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BUX offers an ETF Savings Plan in Europe to help individuals save easily and effectively. This plan consists of BlackRock ETFs, offering a diversified portfolio with low fees, making it easier for individuals to reach their saving goals.

This article will cover the details of this ETF savings plan and its benefits.

What is an ETF Savings Plan?

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) savings plan is an excellent way to save for retirement, college costs, or other long-term goals. Investors can use ETFs to gain exposure to various asset classes and strategies. ETFs have grown in popularity because they offer many advantages over mutual funds, such as low costs, easy diversification, tax efficiency, and the ability to track specific market indexes. This savings plan can also help investors become more disciplined by encouraging them to make regular contributions over time.

An ETF savings plan works by taking advantage of dollar cost averaging: investing the same amount regularly regardless of market conditions. This guarantees that you always buy at different prices so your average purchase price will generally be lower than it would be for any purchase. Over time, this process helps investors stay diversified and removes the burden of predicting market trends. Plus, thanks to improved tax efficiency, an ETF savings plan can help minimise taxable capital gains when money is withdrawn from the plan later.

Overall, ETF saving plans are effective for reaching long-term financial goals while mitigating risk; they are ideal investments for new or experienced investors looking to save with less effort and fewer commissions.

BUX to Offer ETF Savings Plan in Europe with BlackRock

The BUX to Offer ETF Savings Plan in Europe with BlackRock is designed to help users save money more effectively. Through this ETF savings plan, users can invest in a diversified portfolio with access to over five thousand ETFs at low costs.

This plan offers users a variety of benefits such as lower fees and more choice when selecting ETFs.

Let’s discuss in detail the different benefits of this ETF savings plan.


One of the key benefits of the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Savings Plan is diversification. ETFs provide investors with exposure to a variety of stock, bond, and other asset classes. Diversifying your portfolio across different asset classes is one of the most effective ways to reduce risk, minimise volatility and increase returns.

ETFs are composed of multiple securities and thus offer more diversification than a single-stock investment. By automatically investing in various assets, an ETF Savings Plan reduces the risk of relying on individual stock or bond choices. Moreover, investing in ETFs gives investors instant liquidity which makes it easier, compared to buying and selling mutual funds day-by-day, to adjust their portfolio quickly in response to changes in markets and economic conditions.

An ETF Savings Plan can also help simplify creating a diversified portfolio. Since it allows you to make smaller and more frequent investments over time rather than making large lump sum purchases all at once, you’ll be able to benefit from dollar cost averaging—purchasing more units when prices are low or fewer units when prices are high—which helps mitigate downside risk and increases returns over time. Additionally, since you don’t need to pick specific stocks or bonds for your investments, it eliminates much of the effort involved with researching individual stocks which can save you time and money while still providing effective diversification for your portfolio.

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Cost Savings

One of the main benefits of investing in an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) savings plan is cost savings. ETFs are low-cost investments, similar to mutual funds but with much lower fees. In addition, investing in ETFs increases diversification, as one ETF can represent hundreds or thousands of different companies, depending on the type of asset or industry it represents.

Additionally, the cost efficiency, diversification and professional management offered by ETFs provide significant advantages. Because the costs associated with ETFs are much lower than those associated with traditional mutual funds, investing more money and getting greater returns over time is possible. Furthermore, many investors find investing in a few broad-based exchange traded funds easier than researching every stock and mutual fund they could buy individually.

Finally, few excise taxes are associated with investing in an ETF because they represent a basket of assets (stocks, bonds or derivatives). This results in tax efficiency and capital gains advantages compared to individual stocks or bonds held directly by an investor. The overall effect is that investors enjoy better returns while making fewer trades due to the broad exposure provided by the ETF Savings Plan.

Tax Efficiency

Tax efficiency is one of the most appealing benefits of investing in an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Savings Plan. ETFs are pooled investments that own a segment of everything in a given index, like the S&P 500. Each time someone invests in an ETF, they buy shares in a portfolio, so there is no need to pay capital gains taxes when the investor pulls their money out.

Aside from avoiding capital gains tax costs when cashing out at maturity, ETFs tend to be tax friendly throughout their life cycle. Since fund managers do not actively trade these funds daily, they don’t face the same high prospective capital gains taxes as traditional mutual funds do each year. As such, they can be much more cost efficient and offer investors significant savings on taxation costs without sacrificing quality investing performances over time.

Furthermore, since ETFs are usually exchanged throughout the day just like stocks and other securities – prices tend to remain equilibrium with market forces instead of being subject to wide fluctuations caused by sudden trading activities or panic selling events. This allows investors to benefit from predictable prices versus conventional mutual funds that engage in large trades directly influencing their net asset values but may or may not benefit individual investors. This makes ETF Savings Plans ideal vehicles for those looking to benefit from market movements while protecting their investment against potential taxation discrepancies or unfavourable pricing trends.

How Does the ETF Savings Plan Work?

