The question you must ask yourself is – is the income you will earn enough to offset the cost of the ink (the ink is expensive) and the time it takes to fill out the forms? If you are going to use wet ink signature for business, you’ll need to keep your signature in a safe place so that you can use it when needed. Usually, this means that you’ll need to keep it in a secure location, such as a locked cabinet, or under lock and key in your home or office.

If you already have a signature pad and a pen, you can use this service for a signature pad with all the benefits that come along with it, such as the use of a pen to sign contracts, purchase agreements, and other documents. This eliminates the need to have multiple pens, which can make your office look messy.

When you run a business, you have to sign a lot of documents every day. However, some documents are essential to the operation of your business. These documents should be kept in a safe place. You must file these documents with electronic documents and electronic signatures. Whether your business is small or large, you need to manage and secure your documents.

Although there are cases where a wet signature rather than an electronic signature is required to sign documents, the wet signature is used to sign a document with a pen or a company seal. This sign is physically performed by the signer himself. It requires no online documentation or other online software. You can sign any document simply with a pen, with no additional requirements.

CocoSign : Wet ink signature service for your company

CocoSign helps you sign documents online. CocoSign is a cloud-based software that offers you many services. This way, your company can benefit from the advantages of digital documents and signatures.

CocoSign is used by billions of professionals to sign documents online. Many online magazines like Business Influencer, Business Insider, Forbes, etc. have highlighted CocoSign for its premium services.

CocoSign also allows you to sign documents with wet ink, allowing you to create contracts, regulations and agreements. CocoSign allows you to use multiple parties at the same time and determine the order in which the signatures should be integrated.

Where can you use it?

There are several situations where a wet ink signature is required. For example, some bank documents must be signed by hand, with wet ink. However, some countries still prefer signatures in wet ink. This means that the company must accept the use of wet ink or electronic signatures on its documents.

However, CocoSign also offers document templates that you can obtain quickly. It offers you business documents in different categories. For example, you can get construction documents, working documents and other useful documents. You can customize and change these templates. You can edit the documents and insert the necessary information.

Business benefits of using wet ink signatures

  • Wet signatures are also still in vogue in some countries that do not prefer digital signatures. Although the signature was done with wet ink, it is still used at some events. For example, when you apply for a bank loan, you must physically sign the document with a pen. Because there is money at stake, and you need to be physically involved in fundraising.
  • In addition, using signatures with wet ink has certain physiological benefits. You can immediately make a transaction that would not be possible at a distance. Signatures are an important part of documentation, especially in the business world. However, it is difficult to work with physical documents in the same room. You can purchase certain document templates with CocoSign. These templates are customizable and can be changed to achieve a specific size and style.
  • Once you accept digital documents from CocoSign, ordering and finding documents becomes easy. This is usually done with signed documents. For example, you sign documents and store them somewhere, and then when you need them, they are hard to find.
  • Another advantage of using wet ink signatures is that you don’t have to wait to print the document. When you have a document in your hands, you can sign it immediately. All you need is a pen, a device and an internet connection. After signing, you can hand over the signed document immediately.
  • Signatures with wet ink are more reliable when it comes to money, for example. B. in the bank documents. The reason for this is the participation and physical presence at the signing of the document. Your handwritten signature makes the document more authentic and reliable.

Use CocoSign to sign the document

CocoSign’s electronic signatures and wet ink signatures are extremely easy to use and take less time to complete. You can sign the document and familiarize yourself with the process.


CocoSign does its work in a professional way. With CocoSign you can save a lot of time and money. You can also make arrangements or physically send the documents to be signed. CocoSign makes signing documents more efficient.

The use of wet ink signatures by CocoSign is legally allowed. The wet ink and electronic signature are valid worldwide. Any document with a wet signature is legally impossible to present in court.


If you are familiar with a traditional signature, the wet signature is perfect for you. This gives you the comfort and satisfaction of knowing that your document has been signed correctly. Moreover, signing in a wet way is faster when you have to sign a stack of documents. With CocoSign you can print, sign and download documents.

With the CocoSign wet signature, you benefit from these advantages combined with the security and reliability of your documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a wet signature required?

A wet signature is required because the ink on a paper document can be easily smudged or rubbed off.

What is wet ink signature?

A wet ink signature is a signature that has been written with a liquid, such as water or ink.

What is a wet sign disclosure?

A wet sign disclosure is a sign that informs the public of the presence of a wet floor.