Every game lover knows the addictive nature of action-adventure games. These games have all the necessary elements to keep the player hooked for a long time. In a hectic lifestyle, you need something sensational that can overcome the stress.

25 best adventure games for Android

Only this kind of game has the ability to animate your life. The good news is that some of these quality games are popping up these days. Android users in particular can certainly find some great features. Android users looking for great adventure games for Android should look at the following sites.

1. 80 days

In fact, 80 Days is one of the best adventure games for Android users to date. Here, the player must assume the role of Phileas Fogg’s assistant. It’s supposed to go around the world in just 80 days. You can choose between air, water and camel help. The best thing about this game is the pace. It moves at a fast pace, and its goal is to cover the entire world.

Moreover, you have to deal with other competitors here as well. In short, the goal is to be the first to reach your destination. The special character of the games is clearly emphasized by it. The best part is that you can get it for free with Google Play Pass. This game is equally engaging for all ages. Moreover, the gameplay is highly addictive, which can keep the player in the game for a long time.

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2. Accidents

Crashland is another exciting game with a large fan base. The main competitor in the game is Flux, basically a space truck. Interestingly, the game starts with a bang when the player crashes on an alien planet. The main goal is still to win cargo and build a base. It has many action items, from fighting evil to protecting the world.

There are several elements that make the game fun, from creating characters to setting up characters for roleplay. It also allows one of the fungal creatures to defend itself. The game is entertaining and pretty intense. It was especially praised for its content. The best part is that there are no device restrictions: you can play on smartphones and PCs. The game can be played via Google Play Pass.

3. Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is one of the best action adventure game in the modern world. There are many elements that make the gameplay incredible. From 2D roleplaying games to trading cards for example, there are many aspects to it. However, the structure of the game makes it more interesting. Basically, it goes through many phases of play. In addition, each new mechanism is accompanied by a new graphic style. As far as gameplay goes, Evoland 2 is incredible.

The best part is that the player stays involved in the guesswork. The player will not be uninterested for a moment. Overall, the game is very entertaining. It can be even more exciting if you play it with a physical controller. For less than $8 for a game like this, it’s really quite exciting. Although this game seems to be aimed primarily at teenagers, anyone of any age group can find it just as fun to play.

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4. Henshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most refreshing games of its kind you can count on. Those with Zelda experience may find this very relevant. The best part is that players have a huge era to explore. It’s not just about exploration, players enjoy the number of expeditions and missions. The speed of the game is very addictive. Interestingly, players have a glider to cover the extra miles.

The RPG element of Gacha is also retained for this purpose. The interesting thing here is that the player continues to learn the players as they play. This keeps the user interested in the game. The game contains exciting elements that give the user total control. In terms of adventure, there is some content to keep things interesting.

5. Downwell

Downwell is very entertaining because the shooter’s goal here is not just to end evil. On the contrary, the registration process also allows you to advance in the game. There are many twists and turns. The game offers all the elements for young players to be fully engaged. The search for the secret treasure is getting exciting. During this process, the player sinks deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Also, the stage reveals a lot of evil creatures. Several suspicious mysteries are also revealed. The game has many dimensions and offers many fresh elements. It’s just a fantastic game in terms of the control it offers. The game is quite simple, but the level of control it offers is incredible. The game is very intuitive in its own way. It involves only three buttons, which can be used to control the entire game.

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6. Big mountain adventure

It’s a perfect example of what a new action-adventure game should be. The game also has some great exploration elements and racing factors. The players here are happy with the way they handle the slope on the various courts. During the course, the player goes on the course and overcomes the challenges within the time limit. But the player can just ski and enjoy the scenery. Several desirable areas will also be preserved. Even in the premium edition, there are still five giant mountains.

In addition, the player must play strategy by hitting in the open. It’s just phenomenal in terms of the level of control it provides. It’s also very exciting visually. Graphically, it’s fascinating. We can’t complain about the gameplay, it’s pretty fluid. The best part is that the user always gets the first mountain for free and the rest, the premium edition, can be purchased to explore the rest.

