Only true audiophiles can understand the importance of a good sound system that offers high quality and long-term durability. Investing in a home audio system can be expensive, but when you find the best speakers under 500 cm, you don’t have to compromise on sound quality thanks to advanced and innovative technology. There is one of the best speakers under 500 years old that in some cases works better than expensive brand name speakers, is that funny? Whether it’s a simple floorstanding loudspeaker under $500 or a professional sound system, it’s these important features that make the difference in the performance and quality of the equipment you use.

Things to consider before you buy the Best Floorstanding Speakers

Talk about the most important features: Here we have put together the most important functions that every buyer of a sound system needs, especially when he buys a sound system for the first time. The world is moving fast, and every day a new pair of floorstanding loudspeakers comes on the market. If you are considering upgrading your old speakers, check out this manual to see what you shouldn’t miss.

Audio version

The first and most important consideration when purchasing a sound system is the quality of the sound it produces.

  • Even with the best loudspeakers in the price range 300 to 500 it is possible to find the best sound.
  • Factors such as sensitivity, frequency range and efficiency should be considered when choosing the best pair of floorstanding speakers.
  • The sound quality should be exceptional because this is the main function of the speakers.

Construction quality and design

Pay attention not only to the sound quality, but also to the durability and design of the speakers.

  • See if a pair of speakers are built to last, with quality materials and construction.
  • Note the available space for the speakers, as they can be very large, depending on the design.
  • Always try out different designs, colours and sizes that perfectly match your space to achieve an attractive interior design.


A pair of floorstanding speakers must be connected to a certain type of sound source, and this varies by model, design and portability.

  • Typically, floorstanding speakers are equipped with options for wired or wireless connectivity, Bluetooth or WiFi and an auxiliary cable.
  • Connectivity options help determine the comfort and portability of music playback.
  • However, wireless speakers require an internet connection. If you do not have an Internet connection, try wired speakers.
  • It is claimed that wireless speakers offer lower sound quality than wired speakers, but this has not been proven.
  • While wireless speakers certainly offer the ultimate in portability. You can move these speakers around the house without having to handle cables.

Conductor and power

Public address systems work by recording audio signals, converting them and then sending them to the output source using drivers.

  • The speakers in the selected sound system must be powerful enough to pick up the sound of an amplifier without distortion.
  • It is measured in watts. You will find models that offer minimum and maximum performance.
  • The power supply is important because providing more power than the speaker can handle can damage the audio system.

Floorstanding Speaker Types

There are different types of speakers you can find in the high, mid and low price range.

● Two-way public address system

It divides frequencies into bass and treble using two different drivers. These two speakers are bass and subwoofer speakers. Woofers are known to produce low frequencies, while subwoofers or tweeters produce high frequencies. Depending on the quality of the speakers used, a two-way system can actually produce better sound than a three-way system.

● Triple public address system

As the name suggests, these sound systems produce sound using 3 different speakers: woofer, midrange and tweeter. Everyone has maximum expertise when it comes to detailed frequency diversity. Triple floorstanding speakers provide clearer and more accurate sound than single speakers for all sound frequencies. 3-way floorstanding speakers are superior to 2-way speakers because they are smaller than woofers and larger than tweeters.

● Passive speaker

These speakers do not have a built-in amplifier. You must connect the loudspeaker to a removable amplifier or receiver. Most speakers in a stereo system are passive.

● Active stakeholder

Passive loudspeakers, also called active loudspeakers, have their own individual amplifier, so no amplifier connection is required, saving space and time.

With powered speakers you have a great option for floorstanding speakers at home, which only need to be plugged in and ready to use.

Where should I install the TV floor speakers?

Most people overlook this very important feature when using floorstanding speakers, which directly affects the quality of the sound they produce. If you z. B. If you place the speakers at an angle, the low-frequency detail is reduced. The best place for your speakers is on the side of your TV or stereo system.

Everything in the room affects the sound produced by the speaker. By placing the loudspeakers of the stereo motors against the walls, the bass energy is destroyed and annoying squeaking is caused. The problem is not what you use it for, but how you use it. It is best to place a pair of tower loudspeakers at least 15 cm from the walls, and even further away it is even better.

It is more important to learn the features that make the difference in getting the right sound than to search for brands and high prices. Wise decision!

Top 5 column speakers under 500

Whether you’re looking for a Bluetooth speakerphone or wired speakers for your room, here are some of the best purchases you can make before finishing your next pair of floor-standing speakers.

1.     Yamaha NS-F150 Floorstanding Loudspeakers – Best Floorstanding Loudspeakers under 500.

  • stylish design
  • Maximum signal transmission
  • Black piano lacquer
  • Removable loudspeaker grille
  • The volume could be better.

From elegant design and luxurious finishes to high-quality sound, Yamaha offers the best sound systems for every application and every room. These are the best devices for HD movies and sound.

Enjoy the best music without missing a single detail, as this impressive 2 and 3-way speaker system is specially designed to adapt to the finest sound details.


  • 2 and 3-way speaker system
  • 1 soft dome tweeter
  • Sensitivity; 88 dB
  • A weight of 70 pounds.

