Watching movies on TV, BluRay or DVD is now obsolete. Since the early days of the Internet, people have been using the Internet to make the best of it. In the first decade of this decade, the culture of downloading movies was very popular. Torrent sites and free movie download sites are very popular. But today, people no longer have the time to download movies or TV shows and replace a smartphone or PC. With fast and cheap internet packages, people choose online streaming services.

Have free movie sites increased the popularity of paid online streaming services?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and many other streaming services attract millions of users worldwide. When they saw the potential of this market, Disney, HBO and Apple jumped on the bandwagon with Disney Plus, HBO Max and Apple TV+. The arrival of all these services has divided the distribution of films and television programmes. Although all major streaming services produce their original content when it comes to old movies and series, they all have something.

In order to access all the popular content, you now need to select different streaming services. For example, Marvel, Star Wars and Disney, Disney Plus, GoT, Friends and other HBO and WB content are available on HBO Max. Therefore, a subscription to all these services can be very expensive.

That is why the popularity of free film sites continues to grow. There are many illegal websites that offer all popular TV programs and movies in one place. They have become a free alternative to Netflix and all other premium streaming services. These free film sites are starting to advertise to generate revenue, but people still prefer to subscribe to premium streaming services.

Pay attention: There are many free streaming sites on the internet, but using them is a legitimate crime. They host copyrighted content on their servers, so that users are free to use it as they see fit.

Best legal and free film locations

There are many legal sites on the Internet where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. It is possible that you do not have the latest movies or series or the original content of the premium streaming services. But what they do have is actually enough to give you an explosive weekend.


YouTube is a video platform without borders. To get an idea of the size, it is assumed that more than 400 hours of video are downloaded every minute. As you can imagine, it’s easy to find all the series and films, but most of them violate copyright. However, you can legally control these products. First of all the use of YouTube Movies, where you can watch both free and paid movies. It is also possible to watch free videos on YouTube. For example, by manually searching for public domain names whose rights have been granted by the authors.

Another possibility is to search for YouTube channels from cinemas that offer free films. These free films are accessible to everyone. You can just try to find the movie you want. If you’re lucky, you can also find copyrighted material in open access. So this could be one of the best sites for free movies.

Flix popcorn

Another great free movie site where you can enjoy good movies and TV shows for free online Popcornflix. It is a fully digital platform that allows you to use a wide range of content free of charge. The interface of this site is very simple. From the very beginning, it shows its variety of films, with the most popular or original films being presented on the platform. One of the great advantages is the very good video quality and the fact that you can add the films of your choice to your list of favourites without having to register. Besides being able to enjoy the content of this website on your computer, you can also do this with your iPhone and Android devices and smart TVs.

Spectators or CONtv

Formerly known as the Viewster, but now it’s renamed CONtv. It is a streaming platform and one of the best free websites offering movies and series of content absolutely free. In addition to use on computers, it is available in applications for mobile devices and some smart TVs, depending on the user’s preference.

Here you will find interesting material such as series and films of different genres, documentaries or programmes. Although the quality of your content may vary depending on the title you choose, you will generally get good video quality. If you are a fan of anime series, this site can be very useful because it contains most of the content of this genre.

Tube TV

Tubi or Tubi TV is also an excellent option among the free movie locations. Open a website here or download the application and register for free. Users can then enjoy the hundreds of films and series available here for free. Tubi is also available as a free download on smartphones. All content available on the site is well organized so that users can easily access any title. But you should know that Tubi is available in very selected countries. You can use VPN to access Tubi if it is not available in your area. or Open Culture

Open Culture is an open platform for culture with a large number of online films, educational content and over 350 free books. In the cinema section, you’ll find a thousand film classics, all published on Most of them are famous black and white directors, although we also found some strange firsts. On this free movie page you will find some of the most popular classic cult movies. It contains many films from the 1940s and 1950s. If you like classic movies, this is one of the best sites for free movies.

Illegal and free film locations

There are many possibilities for free online film distribution. Major examples are 123 Movies, Pubfilm, a ninja film, GoMovies, Go2Movies and There are many more, but they are among the best. However, streaming on these sites is illegal, so you must use them at your own risk.

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