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Sendlane and ClickBank have partnered to empower ecommerce retailers to enhance their customer’s experience with behavior- and data-driven communications.

This partnership offers users a streamlined integration of the popular ClickBank marketplace and Sendlane’s advanced marketing automation platform. With this integration, users can easily connect with customers based on buying habits, page visits, product searches, physical location, or other criteria to deliver a personal customer experience.

By leveraging the power of analytics and automation, users can automate their email campaigns to reach their customers with powerful timing and relevancy.

With this integration between these two robust platforms, retailers can streamline their communication efforts saving time and money while increasing conversions within their ecommerce shops.

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What is Sendlane?

Sendlane is an audience engagement and marketing automation platform that puts you in control of every interaction with your prospects and customers. Used by thousands of online marketers, retailers, agencies, and entrepreneurs worldwide, Sendlane helps you personalize communication based on real-time buyer behaviors and data.

With the recent partnership between Sendlane and ClickBank, an ecommerce platform offering digital products from more than 6 million entrepreneurs across 190 countries worldwide, the automation landscape for online marketing has changed dramatically. Businesses can combine their data-driven segmentation strategies with email automation to improve customer relationships.

Sendlane enables businesses to customize each interaction with their prospects and customers by combining trigger-based activities from any source (purchases, authentication events, referrals etc.), segmenting those activities into different user profiles (affiliates, newsletter recipients or customers who recently abandoned a cart etc.), automating campaigns based on those user profile segments (campaigns when a new user signs up or creates a purchase etc.) all while keeping track of their performance using real-time analytics and reporting.

This cuts down costs significantly compared to traditional email marketing methods as businesses no longer need to manually monitor each campaign’s success rate and reach out to high-converting contacts individually – they can now tailor automated campaigns simultaneously triggered at high scale with minimal effort.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a global retail market platform for digital content creators and eCommerce retailers. It offers an online marketplace for physical and digital goods and services, with nearly 200 million users worldwide.

ClickBank enables online retailers to sell their products through its website while collecting payment processing fees, allowing them to accept payments in more than 190 countries. ClickBank is also a popular payment processor for members of “affiliate networks” such as Commission Junction, LinkShare and Digital River LinkShare, which offer incentives to advertisers that refer customers who eventually purchase products or services from their respective sites.

Through its ClickBank Elevate program, merchants can leverage ClickBank’s state-of-the-art technology and data tools to improve customer experience by providing personalized and targeted remarketing campaigns based on their customers’ behaviors. This suite of performance optimization tools helps merchants increase sales, escalate customer loyalty programs, launch successful promotions across channels, develop better omnichannel communications strategies, monitor website performance in real time, and optimize their product catalogs.

Recently announced in late 2020 is the ClickBank partnership with Sendlane – a data-driven marketing automation solution – empowering retailers to use behavior-driven marketing tactics to create more personalized customer experiences. This joint venture will provide eCommerce retailers with advanced features including automated emails based on subscriber activity such as form fills or purchases; segmented campaigns; dynamic content blocks; cart reclamation; text automations; personalized recommendations; triggered automations through email capture forms or purchase history; split testing; SMS notifications; drip campaigns that send emails at intervals defined in advance by the merchant; interactive content forms like surveys to gain insights into potential customer’s shopping preferences; A/B testing options that allow merchants to test different copy formats before launching campaigns across channels etcetera.

With this strategic alliance between Sendlane and Clickbank’s Elevate program – ecommerce retailers have access to richer personalization opportunities than ever before as they seek out strategies that effectively engage customers on an individual-level basis over multiple platforms.

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Sendlane And ClickBank Partnership Empowers Ecommerce Retailers With Behavior- And Data-Driven Communications

The new partnership between Sendlane and ClickBank is a great opportunity for ecommerce retailers to utilize behavior- and data-driven communications.

This alliance provides increased revenue potential, streamlined automation, and comprehensive analytics that help businesses scale and reach more customers.

