Published : John 11. May 2020.

Best tips for new players 2020 - Marvel Champions Contest

MARVEL championship match by Kabam

We wanted to share a list of less popular tips for beginners starting this year with Marvel’s Champions! We’ve found a lot of really great guides on the Internet and YouTube, but we’ve noticed that many of them often focus on more experienced players who are in a more advanced stage of the game. As far as the background is concerned, we are 100% free to play Nooba, who opened a new account in January this year and saved many of them as simple scores for us. Given that many of them have helped us this week to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the child’s birth. We hope this will be useful for everyone who will be working in 2020!

1. Make your diaries!

Here’s a handy visual guide:

Best tips for new players 2020 - Marvel Champions Contest

  • If you run out of time, try a daily registration in the afternoon (12p PST) after the reset.
  • Use your energy to get a minimum of xp and/or per day (quickly the daily search for the highest energy consumption for certain catalysts or a lower level of event search that you can set to Auto).
  • Consult the GLORY and POTIONS store (for more details on purchases, see points 2 and 3).
  • Read the daily events/task lists (see point 4 for details).

2. Reasonable shopping – plan what you need and spend your time in the right places

  • Save units for skills/emergency/health (you’ll need them in folders 4-6)
  • Save the fame of the T4/T1 and T2 alpha catalysts (you can get materials like T3 through daily quests/crystals while they are bottlenecks, so save!).
  • Keep the loyalty to the Alliance for Rebirth/Health away from the pharmacy.
  • Buy crystals with shards, not units! (You get a lot out of events/field, see point 6), and buy energy when you urgently need gold (cheaper than gold crystals, plus xp/iso/like gold).
  • Check promotional or event stores to see what’s in stock! (i.e. Iso black market with free sample signature, squirrel shop of the January event).

3. reserves! Mainly from the Glory store

  • The game becomes exponentially more difficult as you progress, so you’ll want to start building up supplies if you need them later. Materials, especially catalysts, are the biggest obstacle. Perform daily quests as soon as possible and check the Glory Store daily for T4 CLASS (daily reset) and 1-2 main T4 catalysts (weekly reset). **The limited quantity you can buy, and the price goes up after each purchase, so you don’t want to have to buy everything at once!
  • Feel free to leave the crystals unopened (although this small area can be annoying!), especially the crystal growth arena, which quickly expands from space into your cache. Keep free daily crystals for an indestructible health reserve, and boom if you decide to serve a champion in the arena!

Best tips for new players 2020 - Marvel Champions Contest

4. Take a look at the lists of cycling events/tasks (bottom right) and get free rewards!

  • You can get many more bonuses (gold, arsonists, UNITS) if you wait for the right moment to line up your champions or drag them into the arena. We believe that the rewards obtained in a Level Up Event (including units and buzz) are better than the rewards obtained in a Level Up Event. So we try to get a place on a higher level passage test that is just enough to get an ISO class, but we leave the champions at lower levels for a higher level passage test. Wait until the Hero Missions/Arena Victories/Combat Events class has crushed the arena. Also don’t forget to complete the tasks to receive bonuses on event quests (the January acorn is the only reason we were able to get 5 stars in the first two weeks)!


  • One of the worst feelings of the game is to discover that you are in the middle of a fight at a crossroads of Aegis or Caltrops. Take it from an experienced non-reader, get rid of the drinks.
  • Read all about it – championship skills, enemy skills, red guides – for the game the MCOC actually includes a lot of activities.

6. Don’t miss the search for events in other difficulties

  • Another way to obtain material is to investigate events in simpler modes. It’s easy to do with automatic mode, especially if you’re looking for a quick way to use your energy. The same goes for the award for exploring the first chapter of higher complexity (often 4 or 5 star fragments),

7. Cover the minimum arena for shrapnel and units every turn and use children’s weapons!

  • According to your list, you can reach these levels in just 1 to 2 hours over a period of 3 days. Start with the lowest champions until you reach 3 and then use the highest champions to get the most out of your job (tip: try to mix the 2 highest champions with a super low champion when things get harder!).
  • Arena of legal proceedings on request: (levels: 2,5k, 5k, 30k) = 1,5k physical fragments, 16 units.
  • Three-star arena: (steps: 7.5k, 15k) = 1k physical chips, 10 pieces.
  • Basic arena 4 stars : (levels: 17k, 35k, *150k, if possible) = 2-3.6k physical fragments, 15-30 units
  • Four star arena: (level 75k) = 1.2k physical chips, 5 pieces.
  • In total you can obtain about 6 to 8,000 shards per period of 6 to 8 crystals per week, in the arena alone.
  • If you decide to fight for the most important or popular heroes, do it within the first 30 days! We were lucky to get the base (cable) and showed (long shot) at ~ 1.6m points, but I can’t imagine doing more than we did without going crazy, so really try to do it while you’re still in the baby age (0-30 days), or in the intermediate phase (30-60 days)!

8. Making friends! Alias joins the Alliance as soon as possible and eventually finds someone you like.

  • No matter how fucked up a global chat room may seem, there are always good people in the community. In fact, we accidentally found a large dungeon partner through a global chat room and eventually joined his alliance (screaming SoWx!), which was ten times better than where we were.
  • Influences/dungeons are much better with someone you know because they are less likely to run away from you (don’t be that guy either), and you get friendship bonuses, so make sure you add alliance friends before you play!
  • ** A good alliance is the fastest way to get material for the rank (Glory or QA) and new heroes (Shard or AW).

9. Invest in champions who look just like you!

  • Remember, everyone has a different style of play, so there’s not one champion for everyone. Be guided by the level lists, but invest in someone you play well, especially in the beginning. (Although we were lucky enough to wake up Aegon, we were so stitched up that we learned how to save Combo that in the end it’s best to invest in our other masters) Do what’s most efficient, and don’t worry too much about the master levels until you’ve completed Act 3/startup using T4 catalysts. Once you’ve started building a close-knit team, save the materials of your rank (catalysts/isolators) to strengthen these multiple champions instead of spraying your resources on multiple of them at once.

Best tips for new players 2020 - Marvel Champions Contest

10. Enjoy the game and stop as many times as you want

  • Sometimes the outcome will depend on how you start the fight. Don’t panic and don’t get angry – this is the easiest way to keep losing battles or keep all units angry. Don’t worry about sunk costs, if you have to go, you’ll get them back, whether it’s energy or units. Take your time and keep trying!

** In the end, you’re very lucky.

  • Honestly, many of these games are due to your crystal luck! As long as there’s a lot of skill, I’m not going to sit here and pretend you have the same experience as someone who will have a much better champion earlier in the game! So don’t compare your progress with other players – they may not be as lucky as you, or you may want them!

We think that most things… 1) Be patient, 2) read the fine print and 3) have fun!

Many thanks to the cryptoxime user who helped us create this guide.

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