Top 20 Best 3D Offline Role-Playing Games for Android – Today almost any kind of game is playable on your Android device. Even games that previously could only be played on Playstation (PS) can now be played on Android devices.

Top 20 Best Offline 3D Role-Playing Games for Android

Not only PS 2 games, but also PSP-specific games can be played on Android, and even the most powerful gameplay and graphics are exactly the same.

Despite the appearance of many new games, the presence of the role-playing games of yesteryear still has its supporters today.

This could have to do with the fact that the 3D graphics of the role-playing games are already good enough.

As we all know, the average role-playing game must now be played online.

In this post, the administrator shares a number of offline role-playing games that you can always play later on.

Many people like role-playing games (RPGs) because they are different from Android games in general.

Role-playing games really give their own sensations and excitement while playing.

Below are some recommendations for offline 3D RPGs that have very good graphics and addictive gameplay.

download best small android offline role-playing game

The full list of games in the apk of the RPG model is provided with a download link below, making it easy to find games in the playstore or other alternative links.

Click on the download link in the description of the best rpg 3d android offline game if you are interested in the game.

1. Chronicles of Inotia 4: Berkel Killer

Chronicles of Inotia 4 : Berkel’s killers

The first offline 3D RPG to be reviewed by an administrator is The Chronicles Inotia 4 : Killer Berkel, which can be played offline.

This game is a sequel to a game called Chronicles of Inotia 3 : Children of Carnia, that’s the previous series.

This offline 3D RPG is already very popular among Android users and has a very cool anime style.

You can play this game with 15 different skills in each level you pass.

More information can be found here: Top 55 Best Offline Multiplayer Games for Android

You will also have to choose a class to fight enemies such as the Dark Knight, Assassin, Wizard, Priest and Ranger.

Interesting features of the game

  • There are 6 classes to choose from in this offline 3D role-playing game. There are the Dark Night, Assassin and Wizard classes. A priest and a ranger.
  • Each class has 15 different skills.
  • There are several languages in the game
  • There are more than 400 passages to be neglected.

In order to play this game, your mobile phone must at least run Android OS 4.0.3.

Download the game Inotia Chronicles 4 : The Berkel murderer

2. Showerboat

Shower Art

It doesn’t matter if Soulcraft falls into the category of the best offline Android RPG games. Soulcraft is a role-playing game that falls under the category adventure games.

Later you will be invited for an adventure to win the mission of this game. You will encounter the most difficult obstacles in this adventure.

The obstacle must be cleared in order to proceed to the next race. Don’t worry, because you can compete with any competitor.

Interesting features of the game

  • 3D graphics are supported, which is very cool.
  • The locations used in the game come from the real world, such as Rome, Hamburg, New York, Egypt and others.
  • There are five game modes: timed race, arena, hellegate, crystal defense and boss battle.
  • You can play the game in multiplayer mode.

To play this small 3D role-playing game offline, you need to download the game file, which is 45.41 MB in size. The size of the game is quite small.

Download SoulCraft – RPG action

3. Shadow Run: Fall of the Dragon DC

Shadowrun : DC Dragonfall

Game Shadowrun: Dragonfall is an RPG that will be a mystery because it has a medieval fantasy theme.

This game has really addictive gameplay and great 3D graphics.

Offline 3D cyberpunk role-playing game that makes you feel at home. Because you are invited to go on an adventure and explore a world of technological progress.

Not only this guy, but also great creatures from history like dwarves, elves and other meta-humans will accompany you.

Interesting features of the game

  • The world built in 2054 shows a world in the future, it seems very interesting.
  • The skills of each character you play increase with the journey you undertake.

To play this 3D role-playing game, you need Android at least version 4.4 and higher, and the game file size is 755 MB. It’s big enough.

Note that this game is specifically for adults. Content rating 18+.

Download the Shadowrun game: The fall of the dragon – DC

4. Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4

Gameloft, as a well-known developer, has developed an adventure game for Android to introduce you to the new Dungeon Hunter 4 game.

You can tackle the challenges that exist at each level in real time and with different levels of difficulty. This game is also a competitor for the best visual video.

So don’t be surprised if many users play or download games. In addition, this game also contains 5 series.

So, if you’re interested in the story that accompanies this game, you can download it from the beginning until the first episode for my friend.

Interesting features in the game :

  • There are 4 heroes to choose from, with different fighting styles.
  • Fight with your teammates in the COOP arena.
  • This game is interesting for those who love dark fantasy games.

To play this game, you need to download the 0.92 GB file. This game is made at Gameloft, where a product is purchased (DPI).

Download the game Dungeon Hunter 4.

5. Mower


Reaper is an android that still contains RPG elements. In this game you fight against opponents from two groups, which are in two dimensions.

The task you have to perform is to control the mysterious character in them and rule the world with that character.

Reaper has very good graphics, so it can be played by anyone at any time.

Once you reach level 10, some items that are initially free will be taxed. That’s because the free version only goes up to level 10.

