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What is AnimeToon?

AnimeToon is a great site for all their anime shows. The video is of excellent quality and shows both old and new shows. Where all other sites are less familiar, Animetoon can be very easy and fluid to use. Moreover, there are many other websites and alternatives that you can come across if you are still looking for options and keep exploring.

They are in fact the equivalent of animeton. It offers thousands of cartoons that users can watch for free. It also offers a series of cartoons. If you don’t know what to search for, you can always go alphabetically or by category.

All you need is a good internet connection to instantly stream your favorite cartoon online.

In case this page does not work anymore for copyright reasons! Or maybe the site is temporarily unavailable, but you don’t want to wait to stream your favorite anime, here are some of the best alternatives to AnimeToon that you’re sure to enjoy.

Here we have collected 11 of the best AnimeToon alternatives for you. You can watch them and find the same atmosphere as AnimeToon. These sites are also analyzed by top users, who seem to have a great time on these sites watching their favorite cartoon shows.

Then we showed the top 11 websites related to AnimeToon with a brief description. Choose wisely and check out the products immediately. Come on, come on, come on!


KissCartoon is like This is an unusual site where you can find all the cartoons and anime from your favorite era. You can broadcast it anytime, anywhere! Like most other online streaming sites, it does not host content on its own servers.

Instead, you can think of KissCartoon as a very large phone book where you can find third-party providers whose content you’re interested in. It offers more than 5,000 programs, including Family Guy, Gravity Falls, The Flintstones,

Scooby-Doo, Batman, The Jetsons, Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill, Justice League, Looney Tunes, The Tom and Jerry Show, X-Men and many more.

Features of KissCartoon

The content is completely free and available all day.

It has a very high playback speed.

You can access thousands of anime and cartoons in just a few steps.

The site offers total security of your confidential data and also does not contain much advertising.

Watching cartoons online

This site is like a sister to KissCartoon. As KissCartoon’s traffic and viewership grows, audiences prefer to turn to a more reliable source of cartoons: Watch cartoons online. This site has always been useful in presenting a variety of valuable content.

The site offers unparalleled video quality that will enhance the quality of your stay. This site has an interesting feature that allows you to add or remove subtitles according to your needs and preferences. The website does not have a download button, but you can download the content with the Web Download Manager extension.

WatchCartoons Online Features

Totally free, you don’t have to spend a penny to surf this site.

Easily download content with a variety of extensions.

Flexible display function.

You can display subtitles in the language of your choice.

Cartoon Crazy

CartoonCrazy is a site for those who love cartoons, because here you can watch cartoons like crazy without interruption. Not just cartoons, but anime. You can watch the latest and most popular TV shows from time to time, as well as cartoons on genres such as animation, mystery,

Surreal comedy, thriller, comedy, drama, sitcom, adventure, supernatural, action, psychology, science fiction, fantasy and more. Thanks to this site, you can easily watch an unlimited selection of anime and cartoons in streaming. It provides easy access to the entire web browsing experience.

Features of the Crazy cartoon

Easily access a variety of programs with just a few clicks.

The site doesn’t need money.

You can search for cartoons in the category of your choice. The page is continuously updated.


If you’re looking for an easy way to access your favorite shows and cartoons, you’ve come to the right place. CartoonsOn is the most reliable source you can find to access any content. It is the best place to watch your favorite cartoons online anytime, anywhere.

This site offers tons of anime content sorted by studio, characters, shows and series. So, if you are a fan of a particular character, you can always go to the Characters section where you can choose from popular characters like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Spider-Man, The Lion King, Ben 10, Batman and many more.

CartoonsExtra features

Easy to download content. No extension is needed to download anime and cartoons.

Website without money. You can look around this site without having to invest any money.

You can view the series by category.

Subtitles are available in languages such as English, Korean, French and German.

9 cards

9 Cartoon is one of the most popular sites where you can watch many cartoon series and movies. It offers thousands of cartoons, all free, for you to choose from. You can easily access the 5 star rate. The best shows and movies are at the top of this page.

Even after all the Anime World contests, this site was the most accessible. You can easily browse and download high quality content. You can select your permissions for downloading content. It has all the categories and the search button helps us to sort our favorite TV shows.

Features of 9Cartoons

The search button provides access to over 10,000 available shows.

You can select a program and mark it as a favorite for later access.

Carefree surfing.

The resolution changes depending on the speed of the internet.


KimCartoon is another popular site that features many of my favorite cartoon series. The quality of the videos and graphics on this site amaze me. The fact is that this site is available for free. The advantage of this site is that it shows the most popular cartoons by day, week, month and year. Isn’t that interesting?

They can also ask which cartoons they want to see. The developers have made it clear that they will be uploading the most sought after anime shows from the public.

Features of KimCartoon

At any time, wherever you are, you can download and play your favorite cartoons.

Entry is very easy as it is free.

Options of the best cartoon series.

You can also book your own shows.


This site is very popular for anime shows and cartoons. AnimeLand is very popular because of its user-friendly layout and simple functionality. The site is beautifully designed and accessible to all.

Like any other website, this one is free and does not require registration to access the content. Users can easily find their favorite cartoons in the search bar. You can also click on the site’s help tab to learn more about the site.

Features of AnimeLand

The third most popular page.

No registration is required to access the content.

User-friendly website.

It’s free.


CartoonsOn is a website for cartoon fans to watch/broadcast cartoons online in HD. This site offers a large collection of free cartoons and animations. If you are looking for this kind of thing, this might be the right site for you.

This page is available on all devices. It works without much traffic. The subtitles on this page are provided free of charge. You can get English, German and French subtitles for free. This is one of the most user-friendly sites according to AnimeToon.

Cartoon features

Content in HD quality.

Subtitles in several languages.

Provided free of charge.

Easy access.


This place hosts many great shows. NickToons is very well known for its cool user interface and qualities. The programme is updated regularly. You can watch your favorite shows right where you left off. It stores your data and helps you manage it from anywhere in the world.

All content available on this site is completely free. The security risks are also relatively low, so you can watch your favorite programs for as long as you want without worrying about your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Features of NickToons

Save time and money.

It’s easy to sign up.

Low security risks and Trojan-free content.

Access video content in 4K quality.


This site is based on the features of kissanime user interface and offers you the best and cheapest replacements for AnimeToon. This website has received all positive feedback about the quality of the videos, movies and shows it has.

ToonJet has an amazing user interface and a very cool feel that will greatly impact your overall experience and save you time. The site may contain some advertisements, but these can be ignored for the sake of excellent content and viewer satisfaction.

ToonJet features

Save money because they are absolutely free.

The most sensible alternative to AnimeToon.

4K video quality content is available.

Simple registration procedure.


This site, like others, offers quality content. The best thing about this site is that it also offers dubbing in English, German and French. You can easily access all the features of the site.

The site is quite easy to use. All search buttons are available, and the most popular shows are shown in the top toolbar. This is one of the best alternatives to AnimeToon.

JustDubs Features

Simple functions and easy access.

The quality of the video is excellent.

There are anime shows dubbed into many languages.

The site is completely free.

Final considerations

These 11 websites above offer quality content and stand out. However, any site is the best reasonable alternative to AnimeToon.

You can use these sites as an alternative to AnimeToon and get the same features and experience for free. So take a look at these platforms and choose the one that suits you best and stands out from the rest.

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