Teleprompters have long been used in the television industry, particularly for news studies and live broadcasts. Now, with the growing fanfare around Youtube and the increasing popularity of live streams, teleprompters can be used by creative people. But buying a teleprompter may not be good for you, and if it is, you can use your iPad as a teleprompter too.

In this article, we’ve discussed the seven most useful teleprompterapps for your iPad that you can use to get the job done.

The promoter: Belleo Technology Ltd. | Size : 237,2 MB price :  $19.99. Proposed purchases in the application

Top 7 teleprompterapps for iPad | Candid.Technology

For newcomers looking for a teleprompter application, try this great application that allows you to customize the size and color for specific backgrounds. To avoid the use of remote access, the application has a voice control function that automatically rolls over the screen at your own pace. However, if you make mistakes, you will have to browse the pages manually. If you are looking for a companion for your own video production, PromtpSmart Pro is the solution.

Download the PromptSmart Pro application here.

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The promoter: JoeAllenPro Limited | Size : 15.7 Mb |price:  It’s free. Proposed purchases in the application

Top 7 teleprompterapps for iPad | Candid.Technology

This is a professional application for your iPad, used by TV and film studios such as ABC, BBC, Fox, CBS and many others. You can import Word, PDF, PowerPoint and txt files and much more. When you use the application and turn on the mirror, it reflects the text to make you look professional in front of the camera. Adjust the colour of the text and the size of your speech. Two scroll modes are available: continuous or page switching. You can hide the controls while browsing the script.

Download the Teleprompter Premium application here.

The promoter: Gilbert and Company, Inc. |Size: 11,2 MB price :  Free of charge.

Top 7 teleprompterapps for iPad | Candid.Technology

Control your language with the remote control of this application. The application has a rich word processor, the ability to change font size and color and much more. Individual words may have a different color than the rest of the paragraph. There is no need to download any special or external applications; you can control your language through other connected devices. Countdown, kinks, speed increase/decrease and many amazing features are available in this application.

Download the OnCue Prompter support request form here.

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The promoter: Jürgen Fürrer |size: 2.9 Mb |price:  It’s free. Proposed purchases in the application

Top 7 teleprompterapps for iPad | Candid.Technology

In this application an unlimited number of pages can be created with customizable settings. Whether you are a announcer or a speaker, YouTuber can use this great application. Moving from one page to another is extremely easy. You can import your speech from the Internet, text, PDF and other sources. Change the field, the foreground and background color, the text size and much more to your liking. The mirror mode will help you make an amazing speech.

Download the application QuotTeleprompter here.

The promoter: JoeAllenPro Limited | Size : 15 MB price :  $16.99. Proposed purchases in the application

Top 7 teleprompterapps for iPad | Candid.Technology

With the video promoter you can record professional videos that play your script next to the camera, so you look natural in front of the camera. This application has a green screen function that allows you to set the background. On the camera you can lock autofocus and auto exposure. You can also set the ISO control and shutter speed.

Download the video teleprompter application here.

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The promoter: Bigvu Inc: 204,2 MB price :  It’s free. Proposed purchases in the application

Top 7 teleprompterapps for iPad | Candid.Technology

There are various functions such as changing the green screen, automatic subtitling and much more. Video composition tools help you turn your photos, tweets and video clips into an incredibly perfect video sequence. Apply themes, lock AE, watch sound while recording, record multiple movies, and select the best of everything in a single application. Isn’t it great?

You can download the Bigvu teleprompter application here.

The promoter: Pavonion software | Size : 19.3 Mb | price:  It’s free. Proposed purchases in the application

Top 7 teleprompterapps for iPad | Candid.Technology

This easy-to-use application has powerful features that will give you satisfactory results. The flow of the oil drops your jaws. It has configurable resolution parameters. Fields can be added to the side of the text. You can switch from one part to another to easily access the bookmark segments. You can import and export both TXT and RTF files. This application offers you a 14-day free trial.

Download the teleprompter application here

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