YouTube is the best and most popular website for watching videos on the internet. Usually you have all kinds of videos on YouTube. That’s why people are always looking for their videos on YouTube. So I’m going to show you some tips, and these tips will change your YouTube viewing experience!

Tips and tricks for watching videos on YouTube

YouTube is known for all kinds of videos, including school books, music, theatre, movies, technology, health, TV shows, educational videos and even comedies!

There are many ways to watch videos on YouTube. In a-Allah I will describe a very important information or strategy for watching videos on Youtube.

YouTube Tips-1 :
Watch the video several times (over and over again) If you want to watch a YouTube video over and over again, first play the video> now right click on the video> now click on the option Loop. For example, video playback will automatically resume after playback and will continue over and over again.

YouTube Tips – 2 :
Watch videos with age restrictions without logging in: If you want to watch videos with a time limit on Youtube, you need to sign in to your Google/Gmail/Youtube
account. Otherwise, videos with age restrictions cannot be shown on Youtube. I’ll teach you how to watch time-limited videos on YouTube. Just make a difference in the video link (URL). Normally a link to a YouTube video looks like this:

If the video is limited in time, simply delete /watch?v and write /v/ instead. From now on, you no longer need to log in to watch age-related videos.

YouTube Tips – 3 :
Short keyboard : You can use shortcut keys when watching videos. See the YouTube key combination : K= Pause, J= Rewind 10 seconds, L= Fast forward 10 seconds, M for instant mute, and you can rewind the video from 1 to 90% by pressing 1 to 9 in the same way {the same way, if you press 6 keys on your keyboard, your video will rewind 60%; if you press 0 (zero), your video will start from the first}. Press F for full-screen output and pressESC for full-screen output. Press the right and left arrow keys 5 seconds forward and 5 seconds backward. Press the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the volume.

YouTube Tips – 4 :
Standard video resolution : YouTube is very boring for a slow internet. Because the video is cached over and over again. I think he’s waiting. For example, if your Internet is slow, you can set the default video resolution. To select the default video resolution, first log into your YouTube account and click Now run the option with a name: I have a slow connection. Never play high quality videos. This way Youtube never plays high resolution videos on your account.

YouTube Tips – 5 :
Look for something specific: If you want to find something specific, enter a keyword in the search field. If you enter HD after the search term, the video will be broadcast in HD quality. Suppose you have watched the video, remember the title, but can not find
, type allintitle: in the search window to find the video easily. Write long at the end of the title, you will now find a video of more than 20 minutes. If someone writes briefly, you will find the video in less than 4 minutes.

YouTube Tips – 6 :
Changing the Video Playback Speed : To watch a video in slow motion, click the Setup button and select the desired slow motion mode.

YouTube Tips-7 :
Their activity on YouTube has been kept secret: Do you know what this is? You can keep your activity secret on YouTube! Let’s say you subscribe to a channel and don’t want to share your subscription with others. If you liked the video or subscribed to the playlist of channel
, you don’t have to share it with others. You can perform private activities on Youtube. First login to your account and click on this link and then set your privacy settings.

YouTube Tips-7 :
Save the video for the next time you want to watch it: You’ve seen some fragments of the video, now you have to shut it down. But the next time you want to watch the video, use this feature on YouTube Watch Email. Therefore this video will be saved in your account and
will be able to watch it on your next visit. Straight ahead! You can watch the video from the end of the existing game. To do so, use the + Add to option.

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