2.   Sony SSCS3 3-Way floorstanding speakers excellent – Low Cost Speakers


  • 3-way, 4-speaker chassis delivers deep sound
  • 145 W Maximum power consumption
  • Mica amplifies honeycomb sound
  • Does not offer Bluetooth connection

If you are looking for an affordable floorstanding speaker with good sound reproduction at a very low price, this is the product for you. The Sony SSCS3 is a 3-way floor-standing speaker that offers unrivalled sound despite its price. Experience the ultimate music experience with precision and balance thanks to high-precision tweeters that guarantee impeccable vocal sound.

These affordable tower loudspeakers have the following features;


  • Three-way public address system
  • 4 Acoustic reflection system
  • 5 ¼ mica honeycomb woofer
  • 1 polyester tweeter
  • ¾ inch Sony Super Tweeter
  • Sound generation at 50 kHz
  • Optimized transverse component

3.   Tower SpeakerPolk Audio Monitor 70 Series II is the best value for moneythin tower speaker

  • Dynamic balancing technology
  • Critically set torch opening
  • Slim and efficient design
  • magnetically shielded
  • Stay in the field
  • Safe and easy connection
  • Amplifiers cannot be placed too far away.

Polk Audio sets the standard for good sound systems that are unsurpassed in quality and durability. It is very popular with users because of its simple and thoughtful design. It offers clear, accurate sound with dominant bass and more subtle reproduction for great sound.

These low-budget tower loudspeakers balance quality and price to provide good sound for everyone.


  • 1 balanced dynamic dome tweeter
  • 4, 6.5 inch dynamic compensation Low roofs
  • 5 Speaker size
  • 5 ¼ Bi-laminate dynamic equilibrium shock absorber

4.   Rockville TM80C Tower Speakers – BestBluetooth Tower Speakers

  • Digital display on front panel
  • Adjustable bass and treble
  • Full Range Driver
  • Bluetooth does not offer a secure connection, the quality can be better.

Rockville’s Bluetooth Floor Speakers are designed to meet the latest generation of sound requirements. These speakers have features that produce sound as good as any other expensive sound system on the market. From exceptional build quality to amazing audio performance, it’s so much better than the price.

In addition to performance and quality, these speakers offer the best control thanks to a digital display on the front panel.


  • 8-inch double submarines
  • Built-in Bluetooth with a range of 150 feet
  • 4-wheel drive with polyester cones
  • Peak power 800 W
  • Built-in 8-band equalizer
  • ¼ microphone input in inches

5.    Floorstanding SpeakersKlipsch R-610F is an affordable pair ofspeakers.


  • Robust and solid construction
  • An elegant design does not take up much space in the room.
  • Set with 2 speakers
  • A powerful bass
  • Support for Bluetooth devices
  • Some users think the sound quality could be better.


  • Pre-installed network
  • 2 legs, 4 screws Quick assembly
  • R-610F High Frequency Energy
  • Aluminum tweeter
  • Tractor connection at the rear
  • 72 pounds weight.
  • 37 inches high


The best cheap speakers are no longer a myth, especially if you know what to pay attention to when buying a speaker. To get the best tower loudspeakers for your budget, you should always look for the most important features rather than attractive designs and colours. The appearance should probably not be overlooked, but it is important to look at the technical details in a lively way. New technologies have made it possible for anyone with a limited budget to enjoy the best speakers without sacrificing quality.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who are the best speakers?

The best floorstanding speakers are those that offer the best sound quality combined with durability at the best price. Below is a list of the best in-ceiling speakers;

  • Best overall performance : Polk Audio TSi400 floorstanding speaker.
  • The best top of the line: Yamaha NS-F150 floorstanding loudspeaker.
  • Better budget: Pioneer SP-FS52 floorstanding speaker.
  • Best price: Polk S55 floor-standing speaker

2.   Is a wireless or wired speaker preferred?

Although wired and wireless speakers produce the same sound when used for the same purpose. Wired speakers certainly have their advantages because they cannot be interrupted by interference when connected like wireless speakers. Wired speakers are also cheaper than their wireless counterparts and offer better and more reliable sound quality. When it comes to portability, the wireless speakers are easy to carry and require no installation.

3.   Are bookshelf speakers better than floor-standing speakers?

For sound lovers, it is best to understand how the sound changes when you place the speakers in different locations. Plank speakers can give you great sound reproduction as stand speakers. On the other hand, placing the speakers on a shelf on a stand can give you even better sound in the room.

4.   Do floorstanding speakers work without a subwoofer?

You don’t necessarily need a subwoofer to power your audio system, but to get the best sound from your audio system, you need a subwoofer because it delivers deep, powerful and rich bass.

5.    What should I pay attention to when buying a portable speaker?

You’ll be surprised that when it comes to the technical features that make the difference, it’s important to make sure the speakers you buy are made of durable and robust materials. Tap the speakers with your fingers. If it gives you a solid feel and sound, you’re ready to go. There should be no hollow sound from the speaker.

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