Interesting features of the game

  • Games that you can play on your mobile phone, tablet or television.
  • Supports the use of HID game controllers (MOGA, Shield, Nyko, etc.).
  • You can play on NVIDIA SHIELD

File size, game made with Hexage 34,32 MB.

Download the game Reaper

6. Ring of Chaos II

Chaos Ring II

Although this game is quite expensive, the quality of the graphics that it offers will not disappoint you.

The reason for this is that Chaos Ring II is an RPG with the most immersive and complete console.

So don’t be surprised at the cost, or you won’t get it for free.

This game has a style of sakura land, definitely known to play, especially if you usually play role-playing games, will certainly not have any problem.

There are 5 elements to play: Storm (wind), Flame (fire), Aqua (water), and Sacred and Dark (although these elements are not directly visible).

Interesting features of the game

  • The three characters you can play in this game will lead you to different games
  • The world around the game will be one of the best attractions of the game.

In terms of rankings, the game graphics are the best compared to the games and controls.

  • Download the game Chaos Ring II Apk [ here ].
  • Download the data for the Chaos Ring II game [ here ].

7. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

He tells the story of a black knight named Cecil Harvey, he’s a formidable fighter. That’s why he was appointed Head of the Air Force.

His mission is to obtain the sacred crystals, but apparently there’s a betrayal behind it.

From there he finally began to confront the king, who had initially appointed him head of the army and gave him his order.

Battles follow when he tries to fight the king. How does the story end? Download to your Android device.

Interesting features in the game :

  • The battles that take place in the game are very simple, but with great strategy.
  • There’s a PVP battle arena where you can play with friends.

The points, gameplay and graphics of the game are the best compared to the controls.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game Download

8. Ben 10 Hendrom

Ben 10 Xendrom

Of course, you know the name of this game, Game Ben 10 Xendrome is similar to the cartoons based on the TV series.

In this game you have to become a hero who must fight against enemies to save the world and everything around you. Offline 3D role-playing games

Collecting the last alien DNA is your task to increase the power inside you while facing all obstacles and enemies.

But you can also change the shape and raise the level.

Our interest in the game:

  • A fun and smart control system that you can feel throughout the game.
  • This role-playing game uses the upgrade system
  • You can play 9 different characters on 8 different levels.

This game has a size of 54.05 MB. Luckily this game has a score of 3+, so everyone can play it. Including children.

Ben 10 Xenodrone Download

9. Kenshin Sword

Kenshin Sword

For those of you who love martial arts, it seems very appropriate to download the game Sword Kenshin. Offline 3D role-playing games

This gives you a mobile combat experience down to the smallest detail.

This realistic fighting game can be used as a reference point to develop your talent or love for martial arts. So you can get straight to work.

Interesting features in the game :

  • That your friends can become enemies in combat mode.
  • There are over 100 players who can fight together.
  • Supports 3D graphics, even in combat environments.
  • A unique game and a reformulation system.

One of the best aspects of this game is the graphics, compared to the controls and gameplay.

Download the game Sword of Kenshin

10. Return of Shadow

Shadow running efficiency

Shadowrun Returns is a futuristic game that combines the world of technology and magic.

In this game, it is not only people who live in a fantasy world of boys. There are elves, orcs, dwarves and even trolls.

You play the role of Shadowrrunner, a mercenary who works to accomplish a mission. Search for the identity of the Emerald City Ripper, who is a serial killer.

The best features of the game:

  • The 3D features of the game are different from those of other games. Especially for any character that looks epic.
  • The environment throughout the adventure you experience is like another world.

Shadowrun Return – Download game

11. Legacy of the battlefield

Core of War Heritage

Elements of melodrama and sexy female characters sometimes cause many users to choose this game, namely Battleheart Legacy.

This game shows a different side of role-playing, usually because this more natural point of view game is able to show simplicity with a variety of attractive 3D animations.

You go to a small village where you learn the basics of fighting or attacking enemies. Don’t worry, there are a lot of skills and tools you can use.

The best achievement in the game:

  • There are over 200 unique characters in the game.
  • The game is played in real time
  • There are more than 150 unique possibilities

Download Battleheart Legacy game

12. Crashes


All living things must be able to survive. What is the meaning of survival? Yes, survival or survival is survival, which means that all living beings on this earth must be able to survive anything. Offline 3D role-playing games

This game teaches you how to survive on a planet with gangs of bad guys.

Where you should be able to survive and look for what is lost, don’t worry, because there are many ways you can do it.

The best features of the game:

  • The planet has become one of the best graphics in the game.
  • It’s amazing that you can make the theme of the game the way you want it.

The only disadvantage of this offline 3D role-playing game is that it is not available for free. You have to pay 67,000 rupees to play the game.

Download the game Crashlands

13. Lonely Wolf Joe Deaver

Lonely Wolf Joe Deaver

Do you like to play games and read novels? Of course, it is very difficult to do two things you love at the same time.