BUX’s ETF savings plan is a new type of savings instrument that lets you invest in a range of ETFs offered by BlackRock. Through the ETF savings plan, users can invest money in batches of 50 euros and invest in an ETF portfolio of up to 11 ETFs.

In this article, we’ll cover how the ETF savings plan works, the benefits of using this type of savings plan are, and some tips for getting started.

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Automated Investing

The ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) Savings Plan allows automated investing according to your specific risk preferences and goals. Exchange Traded Funds are a secure, low-cost investment vehicle that can be held in any retirement account. In addition, these funds provide diversified exposure to different asset classes and offer the potential for long-term growth.

When you enrol in an ETF Savings Plan, you will specify how much money you want to invest each month and create a predetermined portfolio of several ETFs that align with your desired allocations. Then, the platform automatically buys or sells the appropriate monthly shares to meet those allocations. This allows for consistent investing over time, providing the potential for greater returns than those achieved through lump sum investments.

ETFs also offer numerous tax benefits:

  • They can be bought and sold without triggering capital gains taxes.
  • Interest paid on ETF distributions is also not subject to capital gains tax.
  • No taxes are associated with selling an ETF within a retirement account such as a 401(k), Roth IRA, or Traditional IRA.

The ETF Savings Plan allows for easy tracking of portfolio performance and costs associated with maintaining the plan. Automating your investments removes the need for proactive management, which can lead to costly mistakes over time. Additionally, investors looking to diversify their portfolios more affordably have access to international markets that otherwise may have been difficult or costly to enter into traditionally.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Portfolio rebalancing is an important feature of the ETF Savings Plan. It lets you ensure your investments are properly allocated to reflect your financial goals. This feature enables you to buy and sell investments regularly, helping maintain the desired asset allocation and strengthen diversification. Rebalancing also reduces investment-specific risk compared to holding one or multiple stocks from the same industry.

Within the ETF Savings Plan, portfolio rebalancing works by selling off a portion of your holdings when certain conditions are met. For example, if a certain growth fund has risen 10%, you may decide to sell off some shares to invest them in other funds that can provide more diversification benefits or capital growth potential.

Rebalancing also helps reduce volatility within the portfolio by trimming back on investments that have done well and reinvesting those profits into other investments that haven’t performed as strongly. By periodically adjusting your allocations within this ETF plan, you can maintain an appropriate balance between risk and return while keeping pace with changing markets.

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BUX and the ETF Savings Plan

BUX has partnered with BlackRock to offer an ETF Savings Plan, allowing customers to invest in stocks and currencies without trading fees. This new plan allows customers to grow their money with minimal fees and effort.

This article will explore the benefits of the ETF Savings Plan from BUX and BlackRock.

Overview of BUX

BUX is an app-based investing platform that allows you to invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). With BUX, you can create your portfolio, track the performance of the ETFs you are invested in and get expert advice from financial advisors.

Getting started is simple: just download the app, create an account and link it with your bank account. You can then start investing by buying into specially curated ETF baskets or creating your portfolio of funds. Of course, as with any other type of investment, it’s important to consider all the risks before making any decisions carefully.

The BUX ETF Savings Plan allows you to use sophisticated technology that makes investing easy and automatic by automatically reinvesting income payments into a basket of four core ETFs and a cash allocation. In addition, the plan comes with no added management fees making it a cost-effective way to grow your money over time.

Other great benefits include easy monitoring through clear charts, no minimum investments required compared to other funds and access 24/7 via any device from anywhere in Europe with account protection up to €20,000 under Belgian law’s investor protection scheme.

How BUX is Working with BlackRock to Offer ETF Savings Plan

BUX is working with BlackRock to offer a simple, low-cost and broadly diversified ETF Savings Plan. This plan allows investors to save money over time and benefit from low-cost investing.

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Funds, an easily traded bundle of many stocks or bonds. ETFs also provide cost-effective access to various markets – they allow investors to put their money into the entire market (a STOXX Europe 600 index funds) rather than just one stock.

The BlackRock ETF Savings Plan allows you to save your hard-earned money efficiently with a registered savings account, build up your investments over time, or target specific goals such as buying a house or retirement planning. In addition, you can choose between a regular savings account that can be used for general savings and an equity savings account which is specifically designed for more risk management activities such as investing in ETFs.

You can pick from several major asset classes such as stocks, bonds, commodities and alternative investments. This diversification helps spread the risks associated with any single investment across many securities, protecting from large losses associated with any stock or sector downturn. Furthermore BUX provides you with recommendations tailored to meet your investable goals – whether capital preservation, income generation or growth -and the chance to get help answer pressing questions about investing through BUX Live Trader support available at least 7 days per week.

With the ETF Savings Plan by BUX and BlackRock, customers receive low cost exposure to some of the largest companies in the world like Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Amazon Inc., Alphabet Inc., JP Morgan Chase & Co., Visa Inc., Mastercard Incorporated and Facebook Inc.. Furthermore, customers can monitor their investments anywhere on mobile app and web platforms.

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