Let’s look further into the advantages of this partnership.

Automated Email Campaigns

The partnership between Sendlane and ClickBank facilitates the delivery of automated email campaigns driven by customer behavior, allowing you to optimize your strategies for ecommerce success. With automated emails powered by ClickBank, retailers can monitor their customers’ activity in real time, allowing them to target customers with messages tailored to their interests and needs.

By understanding the types of products that customers buy, the frequency at which they purchase, the channels they use when shopping, and more, retailers can create email campaigns that deliver personalized offers directly to the inboxes of their potential customers.

Sendlane’s AI-driven technology also enables automation with segmentation capabilities that leverage customer data to identify opportunities for upsells or cross-sells and personalized messages unique to each customer’s needs. The data-driven marketing comes as a result of integrating Sendlane’s platform with powerful ecommerce systems such as WooCommerce and Shopify. These integrations enable marketers to access valuable customer data and create automated workflows designed specifically for ecommerce sites.

This technology allows businesses of all sizes to capture more leads from existing customers and capitalize on new prospects while taking advantage of Email Automation Optimization principles such as Segment Marketing Design and Action Triggers. Having access to these powerful tools provides businesses with the ability to execute targeted campaigns based on individual customer behaviors in an efficient manner, ultimately increasing ROI over time without much effort.

Targeted Audience Segmentation

The Sendlane and ClickBank partnership pairs the insights and insight-driven automation capabilities of Sendlane, with the sophisticated and effective link tracking technology of ClickBank. This allows for ecommerce retailers to tаrgеt audience segmentation bаѕеd оn user behavior — including рurсhаѕеѕ, ѕitе viѕitѕ аnd mоrе.

This way, marketers can customize their campaigns based on customer interactions with the site. For example, they can set up automated processes to send email or SMS messages tailored to each shopper’s needs within the target segments. Plus, marketers get even more precise targeting using reverse IP tracking to track who clicks from certain geographic locations and combine this data with other sources such as credit card purchases or social media accounts.

This helps businesses ensure that their communications are more relevant to the recipient — leading to higher engagement rates — because customers feel like they’re being heard and cared for individually. In addition, the combination of Sendlane’s communication platforms and ClickBank’s advanced link tracking technology allows ecommerce retailers to reach customers on time with content based on their buying habits, interests and preferences. Moreover, they also get access to vital insights into how they’re engaging in real-time, allowing them to make better marketing decisions faster than ever before.

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Detailed Reporting and Analytics

The Sendlane and ClickBank partnership provides users detailed reporting and analytics to track and optimize their sales. Through up-to-the-minute insights on transactions, businesses can adjust messages and timing of communication to better engage customers. This is useful for targeting people who are more likely to convert and for recognizing patterns that could indicate decreasing engagement.

Users can create opt-in forms, generate lead magnets, track click-through rates (CTR), map out website performance, analyze heatmaps, and adjust traffic flow dynamics from one place. This gives users a holistic view of their customer base to better understand their journey and refine strategies accordingly. This information can also be used to identify potential user churns or upsells opportunities.

With the Sendlane and ClickBank integration, users can access various reporting breakdowns that are helpful when making decisions about product offerings or discounts for particular groups or segmented audiences. This advanced functionality also includes geo-targeting based on customer locations, allowing businesses greater reach into international markets. With all this data mapped out, businesses can make informed decisions directly impacting their bottom line.


The Sendlane and ClickBank partnership is a powerful alliance that can benefit ecommerce retailers. By allowing access to an unlimited number of contacts and transactions and real-time information on customers’ behavior, ecommerce retailers have all the tools they need to create highly effective and personalized customer communications.

By leveraging these insights and engaging with customers at the right place, time, and message, businesses can ultimately improve customer experience, drive greater sales, increase customer loyalty, and achieve other marketing goals. With this partnership in place, the potential for success is limitless.

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