7. Misfire

The game contains a variety of twists and turns that captivate the player. However, the player’s main goal remains avoidance and extermination. The game is fantastic in terms of controls. It’s about piloting an exorcist on an expedition to break an ancient curse. The only remaining tool is the ship, which continues to pull from behind.

Most importantly, the game requires constant attention. Until a complete victory is achieved, the game is not simply over. There is no shortage of evil along the way. Well, they make the process exciting. It takes incredible skill and satisfaction to lift the curse. It offers a simple turn of the crank for excellent control. The eight explicit weapons make it very exciting. That leaves four incredible bosses. The ship can be upgraded in several ways. Overall, the game has all the necessary elements of an action-adventure game.

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8. Stories from caretakers

First, the game is completely free. This set of retro patterns takes a closer look at nature. The level of control it offers the user is also phenomenal. Players continue to move through the world looking for solutions to puzzles. Moreover, the process reveals all the secrets of the game. The storyline is incredible, especially the boss fights that force him deep into the wilderness.

The elements of pleasure and entertainment are also carefully quantified. Especially the development model of the city makes it more exciting than ever. There are also still guilds where players can communicate with their friends. This game also relies on gacha mechanisms. It is a game that can captivate people of all ages in the same way.

9. Oddmar

Oddmar is a visually stunning game that offers the player certain elements of intuitiveness. The main competitor here is wrestling. His main goal remains to regain his honor. The player does all the adventuring in the world with the intention of reaching the main goal. The gameplay is phenomenal. The level of control it offers is incredible. Also, the game is just impeccable in design.

It also provides the necessary additional elements and the appropriate hardware support. You may also have the option of cloud storage. An offline mode is available after all data has been consumed during the boot process. However, this is a relatively short game with only 24 stages. What’s exciting is that each level is rated at three stars, giving it incredible replay value.

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10. OPUS series

The most exciting part of the Opus series is indeed the plot. It outlines a fascinating and dark story. In the first part of the game, the player embodies a robot that protects humanity on its return to planet Earth. In the next one, he takes the player into Opus. The final game is the story of a couple who overcome an illness and passionately develop a rocket for a space expedition.

The whole series is absolutely fascinating. But the best part is the execution. It even has the best class execution for an adventure game of the modern era. To make it interesting for everyone, it is possible to start with a demo version, which is available completely free of charge. Before you go looking for the full title, this demo edition can be very entertaining.

11. Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go probably needs no introduction. What’s interesting is that the game is available for free. Here, the player enters the real world and catches a Pokémon. You have to wrestle in the gym and work out in the Poke Stops. The adventure factor is definitely a bit higher compared to other games.

Here, however, the player must play through the game independently. Here, players continue to roam the vast world and collect various items. They are also satisfied with a number of other elements. The gameplay is quite addictive, and the game offers excellent controls in the hands of the player. There are a number of other similar games. But Pokemon Go is truly the most exciting of its kind.

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12. Arrow crest

There are many aspects that make a game called Guns of Boom so exciting. Most importantly, it offers the player excellent controls and is intuitive. The gameplay is relatively simple and can interest users of all levels. It is also very colorful and graphically charming. More importantly, the game is fully compatible with older devices. You can’t just complain from a visual standpoint. PvP battles make outdoor play very entertaining. It offers the perfect game elements you expect from a team game. It is also possible to customize the icon.

You can create a new hero with incredible features and a whole host of benefits. As the game progresses, the player can also receive different types of updates. From content integration to a host of features, the game has everything to be fun. If you like the action-adventure genre, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for, there are absolutely no age restrictions.

13. Room: Old sins

The room: Old sins are one of the most distinctive features of this type. The main reason for this is that space games don’t usually fall into the action-adventure category. However, this is an exception. Most interestingly, the game offers a lot of exploration elements in addition to the usual puzzles. This puzzle model sets the game apart from all other games in this category.

