive cleaning tablet on my computer and even tried a few of them on my phone, to no avail. Finally, I came across an article that said that the problem could be caused by the screen itself being dirty, so I figured that there was a chance that I could fix it myself.

How do I know if my phone has ghost touch?

Ghost touch is a very annoying issue in Android smartphones. You might experience it when you are using your phone. However, if you don’t notice it at all, then we might be inclined to suspect that your phone has actually experienced ghost touch already. Indeed, ghost touch is not a new phenomenon. For a long time, a lot of people have been complaining about it online. However, as the saying goes, you can’t fool all the people all the time. Only people who are familiar with the issue can know what to do to deal with ghost touch. Android phones have been plagued with the ghost touch. This is a malfunction where the user is unable to feel touches on the screen. It is most commonly caused by dust or debris on the screen. There are three ways to fix the ghost touch on an Android phone:

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