No, don’t get confused. Now you can do both at the same time, the way is very simple.

Enough with Joe Liver playing Joe Dever, you can do it at the same time.

Because this game is a new visual game that is supported by a 3D system to create a good graphical experience.

The best achievement in the game:

  • The remote character of this game is beautifully represented….
  • The story of this offline 3D role-playing game is one of the best.

However, this stand-alone 3DRPG game is not suitable for children.

Download the game Lone Wolf Joe Deaver.

14. Galaxy on fire 2

Galaxy on fire 2

As an advanced series, the first Galaxy on Fire 2 game is just as much fun.

The gameplay, which has a very good 3D screen, is capable of attracting a lot of attention. So don’t be surprised if a lot of games are downloaded.

It tells the story of a man who was thrown into another galaxy by a jump and had to fight all his enemies or rivals there. Offline 3D role-playing games

Thus began the adventures of Keith and Menorobos for 35 years.

The best achievement in the game:

  • There are more than 30 astrological systems and more than 100 planets in this game.
  • You can find more than 50 unique characters, including different parameters.
  • 3D-game sound effects.

Download the game Galaxy on Fire 2

15. Assessment of the wrath of the Pirate King

Review of The Pirate King’s Wrath

GAMEVIL has improved a game called Wrath of the Pirate King Critic.

This type of exciting adventure game is worth playing because it is very addictive and fun.

You can also create an avatar of your choice in the game.

Hurry up and put this 3D role-playing game offline on your smartphone so you can play it right away. How can you download it from the PlayStore?

Best movie of the game

  • You can choose to play with 11 different characters.
  • You will discover 50 floors, with 103 different levels.
  • You can play this game together. It would be fun to have adventures together.

The size of this offline 3D role-playing game is with 72,27 MB quite large. The games are available free of charge in the game shops.

Download the game Kritika Wrath of the Pirate King.

16. Little Legends – Crazy Knight

Little Legends – Mad Knight

The previous series of this game was accompanied by hacks and slashes, so things have changed for the better in terms of gameplay and strategy for this series of developers.

Here you will control 3 heroes to defeat the enemy. By moving and dragging the crane, your main character can walk or move.

Initially, you will be placed in a small town that will later serve as a backdrop for the battle. You can also purchase equipment, skills and new members for your team. Offline 3D role-playing games

The best achievement in the game:

  • You can play games in real time (real-time 3D actions).
  • The fight against more than 40 opponents is very important.

This offline 3D role-playing game has 17+ rated content. So it’s for adults only.

Download Tinylegends – Crazy Knight game

17. Dark Hunter

Dark killer

You can have an exciting experience and action by playing an offline role-playing game called Dark Slayer.

The adventure of completing a mission where there will be a lot of enemies to thwart your mission is the common thread in this cool game.

The high quality and excellent graphics make it possible to play at any time. You can play games online or offline.

The best achievement in the game:

  • The game world is one of the best.
  • We can have real-time adventures with different enemies.

And almost like most other games, this offline 3D role-playing game is for adults only.

Download Dark Slayer game

18. At the edge of the future

Tomorrow’s waterfront

A movie to look forward to is Edge of Tomorrow. This game comes from the film with this famous actor, which is about the existence of extraterrestrials who want to dominate the earth.

In this film Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt fight aliens as actors.

So even in this game, which has exactly the same title as the man’s movie, it’s just as cool. Offline 3D role-playing games

The reason for the game was one of the promotional films that Warner Bros. released to illustrate the series.

The best achievement in the game:

  • The graphic environment around the battle is very charming.
  • There are many interesting characters you can play in this offline 3D role-playing game.

Download link :

The game Tomorrow Limits Apk

OBB, tomorrow’s game. (data)

19. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest is one of the role-playing games that has become one of the favorites of the players, because in this game there are many combat weapons in fairly large quantities and each weapon has unique characteristics.

Moreover, the 3D graphic design and the lightness of the game on Android are extra assets for this Android role-playing game.

The story of this game contains a brevity: when you play this game, behave like an assistant knight.

Where you’re forced to explore the area to find a secret gate.

But finding the portal isn’t easy, you know? You will meet a group of monsters with evil powers who are ready to interrupt you.

To fight it, you can use real weapons or magical powers.

Download Dungeon Quest game

20. Broken Dawn II

Broken Dawn II

This game tells the story of a virus that attacked the world and made the inhabitants of the earth uncontrollable, especially the wild animals that became monsters and turned into deserts.

Your task here is to destroy the enemy who becomes the beast to make the world safe again.

To carry out your mission you have several weapons at your disposal, such as rifles, lasers, grenades and other weapons.

This offline android RPG game should be one of the best because of the HD graphics which are very good and cool.

Moreover, the color combinations that appear in the game are also quiet, you know, not too conspicuous to the naked eye. Offline 3D role-playing games.

This way, playing is more fun and most importantly, it turns into a Hummingbird game that you can install for free.

Download the game Broke Dawn II

More information can be found here:


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