The room: Old Sin is a complete game with eye-popping graphics and tricky puzzles for those not used to them. The game is enriched with mysterious and enchanting themes. The latter includes support for data storage in the cloud. It’s all about twists and puzzles, and it’s a popular game with adult professionals. But it can also be great for teens who want to test their IQ.

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14. Rusty Lake (Cub Escape) Series

The series Cub Escape at Rusty Lake is completely free. Buyers can’t make in-app purchases either. The best thing about this game is the element of mystery it offers and the right amount of adventure. Here you have to solve puzzles to find out what exactly is going on. Another popular game is called Rusty Lake Story. It can be played and on us as an online game.

The structure of the game is quite simple. In addition, in each game the player must solve a series of puzzles that are necessary to progress in the game. Other than that, it feels like an escape game, although the puzzle element makes it more fun. The puzzle-solving aspect makes the game completely addictive. Moreover, it offers a variety of equally exciting premium games.

15. Sky: Children of the light

This is another exciting free-to-play game for fans of adventure and action. The game is also available for free. It’s a pretty intriguing game in terms of attractive graphics. Yet it is the improbability of the story or content that keeps the player captivated for long periods of time. As the game progresses, you will experience seven eras. It provides a social element that allows the player to interact with other participants in the game.

Several other interesting features make it an interesting product. For example, it comes with a co-op game, with a lot of character customization. There are also many tests to keep things fresh. The soundtrack is just incredibly uplifting for the player. But the main aspect that keeps it interesting is the social element it offers.

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16. Mandatory mobile call

If you’re looking for a great multiplayer shooter for the Android platform, you’ll find it here. The best part is that the game is available absolutely free to the player. The high-definition gaming experience for mobile phone users makes it an extremely popular product. In addition, the game has incredible control features that you can customize well. Voice and text chat options are available. Moreover, the 3D graphics and sound elements make the game attractive as a whole.

The game features various interesting characters, weaponry, intriguing outfits, etc. that take the gaming experience to the next level. Those who claim that action-adventure games are worthless can convince themselves otherwise. After all, it offers incredible competition between players. Whether it’s the gameplay, the important controls or the depth. The game has all the elements to keep it interesting.

17. The Shadow of Neon

If you’re looking for incredible action in 3D, this is the movie to see. Especially for those looking for an action shooter, this is a good choice. The aspect that makes the game so intriguing is that it is enhanced with an incredible arsenal of weapons. Any number of these weapons can be purchased on site. Even the simplest of rifles can get the job done with machine guns. More serious challenges, however, require high-tech explosives.

The game offers ways to expand the arena as you race in different sections. During this process, the player is fully involved in the game. It’s also possible to take a breather by fighting robots in various game modes. Once you’ve honed your skills and perfected your machine, you can take on another player by simply switching to online mode.

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18. Square Enix

Square Enix is one of the interesting adventure games available for free. The best thing about the game is the compelling story. More importantly, the game’s plot is an excellent example of what an action-adventure story should be. The game offers excellent control to the user and makes him completely addicted. However, there are no puzzle elements or unwanted twists in the game.

This is the kind of game that keeps things simple and uncomplicated, but focuses more on the action. In short: If you’re a die-hard action fan, consider this. There are age appropriate questions; whether you are a teenager or an adult, the game is suitable for everyone. It offers the perfect graphical element and gameplay to maintain a careful balance between action and fun. Overall, this game can be recommended to anyone interested in an action game with a decent entertainment factor.

19. Princess Witch4

WitchSpring4 is an incredible and very popular adventure game. The plot is pretty simple: Here, the main rival plays the role of a witch who also rules the entire continent. In the course of the game, the player has to explore the whole globe, meet different characters and play different games. This game is very popular all over the world, although it is very popular in Korea. There are four games in this series.

The first two show the same concept from different angles. Nevertheless, the last two sections are clearly expressed in their own way. These two can play without needing the others. The gameplay is simple, so it is suitable for teenagers. At the same time, it can also be very interesting for adults. The game’s excellent controls make it even more fun.

