Pokemon Go is considered one of the hottest games in the world today. There were many madmen among the young players who were fascinated by the excellent playing characteristics. Whether it’s a Pokestops yacht or a sporting event, Pokemon Go offers endless excitement and enhances gameplay.

As we all know, the iPhone is the best gaming device, with the best graphics and great sensory sensitivity. Unfortunately, the iPhone has recently experienced a malfunction, and sometimes the battery runs out faster than normal. As a result, many users have experienced problems with Pokemon Go and some other games.

We know how annoying this problem can be, so we gave some useful advice. So let’s get to work.

How do I solve the Pokemon Go crash on iPhone?

Try the following tips to solve the problem of crashing your iPhone or other iOS device.

Peak 1: Wait a minute and try again later

While this trick sounds fun, it has worked wonders for many iOS users. Just leave the application for a while and restart it after a while. Follow these simple steps:

Step one: Press the button to leave the request as it is.
Step two: You now need to open the multitasking screen by double clicking the button.
Step three: Then go to the Pokemon Go Card and tap it.

This will definitely solve your problem! You can then try to run the game again and see if the problem is solved or not.

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Peak 2: Involuntary termination

If you notice that the game is interrupted several times or an error message appears, you must force the game to leave Pokemon Go and try to restart it. However, they tend to lose some data when they are forced to stop. If you are not worried about losing data, you can use this option to solve the problem. Follow the instructions below to force you to leave Pokemon Go.

Step one: To end the game, press the button first.
Step two: To open the multitasking screen, press the button twice.
Step three: Now proceed to Pokemon Go Card
, step 4: Then draw the card to force you to leave the Pokemon Go
application, step 5: Restart the application.

How to continue playing poker when faced with a server failure.

Since this problem has occurred repeatedly to multiple iOS users, it is our responsibility to provide you with an accurate solution. When Pokemon Go users try to login to their account, they accidentally see a message saying that there have been problems on our servers.

Peak 3: Output andInput

This is a server problem, so the only way to solve this problem is to wait and reconnect. Another possibility is to close the application and try to reconnect after a certain amount of time. Follow these steps to do so:

Step one: Click on the button to close the application, because this is step 2 of the
procedure: Then double-click
step 3 to open the multitasking screen: Go to the Pokemon Go map and scroll up to force yourself to leave the application.

Step four: Restart the application and try logging in.

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Peak 4: Uninstalling and reinstalling the application

This is a common and perhaps the most effective way to solve the problem. Simply uninstall and reinstall the Pokemon Go application. Follow these steps to do so:

Step one: Touch and hold the application.
Step two: Then click on the X icon and click on the Delete button in the pop-up window to confirm.

Step three: Now open the App Store and download the Pokemon Go application again.

Peak 5: Reset all parameters

This option may seem a little annoying, but resetting all settings will help solve the problem of Pokemon Go falling on your iPhone and provide a flawless gaming experience. Follow these steps to do so:

Step one: Open the settings of your iOS device.
Step two: Click on General
, step 3 : Scroll down and click Reset.

Step four: Then click on Reset All Settings
in step 5: Click Reset All Settings to confirm.

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That’s it! We hope one of the above tips will help you solve the problem of Pokemon Go falling on your iPhone. Let us know what advice you’ve had. However, if none of the above tips help, you can go to the Pokemon Go bug report page and raise the issue there.


We hope this article has helped you fix any bugs in Pokemon Go or problems with your iPhone server. If you have any questions about Android, iOS, Mac and their accessories, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please mention your problem in the comment section below so we can help you find the best solution. For more technical information, please visit our blog portal www.topmobiletech.com.

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