Writing is an important skill that children need to learn at school and at home. Some children just start to write their thoughts on a piece of paper, while others find it difficult to write a sentence with a pencil in their hand. There are several applications of writing that can help your children get started and become good at regular and creative writing. From improving your children’s writing skills to writing creative and thoughtful essays, there are applications for everything.

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Here are some of the best writing applications your kids should have in their digital box to write better. These applications help your children learn punctuation, grammar, composition and writing.


This app is only available at the Apple Retail Store for the lowest possible price of $3.99. This application helps young children to learn to write numbers and letters and enables them to do the necessary exercises. This application has customizable options with different font styles and is available for both right- and left-handed users. Prizes and fun animations are also part of this application to keep kids motivated throughout their learning process.

Art academy:

This application is available for Android and Apple devices. When schools purchase this application for their students, it costs $4.99 per year per student. But for individual use the price of the different features varies and starts at $4.99 per month.

This application teaches young children to write and print in italics with beautiful animations and images. It makes kids forget, usually, that they’re learning something.

writing iWords:

This app is available only at the Apple Retail Store with a $2.99 subscription. This application helps children practice counting and teaches them how to write. There are numbered paths for each letter, just drag the letter to its number to fill in the word. As soon as the word is filled in, this application rewards the child with a beautiful and cute drawing.


Another textwriting request only for Apple devices with a $5.99 subscription. She teaches children different parts of the language in a fun and exciting way. This application attracts the attention of children with short, animated and musical videos. Through the quizzes in this application, parents and teachers can follow the progress of their children. Some call it the rocky application of the 21st century. For centuries.

Pop Grammar:

For a minimum price of just $1.99, this app is available only at the Apple Retail Store. This Annex contains 28 levels of application for children. Children need to compare words with parts of speech on different levels. When children use higher levers, time is shortened and the supply is longer. It also allows children to play the game in practice mode, where they have unlimited time to complete the game.

Grammatic scale:

This is a free application available in the Google Play Store. For $2.99 you can delete ads and find additional features. This is an excellent application for ESL students. There are games you can play to practice your grammar and learn to write.

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