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The game offers the incredible pleasure of killing enemies with powerful weapons. It offers its own game system that stands out from the rest. Graphically it is also very attractive. There are several options, such as. B. Scoring scales to increase the score and motivate the player. There is also an exciting Mission Mode, where the player can choose a specific level to participate in. You can train up to a certain level to compete well.

The game offers a variety of spaceships, as well as different properties. In total there are six more spacecraft with different durability. You just can’t complain about the intuitiveness of the game. It is currently considered one of the best multiplayer games out there. The intuitiveness of the game allows the player to easily overcome the most difficult stages.

21. Slaughtering insects

Here is another great game for Android users with great graphics. If you are looking for an exciting adventure game with incredible graphics and storyline, then this game is an excellent choice. The best part is that it also has a specific element of humor. Interestingly, the gameplay is quite simple, so even a beginner can master it quickly. But when it comes to mastering the higher levels, it can be a challenge.

The best thing that makes the game exciting is the level of weapons it offers. This is one of those games that offers military-grade weapons, even at the entry level. Even at the most basic level, the control you can gain through the game makes it worthwhile. The ultimate goal is to protect scientists by all means possible. To many, it seems incredible how action, adventure and humor are combined in equal measure.

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22. Fruit Ninja 2

It’s a very different kind of action adventure. Those who are not interested in bloody adventures can find a great option for them. Finally, the action here is against the fruits. You can play other fruity adventures, but with this event you’ll have an experience that is simply unmatched. Interestingly, exploring different ways to increase the power level makes the game more interesting.

By collecting powerful blades, you can easily defeat your opponents. The game has an immersive world that makes the game feel like a perfect show. It offers a perfect combination of gameplay and controls to keep the player interested throughout the game. It’s not all action and raw adventure though; the game also has plenty of strategy elements to offer.

23. War Games by Shadowgun

If you’re looking for a multiplayer action adventure with exciting specs, this is a good choice. The storyline of the game is just epic. It’s pretty competitive and creative, even in terms of gameplay. The main goal is to save humanity from an alien invasion. There are over 2000 missions in the game, spread across four different planets. During the game, players can join forces and defeat the enemy strategically.

The best thing about this game is the real-time experience it offers the player in terms of team play. Plenty of elements it offers and in terms of customization. Overall, the game offers considerable control over the user. Players have over 600 direct weapons sets at their disposal, ranging from pistols to elaborate machine guns.

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24. Pascal Speed

The best thing about the game is the incredible storyline. It is incredibly entertaining and offers over 20 hours of incredible quality content. There are still four functional characters, as well as a variety of fighting modes and skills. This gives you a wide range of enemies to choose from, making for an incredible experience of challenging encounters. The 3D map and the different game levels make it even more intuitive.

The game is quite cinematic; in fact, the game contains full voice dialogue to make things even more realistic. As for the soundtrack, it’s very close to reality. An internationally renowned orchestra plays the soundtrack. It could be said that there is a certain element of entertainment in the game that can keep someone captivated for a long time. Needless to say, the game offers convenient controls and features.

25. Door closer: Action Platoon

The most interesting aspect of the game is the graphics. You can discover incredible retro graphics with extreme precision. There are always six of the game’s main characters, each with their own explicit gameplay and leveling up option. Another distinctive aspect of the game is the strategy process.

There’s still the infinite tower mode, which makes things even more exciting. There is no shortage of weapons, as there are 60 types, as well as equipment. In addition, there are more than 20 enemy species left, as well as four mission concerns. In particular, the process of the zombie invasion makes it incredibly interesting.


Here are 25 top picks for those looking for exciting action and adventure games. Each of the games on the list has its own specificity and elements to keep the player completely hooked. What’s most interesting is that each of these games contains elements that appeal to the modern gamer.

There’s probably no need to go beyond these features, at least in this genre, given the regular updates it offers. Each game is simple, feature rich and has attractive graphics. First, the games can be played on almost any Android device.

In short, you can spend a few enjoyable hours as an action adventure game with any of the above games. We hope you find this article on the best action and adventure games for Android useful. If you found this article helpful, please share it on social media. Stay in touch with us for future updates.

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